Crystal Classics is one of the best known sources for fine and rare mineral specimens worldwide. Our highly skilled team of mineralogists travel the world to bring the best of new finds from working mines and also the finest classic minerals from old collections. We have supplied the world’s top private collectors and Natural History Museums with the best specimens that came to the market since 1990 and are well known to have the most varied stock of fine classic minerals anywhere. We aim to provide not only the finest quality minerals but also the best possible advice and have been instrumental in the formation of some of the world's finest collections.

Spessartine with Schorl, Little Three Mine, California

Some of our international Museum customers include: The Natural History Museum in London, England; The Sorbonne Museum in Paris, France; The Museé d’histoire natural in Paris, France; The South Australian Museum; The Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, USA; The Houston Museum of Natural Science, Texas, USA; The Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Los Angeles County Museum, LA, California, USA, NY, USA; and the Royal Ontario Museum, Canada, however, museums form only a small portion of our clients which range from the world’s finest private collectors to fledgling enthusiasts.

"We have supplied the world’s top private collectors and Natural History Museums with the best specimens that came to the market since 1990"

Crystal Classics have been involved in the purchase and dispersal of most of the major mineral collections to come on the market in recent times, and have handled some of the world’s finest mineral treasures over the last decades. Crystal Classics has dealt with dozens of collections including The Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - over 20,000 specimens (PA, USA); the Martin Zinn III Collection (USA); the Karlheinz Grosch Tsumeb Collection (Germany), The Milton Lavers Collection (Australia), Franz Lammer Collection (Austria) and Simone and Peter Huber Collection (Austria).

We have extensive purpose-built offices based in the beautiful county of Somerset in Southern England (about 2.5 hours’ drive southwest of London) in the ancient village of East Coker with a huge selection of minerals for viewing in our showroom, and a state of the art mineral preparation (trimming and cleaning) laboratory. Our selection of fine minerals is certainly the largest in Europe and can be view in our showroom between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday by appointment only.

We are always interested in purchasing individual specimens or whole collections, and are instant cash buyers – please contact us to appraise any items you may wish to sell. We buy a major part of all collections coming to the market worldwide.



Mineral shows

You can meet us in person at all major mineral shows worldwide:

January/February:  Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, AZ, USA

April:  Houston, Texas, USA

June: Mineral and Gem, Sainte Marie-aux-Mines, France

September – Denver Gem and Mineral Show, CO, USA

October: The Rock Exchange, Bakewell, Derbyshire, UK

October:  Mineralientage - Munich, Germany

November: The Sussex Mineral Show, Haywards Heath, Sussex, UK

November: The Australian Fine Mineral Show, Melbourne, Australia

Meet the Team

Ian Bruce

Ian Bruce formed Crystal Classics in 1990 after Graduating from the University of Wales, Cardiff with an Honors degree in Exploration and Mining Geology, he has an unusually strong understanding of mineralogy and has collected them ever since he can remember.  

Ian travels the globe extensively in a relentless quest for the finest minerals, he is well known on every continent for his fine taste and knowledge of rare minerals.

In 2013 a new discovered mineral from the Tsumeb mine was named in Ian’s honour and the small blue crystals associated with Leiteite were named Ianbruceite (A zinc arsenate). In fact during the years 1998 to 2000 Ian was heavily involved in the attempts to reopen the famous Tsumeb mine to recover mineral specimens, but the team was beaten due to the back filling of the upper levels by the former Tsumeb Corporation.

Ian works endlessly to locate the finest minerals – if you have a fine specimen or collection you wish to offer, please email him at

Diana Bruce

Diana discovered her love for minerals at a very young age and was brought up collecting minerals and attending mineral shows all over Germany. Her parents and grandparents are well known and highly respected mineral dealers and collectors in the ancient Saxony mining region of Germany. Diana runs the German part of the website and is present at all the shows.

All German speaking inquiries can be made directly to her at



Debbie Boyer

Debbie worked for Crystal Classics part-time as our book keeper for 6 years until 2014 when she joined the Company fulltime.  In January 2015 she became the Office Manager and deals with all the day to day running of the office, as well as Finance and HR issues for the company.  

Debbie can be contacted via






Steve Rust

Steve has spent a lifetime collecting minerals and is a very regular contributor to He has very strong mineral identification skills and is a specialist in rare minerals. Steve has discovered several new minerals, including one named in his honour – Steverustite. Steve helps prepare specimens for sale on the Internet and at shows. 

Steve can be contacted via







Dave Whipp

Dave grew up with a love of minerals, achieving qualifications in Geology and a Diploma in Gemology, and has been dealing in minerals and gemstones for over a decade. Dave oversees all the identification and inventory of each mineral specimen that is purchased by Crystal Classics.

Dave can be contacted via






Alison Salter

Ali is the office administrator.  Ali looks after all website orders as well as any sales made via our shop on the Der Hammerstein website.  

Ali can be contacted via







Liam Schofield

Liam manages all Company IT requirements together with project managing the development of the Company’s Websites.  

Liam can be contacted via








In 2015 Crystal Classics expanded the work force to incorporate their own in house photographic department.

Olga Kaspera


Olga is a passionate photographer and brings a wealth of photographic experience to Crystal Classics.  Together with Holly, Olga manages the department.  

Olga can be contacted via






Holly Stevens

Holly helps manage the photographic and media team as a graphics designer. She also produces all the media and advertising for the Company.  

Holly can be contacted via







Dan Holt

Dan joined the Company in 2015 as a Media and Photography apprentice.

Dan can be contacted via








Wayne Cooper

Wayne looks after all the show organisation and logistics.  

Wayne can be contacted via








Martin Salter

Martin is our Head Groundsman and also helps out with the logistic team as needed








Liz and Dave Hacker

Liz and Dave bring a lifetime of knowledge to the crystal classics team and have been a guiding light to Ian and the team since the early 1990’s, they are great friends and have gained an international respect for their immense knowledge of the minerals of Northern England .








Katrin and Peter Schlegel

Katrin and Peter are well known minerals dealers from Saxony, Germany.  They help out the Crystal Classic Team at the majority of our oversees shows.







Markus Walter

Markus is an expert in the mineral preparation field and helps prepare the majority of the Crystal Classics mineral specimens








Cleo, Minky and Wolfie

The true ‘bosses’ of the business.  These three will greet you during any visit to East Coker