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Baryte with Calcite
Intergrown bright gemmy pastel yellow sharply formed crystals of Baryte form as bladed-prismatic
A very rich intergrown crystal specimen dominated by well formed octahedral habit modified by the cube
Polybasite with Stephanite
Abundant cavities in a sulphide impregnated Quartz veinstone display well-formed platy crystals of metallic
 Spania Dolina Ore Belt, Slovakia
Classic Devilline from the classic site at Špania Dolina (Herrengrund), Slovakia. Platy rich
 Horni Slavkov (Schlaggenwald), Czech Republic
A neat miniature specimen of lustrous deep brown Cassiterite crystals measuring to 1.5cm on a Quartz vein on a
 Braunsdorf, Germany
A rich specimen of Kermesite in Quartz, probably from the Neue Hoffnung Gottes Mine, Germany although the only
Aragonite with Calcite
 Spania Dolina Ore Belt, Slovakia
Well-formed prismatic crystal group of colourless-white pseudohexagonal Aragonite crystals measuring to 4cm
Tourmaline var Rubellite with Quartz
 Rozna Hradisko, Czech Republic
Long rod-like prismatic crystals of pink to pastel green variety Rubellite Tourmaline measuring to 3cm+ are
Scheelite with Muscovite
Fawn coloured intergrown crystals of Scheelite to around 3mm densely covers 'hexagonal' crystals of the
Galena with Sphalerite
Abundant bright cubic crystals of Galena with some octahedral and hopper development form in
Fluorite with Beryl on Muscovite
 Chumar Bakhoor, Pakistan
Two gemmy pink well-formed crystals of Fluorite in cube-octahedral to complex form measuring to 2.2cm with
Well formed bright crystals of Galena from the Pfannenberger Einigkeit Mine (closed 1962), Sigerland,
 Ojuela Mine, Mexico
Classic specimen of excellently formed lustrous translucent-opaque crystals of Adamite on Gossan from the
Olivenite with Cuprian Adamite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
A fine specimen of dark olive green Olivenite crystals with lighter terminations measuring to 8mm richly
Rose Quartz
A fine specimen of translucent-gemmy crystalline Rose Quartz in parallel position covers the display face of
Quartz Japan Law
A pleasing specimen of gem clear colourless Japan Law Quartz tabular crystals with one face partly
 Hüttenberger Erzberg, Carinthia
Botryoidal translucent slightly purple-grey coloured Chalcedony on matrix from the Hüttenberger
Baryte with Calcite
 Elk Creek, USA
Classic Elk Creek amber coloured Baryte crystals on yellow crystals of Calcite. Lots of well-formed bladed
Diaphorite with Pyrite and Siderite
A very rich specimen of the rare Silver-Lead Antimony Sulphide Diaphorite from the Maurizio Vein (level 2)
Lepidolite with Quartz
 Himalaya Mine, USA
Large crystals of purple-pink Lepidolite measuring to 4cm are edge on from the specimen and appear to have
Bright lustrous gemmy crystals of Baryte richly cover the display face of the specimen showing excellent platy
 Viloco Mine, Bolivia
An excellent specimen of classic Cassiterite crystals with great lustre and form, having a rich dark brown to
Native Copper
 Houghton Co., USA
A classic branching crystal specimen of Native Copper from the Houghton County copper mining area in Michigan,
Eosphorite on Quartz
 Taquaral, Brazil
A pleasing specimen of well-formed radial and fan-like clustered and single bladed Eosphorite crystals with
Zincite with Franklinite and Calcite
 Franklin, USA
Rounded crystals of red-brown Zincite are on a creamy Calcite matrix with metallic black crystals of
Cuprite with Native Copper
 Bisbee, USA
A sparkling specimen of deep maroon coloured micro-crystals of Cuprite mostly cover crystalline intergrown
 Jardinera No 1 Mine, Chile
A very rich crystal specimen of Molybdenite from the Jardinera No.1 Mine, Inca de Oro, Chile. Silvery-grey
Tetrahedrite with Pyrite on Quartz
An excellent specimen of lustrous metallic grey crystals of Tetrahedrite measuring to 1.3cm are clustered over
Monazite-(Ce) with Xenotime-(Y) on Quartz
 Siglo Veinte Mine, Potosí Department
Well formed crystal clusters of light yellow-brown Monazite-(Ce) many displaying twinning scattered
 Ojuela Mine, Mexico
Classic and rich specimen of sparkling lustrous green o yellow-green Adamite in a tiered form, the Ojuela
 Minas Gerais, Brazil
An unusual Quartz crystal from Minas Gerais, Brazil somewhat bladed in habit largely gemmy colourless
 Himalaya Mine, USA
A well formed prismatic crystal of bi-coloured Tourmaline measuring to 7.2cm tall with pink gemmy area passing
 Himalaya Mine, USA
An excellent four coloured crystal of Tourmaline from the Himalaya Mine, California, USA. The crystal of
 Francon Quarry, Canada
Yellowish crystal of Weloganite measuring to 9mm sits toward the front of a cavity in a light grey rock matrix
Elbaite Tourmaline
 Cruzeiro mine, Minas Gerais
A well-formed gem crystal of green Elbaite sits atop alternating zones of pink and green Elbaite with stepped
 Sweetwater Mine, USA
A very rich large specimen of Siegenite crystals from the Sweetwater Mine, Missouri, USA. Crystals of metallic
Tourmaline with Quartz and Lepidolite
Excellent pegmatite mineral specimen displaying intergrowths of Tourmaline-Feldspar-Quartz-Lepidolite from the
Rhodonite with Franklinite in Calcite
 Franklin, USA
Three intergrown crystals of Rhodonite dominate the specimen from the Franklin Mining District from New
Native Silver with Acanthite and Sphalerite
 Porco, Potosí Department
A very rich bright display specimen of interwoven Native Silver wires fill the specimen with metallic dark
 Los Lamentos, Mexico
A pleasing and quite distinct crystal habit of Wulfenite from the Los Lamentos Mountain area in Mexico. The
Willemite with Garnet on Franklinite
 Franklin, USA
Pastel lustrous green prismatic crystals of Willemite measuring to 6mm with characteristic neon green
 San Juan De Rayas Mine, Mexico
A fine Christmas tree of intergrown metallic silvery-grey Acanthite crystal with pronounced cubic habit
 Flambeau Mine, USA
Classic Flambeau Mine Chalcocite specimen displaying excellent solid intergrown crystal formation of
Elbaite Tourmaline
 Stewart Mine, USA
A well-formed crystal of Elbaite Tourmaline has formed through a white contrasting Albite with some
 Amelia Mine, Mexico
Classic deep blue cubic crystals of Boleite from the Amelia Mine, Baja California, Mexico. Lustrous
 Ojuela Mine, Mexico
Radial blue-grey intergrown bladed crystals of the rare zinc-iron arsenate mineral Metaköttigite covers the
 Henderson No.2 Mine, Canada
Metallic brassy prismatic crystals of the rare Copper Sulphide Cubanite are scattered and
Native Silver
 Houghton Co., USA
A bright metallic hackly-crystalline rich Native Silver specimen with some remaining Quartz-country-rock