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Cuprite var. Chalcotrichite
 South Caradon Mine, England
A historic miniature of Chalcotrichite, the acicular variety of Cuprite, forming rich carmine-red felt-like
Brookite with Anatase
 Prenteg, Gwynedd
The mention of Prenteg conjures thoughts of the three titanium dioxide polymorphs and this terrific miniature
Brookite with Albite
 Twll Maen Grisial, UK
Simply the mention of Prenteg conjures thoughts of the three titanium dioxide polymorphs and this terrific
Clinoclase with Olivenite
 Wheal Gorland, England
This lovely large thumbnail of well crystallised greenish blue Clinoclase is from its type locality at Wheal
 International Colliery, Bridgend
This fine example of the nickel sulphide Millerite is from the International Colliery at Blaengarw, near to
 St. Michael's Mount, England
A charming large thumbnail of lustrous black Cassiterite crystals with micro-crystals of brassy golden
 Wheal Gorland, England
This miniature Clinoclase as-good-as self-announces itself to be from Wheal Gorland, with its characteristic
Scheelite with Wolframite
 Carrock Mine, England
A rich cluster of cream to dark tan Scheelite crystals cover an approximately 1.5 x 1 cm area on a blocky
 Wheal Gorland, England
A flat miniature plate of Quartz veinstone about one third covered in dark leaf green Pharmacosiderite from
Fluorite with Dolomite, Pyrite and Quartz
 Cambokeels Mine, England
Large, semi-transparent, hexagonal Quartz crystals with colourless cubic Fluorite crystals form a large mound
 Greystone Quarry, UK
An approximately 10 x 8 cm plate of iron-stained Quartz-rich gossan matrix is sparingly coated with lustrous
Carbonate-rich Fluorapatite var. Francolite with Quartz
 Levant Mine, England
This extremely rich small cabinet specimen of Francolite, the carbonate-rich variety of Fluorapatite, is from
Calcite with Hematite inclusions
 Egremont, Cumbria
A hedgehog-shaped cluster of Hematite included Calcite crystals averaging around 1 cm tall with nail-head
 Crenver And Wheal Abraham, England
An unusual and well crystallised small cabinet specimen of Chalcocite from Crenver and Wheal Abraham in the
Quartz var. Amethyst
 Wheal Uny, England
Wheal Uny was a tin mine a little to the south of Redruth and east of Carn Brea. Although small specimens of
 Hilton Mine, England
An off matrix interpenetrant Fluorite twin from the world-renowned Hilton mine in Scordale, near to Appleby in
 Roughton Gill Area, England
Lustrous bright lime to yellow green intergrown crystals of Pyromorphite mostly cover the display face of a
Hematite var. Specularite and Quartz
 South Crofty Mine, England
Lots of highly reflective platy crystal groups of silver coloured Hematite are richly scattered and aggregated
Bournonite with Freibergite and Pyrite on Quartz
 Viboras Mine, Potosí Department
The Viboras mine at Machacamarca in Bolivia is particularly famous for its Bournonite. This fine miniature
 Tigerville Prospect, South Carolina
The Tigerville Prospect in South Carolina is worked for Vermiculite occurring in a pegmatite and while mining,
Goethite on Quartz with Microcline
 Lake George Area, USA
This is one of those one-off, quirky specimens which makes you smile simply because it is that bit different
 Santa Cruz Mine, Bolivia
Cylindrite, a lead-tin-iron-antimony sulphosalt, derives its name from the long cylindrical crystals it forms
 Minas Gerais, Brazil
A magnificent 5.7 x 5.5 x 1.6 cm tabular crystal of Columbite, an ore of niobium, from the Minas Gerais mining
Hematite ps. after Magnetite var. Martite
 Payún volcano, Mendoza Province
A stunning and classic pseudomorph of Hematite after Magnetite from the Payún volcano in Mendoza Province,
