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Scheelite with Ferberite and Zinnwaldite
 Cínovec / Zinnwald (Cinvald), Erzgebirge; Krusné Hory Mts (Ore Mts)
To describe this specimen as outstanding is no overstatement!  Hundreds of perfect, 2 mm gemmy
 Blackdene Mine, County Durham
Blackdene mine, by the village of Ireshopeburn in the Weardale Valley of County Durham, England, is one of the
 Pfitsch Pass, Austria
This ex-matrix Rutile crystal is from the Pfitsch Pass in North Tyrol, Austria and is a lovey example of a
Quartz (Tessin Habit)
 Bedretto Valley, Switzerland
This beautiful ice-clear colourless Quartz crystal is of the Tessin habit, whereby the prism faces gradually
 East Pool Mine, England
Not only is this an excellent large miniature of well crystallised Siderite from the famous East Pool mine,
 Bielig Valley (Selking Valley), Switzerland
An impressive stack of thick, lozenge-shaped Adularia crystals aesthetically dusted in micro-crystals of light
Fluorite with Ankerite
 Jug Vein, England
A charming small cabinet display specimen of pale green cubic Fluorite crystals interspersed by chains of pale
Quartz with Baryte and Pyrite on Chalcopyrite
 Mount Wellington Mine, England
A weighty small cabinet specimen of creamy-colourless tabular crystals of Baryte and 1 to 4 mm cubic,
 Brownley Hill Mine, England
Alstonite is a rare barium-calcium carbonate which forms in low-temperature hydrothermal veins.  This
 Wheal Mary Ann, England
A mouth-watering large miniature of citrus-apple-green cubic Fluorite crystals embedded in a druse of glassy
Xanthoconite with Proustite
 Himmelfahrt Mine, Germany
Probably more than fifty deep cherry-red Xanthoconite crystals are scattered across the 6 x 3 cm surface of a
 Nentsberry Haggs Mine, England
A fine single crystal of the barium carbonate Witherite, forming a 6 x 2.3 cm hexagonal crystal with a
Cassiterite with Tourmaline
 Goonbarrow China Clay Pit, England
Access to the China Clay Pits (CCP) around the town of St. Austell in Cornwall is no longer possible, so
 Lanterdan Quarry, England
Tintagel is not only famous for the legendary King Arthur’s castle, but also for its superb specimens from the
  Pribram, Czech Republic
A superb cabinet size Goethite from the Příbram Mining District in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech
Cassiterite and Fluorite on Quartz
 Krupka (Graupen), Bohemia
Wow!  A delightful and quite different combination of lustrous black Cassiterite crystals alongside tiny,
 Cínovec / Zinnwald, Saxony & Ústí Region
Well-developed octahedral crystals of the calcium tungstate, Scheelite, are strewn across a surface of glassy
 Himmelsfürst Mine, Germany
This rich specimen of Acanthite, a low-temperature silver sulphide, is from the Himmelsfürst mine in the
Stephanite and Proustite
 Schlema-Hartenstein District, Germany
A fine, good-size thumbnail, richly displaying two classic silver sulphosalts, Stephanite and Proustite, from
 Dal'negorsk, Russia
This splendid water-clear, colourless Calcite is from Dal’negorsk in Primorsky Krai, Russia and shouts for
Galena on Quartz
 Dal'negorsk, Russia
This splendid thumbnail specimen has a single and almost perfect solitary Galena spinel twinned crystal
Fluorite with Quartz
 Berbes, Spain
A striking and eye-catching Royal purple Fluorite crystal nicely perched on a small bed of stubby, colourless
 Churprinz Friedrich August Erbstolln Mine (Churprinz Mine; Kurprinz Mine), Saxony
Lustrous flattened orthorhombic crystals of the rare sulphosalt Stephanite form flying saucer-shaped hexagonal
Native Silver
 Schneeberg, Saxony
A deliciously tangled nest of Native Silver gnarled wires almost entirely cover a ground mass of granular
Pyrargyrite and Stephanite with Argentopyrite
 Freiberg, Germany
This museum grade miniature displays magnificent crystals of Pyrargyrite, a silver-antimony sulphosalt, from
 La Collada, Spain
A show-stopping crystal of royal-purple Fluorite forming a cube-dodecahedron with a naturally truncated corner
 Shaft 38, Germany
Yet another classic and top-quality specimen from Saxony.  Octahedral Acanthite crystals, a silver
Native Bismuth with Skutterudite
 Shaft 38, Germany
A world-class specimen of wonderfully crystallised Native Bismuth richly overgrowing metallic silver
 Victoria mine, North Rhine-Westphalia
Siegenite is a rare cobalt nickel sulphide and beautifully crystallised specimens such as this are remarkably
 Berbes, Spain
This gorgeous thumbnail of intense lilac Fluorite is from the Berbes mining area, a locality on the north
 Zschopau, Germany
Pyromorphite is always a pleasing mineral and this mouth-watering tower of acidic siskin-green crystals,
 Sauschwart Mine, Saxony
Eulytine is a rare bismuth silicate which, in this specimen, forms 1 to 2 mm, highly lustrous gemmy crystals
 Dal'negorsk, Russia
This remarkable Calcite from Dal’negorsk is a reminder that no matter how many specimens you have ever looked
Djurleite on Quartz
 Dzhezkazgan Mining District, Kazakhstan
Djurleite, a relatively rare copper sulphide, forms magnificent black straited crystals on a matrix of bright
Cuprite with Native Silver
 Rubtsovskoe Cu-Zn-Pb deposit, Western Siberian Region
An amazing Russian Cuprite specimen with a massive Wow factor!  Superb, sharp octahedral Cuprite crystals
 Asprieres, France
Asprières, a commune in the Villefranche-de-Rouergue area of southern France, is well known for its beautiful
Beryl var. Heliodor
 Murzinka Mine, Urals Region
A rather gorgeous tabular-like Beryl crystal of the variety Heliodor from the historic and famous Murzinka
Topaz on Orthoclase
 Murzinka Mine, Urals Region
A rare and stunning specimen of pale blue Topaz crystals on a terminated Orthoclase crystal from the Murzinka
Calcite with Ilvaite
 Dal'negorsk, Russia
An impressive colourless and mainly transparent Calcite crystal, double terminated with an overall length of 6
 Pau, France
A superb twinned and gemmy Calcite from the area around Pau in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department of
Sphalerite with Quartz
 Bad Grund, Lower Saxony
This magnificent Sphalerite from the Bad Grund district in Lower Saxony, Germany, is capped with aesthetic
 Ilfeld, Germany
Located at Ilfeld in the Harz Mountains of central Germany, this famous manganese deposit has produced some of
Fluorite with Baryte and Mimetite
 Lantignié, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
A busy and attractive miniature from Lantigne in Rhone, France. Pale salmon-pink Baryte forming cockscomb
Quartz var. Faden Quartz
 North Waziristan District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province
A mainly water-clear, transparent, and colourless Quartz crystal with a tabular habit and subtle yet distinct
Andradite Garnet
 Korshunovskoye iron deposit, Irkutsk Oblast
A simply stunning and magnificent example of Andradite Garnet, forming interpenetrant rhombic dodecahedrons to
 Puiva (Pouyva) Mount, Russia
A terrific ex-matrix miniature of highly reflective, lustrous glassy Fluorapatite, forming flattened hexagonal
Siderite with Calcite
 Dal'negorsk, Russia
Of all the mineral specimens I have ever seen, this small miniature of light sandy-tan Siderite sprinkled over
 Baryte mine, Saxony
Platy, spear-like crystals of golden-honey Baryte entirely cover a thin plate of grey matrix with crystals of