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Beryl var. Aquamarine
 Ameib Farm, Namibia
Sometimes, for reasons difficult to express, a certain specimen can get to you.  There is just something
Fluorite with Baryte and Quartz
 Berbes Mining District, Asturias
Fluorite from the Berbes Mining District in north-western Spain never fails to thrill and almost always
Quartz var. Eisenkiesel
 Cínovec, Czech Republic
This choice small miniature Eisenkiesel Quartz is from the famous deposit which spans the German-Czech border,
Chondrite Meteorite (Fell 30th January 1868)
  Pultusk meteorite, Mazowieckie
A thumbnail sized, rounded, irregular Chondrite Meteorite, designated the Pultusk meteorite for where it fell
 Madan Ore Field, Bulgaria
An excellent miniature of very well-developed tetrahedral Sphalerite crystals all to about 1 cm along each
Spessartine Garnet on Muscovite
 Loliondo, Tanzania
A bright rich apricot orange cluster of Spessartine Garnet crystals perch at one end of a silvery Muscovite
Fluorapatite on Ferberite with Siderite
 Panasqueira Mine, Portugal
The world famous Panasqueira mine in Portugal produces countless top notch specimens and as far as small
Apophyllite with Calcite
 Pune, India
A classic Pune double terminated Apophyllite crystal 7.5 cm long sits across, and intergrown with, colourless
 Antetezambato Demantoid-Topazolite Mine, Antsiranana Province
An outstanding cluster of gemmy to translucent Demantoid crystals, the green variety of Andradite Garnet, on a
Native Copper
 Rocklands Copper Mine, Queensland
A rich small cabinet specimen forming a branching display of arborescent Native Copper occurring as stubby,
Beryl var. Morganite
 Dara-i-Pech Pegmatite Field, Afghanistan
Gemmy, pale candy pink Morganite forms two intergrown crystals on a creamy-white crystalline Albite matrix
 N'Chwaning Mines, South Africa
A terrific joined pair of off-matrix, burnt cherry-red Rhodochrosite crystals from the classic locality of the
Aragonite with Baryte
 Brixlegg - Schwaz, Austria
What a little beauty!  An eye-catchingly pretty specimen of powder-sky-blue balls of Aragonite scattered
Rhodochrosite on Limonite
 Ljubija ore field, Serb Republic
A rare Rhodochrosite from Ljubija in north-west Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Botryoidal to crystalline, light
Vesuvianite with Grossular and Diopside
 Bellecombe, Italy
A delightful specimen of a rod-like prismatic lustrous crystal of Vesuvianite measuring to 2.3 cm tall of dark
 Capillitas Mine, Argentina
A gorgeous cut and polished slice taken from a Rhodochrosite stalactite, from the Capillitas mine in
 Chessy-les-Mines, France
A choice cabinet specimen of Azurite from the classic French location of Chessy-les mines in Rhone. Crystals
 Nikitovka Hg Deposit, Ukraine
A very rich small cabinet specimen of deep ruby red Cinnabar crystals, abundantly intergrown across the
Native Gold
 16 To 1 Mine, USA
A super combination specimen of Native Gold from the 16 to 1 mine in Sierra County, California, a mine
Cadmium rich Smithsonite
 Sheshodonnell East Mine, Ireland
A bright and vivid lemon-yellow specimen of cadmium-rich Smithsonite from the Sheshodonnell East mine in
Native Silver
 Kongsberg Mine, Norway
A superb thumbnail ex-matrix Kongsberg Native Silver of well-formed crystals rather than the wires Kongsberg
 Los Lamentos, Mexico
Fine bright zoned apricot-orange to mildly burnt-orange crystals of Wulfenite, from the Los Lamentos area in
 Cavnic Mine, Romania
This amazing group of Quartz crystals will make a terrific addition for any collector of Quartz, Cavnic or
 Ichinokawa Mine, Japan
A stunning large cabinet-sized specimen of wonderfully crystallised Stibnite from the legendary Ichinokawa
Quartz var. Sceptre Amethyst
 Chiredzi mining district, Masvingo
A delightful Quartz crystal with an Amethyst to Smoky coloured sceptre from the well-known occurrence in the
 Nordmark Odal Field (Nordmarksberg), Sweden
This well crystallised miniature Hedenbergite is from the Nordmark Odal Field at Filipstad in Värmland,
Cuprite coated with Malachite
 Andrássy II. Mine, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén Co.
