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Wulfenite with Mimetite
 San Francisco Mine, Mexico
A beautiful large thumbnail of thin tabular, deep acidic-lemon Wulfenite crystals to 1.5 cm on edge, all with
Rosasite with Calcite
 Ojuela Mine, Mexico
A 4.5 x 3.0 cm ‘V’ shaped cleft in ironstone matrix is delicately lined with colourless to slightly milky
Neptunite with Natrolite
 Dallas Gem Mine, USA
A beautiful and magnificent specimen of jet-black, highly lustrous Neptunite from the Dallas Gem mine in San
 Naica Mine, Mexico
An unusual and fascinating Galena from the famous Naica mine at Mun. de Saucillo in Chihuahua, Mexico, now
Galena with Marcasite
 Sweetwater Mine, USA
A single, spectacular elongated cubic Galena crystal perched at almost 45 degrees on an attractive matrix of
 Barra do Salinas, Brazil
A miniature specimen of both crystallised and cryptocrystalline Hydroxylherderite, a calcium-beryllium
 Santiago Alto mine, Potosí Department
A small miniature composed entirely of the silver-germanium sulphide Argyrodite from the Santiago Alto mine,
Azurite on Malachite
Mounted on a clear acrylic base, a most choice specimen of velvety deep leaf-green Malachite with occasionally
 Pakajake Canyon, Potosí Department
A rich specimen of the nickel-cobalt-copper selenide Penroseite, from its type locality in Pakajake Canyon,
Native Gold
 Round Mountain Mine, USA
A thin, but relatively sturdy, plate of partly crystallised Native Gold still attached to a little
An off matrix group of intergrown, well developed tetragonal crystals of Stolzite of an opaque greyish-cream
Fluorite with Galena
 Naica, Mexico
Three fascinating pale sea-green Fluorite crystals sit on a milky Quartz matrix sprinkled with 1 to 3 mm
Beryl var. Aquamarine with Muscovite on Orthoclase
 Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais
A large pinkish-cream, part-crystal of Orthoclase Feldspar has a reasonably gemmy, pale pastel-bluish-green
 Santa Eulalia District, Chihuahua
A stunning Hemimorphite from the Santa Eulalia mining district, some 23 km east of Chihuahua City in Mexico,
Colourless Euclase crystals, each containing a pale indigo blue phantom within the apex of the termination,
 Guanajuato, Mexico
A thumbnail specimen of the silver-copper-antimony-arsenic sulphosalt Polybasite, as silvery-black bladed
Siderite with Dolomite
 Morro Velho Mine, Brazil
A beautiful rich cluster of deep golden-tan lenticular Siderite crystals, typically to 2.5 cm wide by 1.6 cm
 San Jose Mine, Bolivia
A large thumbnail specimen of excellent lustrous metallic black Wurtzite crystals embedded in a drusy matrix
Hydroxylherderite with Lepidolite
 Barra do Salinas, Brazil
A rich intergrown crystal specimen of light beige coloured Hydroxylherderite measuring to 1.4cm mostly as
A rare specimen of Anglesite crystals from the Wheatley Mines, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, USA. A
 Barra do Salinas, Brazil
Hydroxylherderite is a calcium-beryllium phosphate and in this magnificent specimen forms an asymmetric
Native Gold
 Nueva Esperanza vein, Catamarca
An iron-stained Quartz veinstone matrix displays a rich patch of lustrous metallic Native Gold with other
 Santa Catarina Mine, Mexico
Guanajuatite is a very rare bismuth selenide (Bi2Se3) and these two specimens are from the type locality at
 Santa Eulalia, Mexico
Lustrous honey to mustard-yellow sheaves of Mimetite form a cauliform bed of crystals averaging 1 cm tall and
 Himalaya Mine, USA
A beautifully developed prismatic Tourmaline crystal, 6.7 cm long with a 3.3 x 1.9 cm crystal attached
 Bunker Hill Mine, USA
Large and lustrous, rich apricot-orange crystals of Pyromorphite sit on top of a matrix of slightly smaller
 Viboras Mine, Potosí Department
The specimen is dominated by a 3.5cm tabular metallic grey crystal of Bournonite on a mixed sulphite/quartz
Glaucodot with Alloclasite
 King Tut deposit, La Rioja
Two cut specimens of complex intergrowths of Glaucodot with Alloclasite, Native Gold and Cobaltite from
 Pirquitas Ag-Sn Deposit, Jujuy
A complex intergrowth of several sulphide species including Pirquitasite, Cylindrite, Franckeite,
Argyrodite with Diaphorite
 Colquechaca, Bolivia
Crystalline Argyrodite with Diaphorite and Sphalerite from the Colquechaca area in Bolivia. The specimen
Suredaite with Sphalerite
 Oploca Vein System (Oploca mine), Jujuy
A vein section of metallic grey Suredaite with successive veins of Sphalerite from the Oploca Mine,
Zinkenite with Andorite
 San José Mine, Oruro Department
Two plume-like developments of metallic silvery-grey Zinkenite sit at the centre of the specimen on a mixed
Andorite with Zinkenite
 San José Mine, Oruro Department
Thickly bladed crystals of Andorite with divergent acicular crystals of Zinkenite from the San José Mine,
 Oploca Vein System (Oploca mine), Jujuy
Micro-metallic grey-black crystals of Matildite are associated with Tellurian Canfieldite, Freibergite
Galena with Sphalerite
 Classic cubic crystals of metallic grey Galena to 2.2cm with some modifications associated with
Ferroselite with Umangite and Klockmannite.
 A mixture of mostly Umangite with spots of Ferroselite and rare Klockmannite, and green Malachite
Hocartite with Rhodostannite
 Oploca Mine, Jujuy
A complex mixture of Hocartite with Rhodostannite, Cassiterite, Ferberite and Sphalerite, from the Oploca
 Itos Mine, Oruro Department
Bladed metallic grey crystals of Andorite in parallel growth measuring overall to 5.7cm from the Itos
Pavonite with Benjaminite
 Pirquitas Ag-Sn Deposit, Jujuy
A complex mixture of Pavonite with Benjaminite, Bismuthinite, Tetradymite and Canfieldite. From the
 Cacheuta Mine, Mendoza
 Silvery-yellow metallic Clausthalite with blue probable Chalcomenite from the Cacheuta Mine, Argentina.
 Oploca Vein System (Oploca mine), Jujuy
A rare complex example of Matildite with Tellurian Canfieldite' Freibergite, Miargyrite, and Pyrargyrite. From
 Pirquitas Ag-Sn Deposit, Jujuy
 A complex mixture of several metallic sulphides including Hocartite, Piquitasite, Cylindrite,
 Pirquitas Ag-Sn Deposit, Jujuy
Two rare cut specimens of micro metallic grey Benjaminite with Pyrite from the Pirquitas Ag-Sn Deposit,
 Galena, Quartz with Fluorite
 Rotherhope Fell Mine, England
Bright silvery-grey crystals of intergrown Galena measuring to 3.5cm with purple Fluorite, are both overgrown
Stannite with Andorite, Arsenopyrite
 San Germán mine, Potosí Department
Crystals of Stannite are intergrown with Andorite, Arsenopyrite and Pyrite from the San Germán Mine, Bolivia.
Ferroselite with Umangite and Malachite
 Metallic dark grey areas of Umangite are sparsely associated with rare metallic bronze spots
 Blackdene Mine, County Durham
 A bright metallic yellow specimen of intergrown Pyrite crystals measuring to 1.4cm on a
 Levant Mine, England
A rich intergrown crystal carpet of bright metallic grey Chalcocite with red-brown 'Limonite' from the Levant