 Casapalca, Peru
An off-matrix cluster of metallic, highly lustrous Tetrahedrite crystals from Casapalca mine in Huarochiri
Beryl var. Aquamarine
 Teófilo Otoni, Minas Gerais
A single gemmy to translucent Aquamarine Beryl crystal displaying well-defined growth zones and measuring 5.9
Quartz var. Smoky Quartz
 Smokey Bear, New Mexico
An aesthetic arrangement of three, ex-matrix, crossed prismatic terminated colourless to pastel smoky Quartz
Azurite on Malachite
 Milpillas Mine, Sonora
Mounted on a clear acrylic base, a most choice specimen of velvety deep leaf-green Malachite with occasionally
 Santa Eulalia, Mexico
Lustrous honey to mustard-yellow sheaves of Mimetite forms a cauliform bed of crystals averaging 1 cm tall and
Galena with Sphalerite
 Ballard Mine, Kansas
Lead grey cubic crystals of metallic Galena to 2.2 cm displaying interesting surface growth patterns of
 Barra do Salinas, Brazil
A richly intergrown miniature from the recent find of Hydroxylherderite at Barra do Salinas in Minas Gerais,
Native Platinum
 Pinto River, Chocó Department
A glass phial with cork stopper containing alluvial rounded grains of metallic silvery Native Platinum to
 Jeffrey Mine, Canada
Beautiful, lustrous rich purple-mauve crystals of Vesuvianite stack-up to form an intermeshed cluster from
Quartz epimorph after Fluorite
 Columbine Prospect, Colorado
Intergrown octahedral crystals of deep peppermint green Fluorite which have been partly to completely
Rhodochrosite with Quartz
 Pasto Bueno, Peru
Three sharp rhombic crystals of Rhodochrosite nestle amongst an array of near-vertical colourless prismatic
 Erupcion Mine, Mexico
Very lustrous, intergrown deep apricot-orange blocky crystals of Wulfenite measuring to 1.7 cm, some
 Chuquicamata Mine, Chile
A rich sky to sapphire blue vein specimen of the rare mineral Kröhnkite which has formed on both sides of a
Native Gold
 Christmas Pocket - 1991, USA
A beautifully bright metallic golden-yellow Native Gold from a find made at the Crystalline mine in
Chrysocolla ps. after Malachite ps. after Azurite with Quartz
 Tenke-Fungurume area, DR Congo
A super-unusual small cabinet specimen of vivid sky-blue Chrysocolla preferentially coated with orange-tan
Brochantite with Linarite
 Goulmina, Drâa-Tafilalet Region
Goulmina in the Drâa-Tafilalet Region of Morocco has produced only five mineral species, of which Brochantite
 Kleine Spitzkoppe, Erongo Region
Topaz crystals from Kleine Spitzkoppe are characteristically well terminated and quite chunky and exude great
Liddicoatite Tourmaline
 Fianarantsoa Province, Madagascar
A fine double terminated crystal of reddish-plum Liddicoatite Tourmaline from Fianarantsoa Province in
Diopside with Graphite
 Merelani Hills, Tanzania
Crystallised Diopside shifts to a much higher gear in the Merelani Hills mining district of north-eastern
Descloizite with Dolomite
 Berg Aukas, Namibia
A gorgeous small miniature of serrated arrow habit Descloizite crystals from the famous Berg Aukas mine in
Schorl Tourmaline
 Tubussis Farm 22, Namibia
This specimen comprises of the top terminated part of a fabulous jet-black Schorl crystal from Tubussis Farm
Fenster Quartz with fluid inclusions (Skeleton Quartz)
 Goboboseb Mountains, Namibia
A splendid example of fenster Quartz with at least one fluid inclusion from the Goboboseb Mountains in the
 Okorusu Mine, Namibia
A beautiful miniature Celestine displaying excellent crystal habit and colour from the Okorusu mine in the
  Kalahari Manganese Field, South Africa
Sturmanite can manifest in many colours and in this example the main double-terminated hexagonal crystal is