A well-formed cuboctahedral crystal of Cuprite measuring to 3.2 cm dominates this small cabinet specimen, all
Cobaltoan Dolomite
 Kakanda Deposit, DR Congo (Zaire)
Rhombic, intensely deep purple cerise-pink Calcite crystals to over 1 cm coat the entire upper face of a flat
 Guatomo Mine, Yala Province
A very rich miniature of hexagonal, bright acidic lemon-yellow lustrous Mimetite crystals lining a cavity in a
 Wutong Mine, China
The Wutong mine in China has, in just over the last decade, produced some important Rhodochrosite specimens
Fluorite with Fluorapatite
 Kara-Oba W Deposit, Kazakhstan
A quite gorgeous miniature featuring superb octahedral Fluorite crystals and gemmy, teal-blue Fluorapatite
Forsterite var. Peridot
 St. Johns Island, Egypt
A very well formed translucent to gemmy single crystal of Peridot, the gem variety of Forsterite.  From
Smoky Quartz
 Tujetsch, Switzerland
A superb single crystal of gemmy Smoky Quartz measuring to 10.6 cm tall from Tujetsch in the Voderrhein Valley
Andradite Garnet
 Serifos Island, Greece
An excellent rich cabinet specimen of Andradite Garnet displaying abundantly intergrown crystals measuring to
 Jeffrey Mine, Québec
A rich and lustrous specimen of Vesuvianite from Jeffrey mine at Asbestos in Canada. Only recently the town’s
 Sapo Mine, Brazil
Excellent rich deep leaf green tabular hexagonal crystals of Fluorapatite, measuring to almost 2 cm, are
 Mezica (Miess), Slovenia
A fine large miniature of intergrown Wulfenite crystals from one of Europe’s best known locations, that in the
Topaz var. Pink Topaz
 Katlang, Pakistan
A 1.6 cm tall, gemmy prismatic light cobalt pink terminated Topaz crystal stands vertically on a light grey
 Tounfit, Morocco
A beautiful stacked mound of intense violet and milky lilac cuboctahedral Fluorite crystals measuring to 1.8
 Los Lamentos, Mexico
Fine bright zoned apricot-orange to mildly burnt-orange crystals of Wulfenite, from the Los Lamentos area in
Galena on Sphalerite
 New Glencrieff Mine, Scotland
A characteristic miniature of a well-formed 'tabular' Galena crystal from Wanlockhead's last working mine, New
 Ilfeld, Germany
A tremendous Manganite from the classic Ilfeld area in the Harz Mountains of Germany, the world's best
Native Gold in Sphalerite and Quartz
 Gwynfynydd Mine, Wales
If you have been on the lookout for a good Native Gold from probably the most famous of Welsh gold mines,
 Benallt Mine, Wales
The Benallt mine on the Lleyn Peninsula in Gwynedd, Wales, is an amazing locality but one not that well known,
Andrewsite (Hentschelite-Rockbridgeite-Chalcosiderite) with Goethite
 Wheal Phoenix, England
Although we still refer to this mineral as Andrewsite, it was discredited in 1990, being a mixture of
Ludlamite with Siderite and Quartz
 Wheal Jane, England
If any specimen’s description has to begin with a great big massive Wow, then this is it!  A Ludlamite
Quartz with Hematite and Calcite
 Haile Moor Mine, England
A classic west Cumbrian specimen of well-developed Quartz crystals to 2 cm, substantially included by
 Bage Mine, England
An old time specimen of beautifully crystallised Phosgenite (lead chlorocarbonate) from its type locality at