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Duftite on Calcite
 Tsumeb Mine, Oshikoto Region (Otjikoto Region)
A stunning thumbnail of sharp-edged rhombic Calcite crystals richly covered in a druse of bright leaf-green
 Mibladen Mining District, Morocco
Equant, smoky-grey Cerussite crystals to over 2 cm richly cover a somewhat circular and slightly concave
Arsenatian Vanadinite var. Endlichite
 Touissit, Morocco
A very lustrous, almost metallic looking specimen of Endlichite, an arsenate enriched variety of Vanadinite
Vanadinite with Goethite
 Taouz, Morocco
A fine and beautifully aesthetic miniature of well-formed lustrous red-orange Vanadinite crystals measuring to
Aegirine with Orthoclase
 Mount Malosa, Malawi
A spectacular group of intergrown, lustrous coal-black Aegirine crystals, richly coated in snow-white crystals
Calcite with Malachite
 Mashamba West Mine, DR Congo (Zaire)
Two well-formed scalenohedral Calcite crystals form a V-like configuration, with several further Calcite
Native Copper
 Onganja, Namibia
A super specimen of two connected arborescent Native Copper habits from the Oganja (Onganja) in the Windhoek
 Berg Aukas, Namibia
An intriguing formation of Descloizite from Berg Aukas, Namibia, where relatively few specimens were found
Andradite Garnet
 Spingbokfontein Farm 21, Namibia
Excellent, highly lustrous rich deep leaf green crystals of Andradite Garnet from a find made on
Siderite on Quartz
 Iouriren Mine, Morocco
An excellent cabinet specimen of Siderite with Quartz from the Iouriren (gold) mine at Akka in Morocco. The
Bournonite, Sphalerite and Pyrite
 Baia Sprie, Romania
The Baia Sprie mining region in Maramureș County, Romania is one of Europe’s most famous ore deposits where
 Moldova Noua, Romania
This striking large cabinet specimen of Malachite richly lines a 14 x 6 cm elongated geode from the historic
Sphalerite with Quartz and Pyrite
 Dognecea (Dognácska), Caras-Severin Co.
The village of Dognecea is set in a picturesque valley surrounded by wooded hillsides and the nearby mining
 Cassandra Mines, Central Macedonia
This magnificent Rhodochrosite is from the Cassandra Mines in Central Macedonia, Greece, a locality with only
 Příbram District, Czech Republic
This wonderful group of dark chocolate brown nail-head Calcite crystals is from the Příbram Mining District in
 MMM Mine, Australia
Sometimes mineral descriptions need to begin with “oh what a beauty”, and this Australian Pyromorphite is
 Săcărâmb, Hunedoara
I can only say whoever cracked open this specimen must have had a wonderful surprise! The back of this thin
 Broken Hill, Australia
A quite stunning intergrown group of large ‘Jack Straw’ type Cerussite crystals from the Broken Hill Mining
 Broken Hill, Australia
Light to battleship grey botryoidal Smithsonite form a drusy pervasive coating over an approximately 14 x 8 cm
Quartz with Rose Quartz and Eosphorite
 Ilha Claim, Brazil
The Ilha claim is a most unusual mineral locality where a granite pegmatite is worked on a small island in the
Celestine on Native Sulphur
 Machow Mine, Poland
Machów mine in Tarnobrzeg, Poland was an opencast Sulphur mine, exploiting the Sulphur deposits formed in a
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
This large, slightly curved tabular Wulfenite crystal is a sensational small cabinet specimen from the Tsumeb
Scheelite on Quartz
 Cínovec/Zinnwald, Saxony & Ústí Region (Bohemia)
Although this crystal of Quartz richly encrusted with tiny Scheelite crystals is within the miniature size
Cassiterite on Quartz
 Horní Slavkov (Schlaggenwald), Bohemia
Although only a large thumbnail, the Cassiterite attached to a single Quartz crystal forms an exquisite
Epidote with Actinolite var. Byssolite
 Knappenwand, Austria
A small cabinet Epidote with Actinolite from the Knappenwand in the Untersulzbach Valley, a locality
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
Anglesite was found throughout the supergene and all three deep oxidation zones in the Tsumeb mine and
Magnetite with Quartz
 Lärchultini, Valais
The hillside locality at Lärchultini in Valais, Switzerland, contains a rich suite of minerals associated with
Cobaltoan Smithsonite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
Rich deep rose pink crystals of Cobaltoan Smithsonite form a gently rounded dome resting on a naturally flat
 Huber stock, Karlovy Vary Region
This fabulous example of a Cassiterite twinned crystal is from the interesting locality of Huber stock in
Native Gold with Sphalerite
 Rosia Montana, Romania
The gold deposits at Rosia Montana in Alba County, Romania have been worked since at least Roman times and is
 N'Chwaning Mines, South Africa
Wow! This is one amazing Hausmannite from the famous N'Chwaning mines at Kuruman in the Kalahari Manganese
 Baia Sprie, Romania
This fabulous Stibnite from Baia Sprie in Romania appears to me as a spectacular pseudomorph after Baryte,
 Mexquitic, San Luis Potosí
Fluor-Buergerite, formerly known as Buergerite, is a rare member of the Tourmaline Group and this first class
 Greifenstein Rocks, Germany
A rich coverage of pale candy pink hexagonal Fluorapatite crystals nearly all embedded in a light grey Quartz
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
An excellent small cabinet specimen of blue and green Willemite from Tsumeb mine in Namibia. Stood vertically
 Baixão da Laje mine, Rio Grande do Norte
An extremely rare example of crystallised Tapiolite from the Baixão da Laje mine in Grande do Norte, Brazil.
 Cavnic Mine, Romania
Cavnic is one of Europe’s most famous and historic mining towns and gives its name to the surrounding mining
 Dal'negorsk, Far-Eastern Region
The mines at Dal'negorsk in the Far-Eastern Region of Russia produce the most amazing colourless and optically
Rhodochrosite with Calcite and Fluorite
 Pasto Bueno, Ancash Department
Pasto Bueno is actually a group of mines in the Pampas District Pallasca Province in Peru, set in the most
 Ojuela Mine, Mexico
A beautiful and delicate coloured miniature of blueish-green Baryte forming 1 mm thick plates is an intergrown
Cuprite with Cerussite and Mimetite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
This richly crystallised small cabinet specimen of Cuprite demonstrates just how rich the ore could be at
 Banská Štiavnica (Schemnitz), Banská Bystrica Region
Colourless to greyish milky-white Gypsum crystals form a well crystallised small cabinet specimen from Banská
Quartz on Siderite with Sphalerite
 Příbram District, Czech Republic
An excellent miniature of curved blades of Siderite overgrowing a core of black Sphalerite with the entire
Dolomite with Chalcopyrite
 Dreislar Mine, Germany
A most attractive small miniature from a most attractive small mine! A comment not frequently made! Bright
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
An interesting and quite different small cabinet specimen of Smithsonite for your Tsumeb collection on which a
Calcite on Dolomite
 Johannes Mine, Bavaria
Two parallel partly intergrown pseudo-hexagonal Calcite crystals sit at a slight angle to the base and are
 Krásno, Bohemia
A large thumbnail/small miniature lustrous group of Cassiterite crystals from Krásno in the Karlovy Vary
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
This splendid reticulated cluster of Cerussite crystals is an excellent large miniature from the Tsumeb mine