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 Settlingstones Mine, Northumberland
A first-class and impressive display specimen of beautifully crystallised light grey Baryte from
Baryte on Quartz
 Ale & Cakes Mine, England
A good sized and excellent cabinet specimen of greenish-grey Baryte crystals richly coating the top surface of
 Yate Quarry, England
An excellent and aesthetic, well crystallised Celestine (strontium sulphate) from Yate quarry at Yate in South
 Geufron Mine, Powys
Geufron mine at Llanidloes in Powys, Wales, lies slightly SE of Snowdonia National Park and worked part of the
Galena with Sphalerite
 Mogul Mine, Ireland
An impressive cabinet specimen of beautifully crystallised Galena with gemmy golden yellow Sphalerite (variety
 Wanlockhead, Scotland
A splendid crystallised Aragonite from the mines at Wanlockhead, Dumfries and Galloway (formerly
Tin "Candle"
 Wheal Gorland, England
A rare Cornish mining artefact, termed a ‘Tin Candle’ and purportedly originating from Wheal Gorland at St.
 Tynagh Mine, Ireland
Over its short life, Tynagh mine was a prolific producer of beautifully crystallised specimens, but very few
Hematite var. Pencil Ore
 Furness Region, Cumbria
The variety of Hematite termed Pencil Ore from the Furness Region of Cumbria, England has a fibrous
 Crystal Cave Pocket, County Kerry
A fabulous group of colourless and milky-white Quartz crystals from the Crystal Cave Pocket at Dunvin, Dingle,
 Larkin's Quarry, Co. Galway
A magnificent, good hand sized cabinet specimen of well crystallised Fluorite from Larkin's quarry at
 Heights Mine, England
Three pairs of mild emerald-green Fluorite twinned crystals sit on an altered limestone matrix coated with
Goethite on Quartz
 Restormel Royal Iron Mine, England
Based on the attached faded copperplate, hand written label, this is an old time Goethite on Quartz from the
Hematite and Quartz
 Florence Mine, England
A splendid small cabinet specimen of smoky double terminated Quartz crystals overlaying a bed of finely
Fluorite and Quartz
 Wheal Mary Ann, England
A super specimen of cloudy peppermint-green octahedral Fluorite occurring as complete and cleaved crystals
 Wheal Gorland, England
An interesting specimen of micro-crystallised Cuprite which cements brecciated fragments and shards of
 Wheal Carpenter (old dump), Cornwall
Rich, drusy layers of micro-crystalline Bayldonite richly coat a block of cryptocrystalline Quartz, from the
Libethenite on Quartz
 Phoenix United Mine, Cornwall
An excellent specimen of deep bottle-green Libethenite crystals richly lining shallow open vugs in a
 Prenteg, Wales
At least six blades of gemmy, bronze-clove-brown Brookite nestle amongst an Alpine-style vein Quartz from its
 St Agnes, Cornwall
A roughly 3 x 1.5 cm area of nicely crystallised Cassiterite crystals on a mid-grey killas matrix, from the
Linarite with Malachite
 Red Gill Mine, England
Deep azure-blue blades and granules of Linarite occur embedded in a Malachite impregnated block of vein Quartz
Mimetite var. Campylite
 Dry Gill Mine, England
A heavy dense mass of burnt toffee-orange Campylite crystals, the barrel-shaped crystal variety of Mimetite
Rockbridgeite-Hentschelite var. Andrewsite
 Phoenix United Mine, Cornwall
The classic Cornish mineral Andrewsite is actually a mixture of Rockbridgeite and Hentschelite with minor
 Torr Works Quarry, England
A good representative specimen of the rare lead oxychloride Mendipite from Torr Works quarry at Cranmore,
Cuprian Aragonite
 Tynebottom Mine, England
An impressive botryoidal coating of bubbly light apple-green Cuprian Aragonite surrounded by milky-white
 Glenmalure, Co. Wicklow
A very rare location specimen of well formed hexagonal Pyromorphite crystals on milky veinstone Quartz from
Fluorapatite with Tourmaline and Orthoclase
 Cornwall, England
A charming small miniature with glassy, teal-blue Fluorapatite crystals to 6 mm long, sitting on near
 Redruth, England
A splendid, solid crystallised block of lustrous dark grey Chalcocite from the mining district around the town
 St Day United Mines, England
Platy hexagonal crystals of greenish-turquoise Chalcophyllite form rich druses within shallow vugs in a grey
 Frazer's Hush Mine, England
A very good single large Galena crystal from Frazer's Hush mine at Rookhope in Weardale, County Durham,
Fluorite on Dolomite
 Ullcoats Mine, England
An approximately 2 x 1.5 x 1 cm mass of pale lime-green Fluorite attached to a bed of curved, saddle-shaped
Chalcopyrite var. Blister Copper
 Dolcoath Mine, England
A really terrific miniature of the variety of Chalcopyrite known as Blister Copper from Dolcoath mine,
 St Day United Mines, England
What appears to be an old-time specimen, a large thumbnail sized group of virtually colourless Fluorite
 Wheal Gorland, England
Rich light olive-green sprays of acicular Olivenite pervade a long and narrow rusty orange-tan,
 Tincroft Mine, Cornwall
Well formed trigonal Siderite crystals cover a triangular area of 4 cm on edge, from the famous Tincroft mine
 Wheal Jane, England
Cronstedtite, a complex iron silicate, is one of the classic minerals forever associated with Wheal Jane at
 Wanlockhead, Scotland
Rich druses of vibrant bright yellowish lime-green and deeper siskin-green Pyromorphite largely cover a
Chalcopyrite on Dolomite
 New Glencrieff Mine, Scotland
A single brassy 6 x 4 x 3 mm Chalcopyrite crystal nestles on a matrix of sharp, creamy Dolomite crystals from
 Imiter Mine, Morocco
Acanthite is a silver sulphide and in this superb specimen forms a open, porous mass of octahedral crystals
Iron Meteorite (Gibeon, polished)
 Gibeon, Hardap Region
A magnificent partly sawn and polished block from the Gibeon meteorite, weighing in at 2.96 kg; making this a
Siderite ps. after Calcite
 Aggeneys, Northern Cape Province
A superb and aesthetic group of Siderite pseudomorphs after barrel-shaped Calcite crystals from Aggeneys in
 Davib Ost Farm 61, Erongo Region
Specimens from Davib Ost (East) Farm 61 originate from a granite pegmatite close to Karibib in the Erongo
Quartz var. Sceptre Amethyst
 Chiredzi mining district, Masvingo
A steep and sharply terminated Amethyst crystal from the Chiredzi mining district in Masvingo Province,
Beryl var. Heliodor
 Stiepelmann Mine, Namibia
A well formed and terminated Beryl crystal, variety Heliodor, from the Klein Spitzkoppe (Spitzkopje) granite
Cobaltoan Calcite
 Aghbar Mine, Morocco
A choice mound of glassy and translucent Cobaltoan Calcite crystals from the Aghbar Mine in the Bou Azer
Quartz var. Sceptre Amethyst
 Chiredzi mining district, Masvingo
A quite different habit of Sceptre Quartz from the Chiredzi mining district in Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe, SE
Chrome Dravite
 Nadonjukin, Manyara Region
A fabulous single terminated crystal of bi-coloured Chrome Dravite, a member of the Tourmaline Group, from
 Merelani Hills, Tanzania
Alabandite, a manganese sulphide with the formula MnS, is rarely seen in good specimens, so this part, yet