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Uvarovite Garnet
 Outokumpu, Eastern Finland Region
This most attractive miniature of Uvarovite, a calcium and chrome bearing species of Garnet, is from the area
 Khibiny Massif, Northern Region
Villiaumite is a rare sodium fluoride (NaF) and is one of those minerals always considered amongst collectors
 West Fork Mine, Missouri
I’ve seen and handled many a Galena cube in my time, but my-oh-my, this is one mighty beauty! Dare I say it
Creedite with Fluorite
 Navidad Mine, Mexico
Creedite, a calcium aluminium sulphate fluoro-hydroxide, forms a magnificent, near-complete spherical ball of
Epidote with Quartz
 Tormiq valley, Gilgit-Baltistan
A beautiful example of well crystallised Epidote and Quartz from the Tormiq Valley in the Gilgit-Baltistan
Sphalerite with Baryte and Fluorite
 Elmwood Mine, USA
Wow, what a fabulous and very different cabinet specimen! A hedgehog-like dome of radiating, lustrous
Rhodochrosite with Quartz
 Uchucchacua Mine, Peru
A super example of Rhodochrosite with Quartz from the world famous Uchucchacua mine in Lima Department, Peru.
Spinel with Chondrodite and Muscovite in Calcite
 Edenville, New York
An interesting miniature from an interesting and rare locality. Edenville-Town of Warwick is a roughly
Hubeite on Quartz
 Fengjiashan Mine, Hubei Province
This small cabinet specimen has a rich coverage of the calcium-manganese sorosilicate Hubeite over a divergent
Wulfenite, Calcite and Duftite on a Dolomite cast
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
A tubular cast of pinkish-cream Dolomite forms a complete hollow tunnel which allows daylight to pass through
 Uranium Mine No. 21 (Shaft No. 21), Bohemia (Böhmen; Boehmen)
Calcite is famous for producing almost countless habits, but this specimen even catches the breath of a
 Asprieres, France
A delightful, large cabinet specimen of Pyromorphite from Asprières in the Occitanie Region of France
Baryte with Quartz and Calcite
 Gyongyosoroszi, Hungary
This combination of Baryte with Quartz and Calcite entirely covers a thin plate of carbonate matrix from
Galena with Siderite
 Neudorf, Germany
A bright and highly reflective, silver cuboctahedral crystal of Galena nestles in a bed of magnificent golden
 Uranium Mine No. 21 (Shaft No. 21), Bohemia (Böhmen; Boehmen)
Dyscrasite is a rare silver antimonide and this is a truly magnificent example of the species. From Uranium
Quartz var. Eisenkiesel
 Wölsendorf Fluorite Mining District, Bavaria
A spectacular flat plate of lustrous glassy Quartz crystals of the variety Eisenkiesel, partly coated and
Proustite on Calcite
 Schlema, Germany
An excellent miniature of gemmy, ruby-red Proustite on crystals of translucent Calcite from the
 Schneckenstein Cliff, Germany
Light lemon yellow prismatic crystals of Topaz to 1.5 cm richly sit on top of a partly banded, light and dark
Wulfenite with Siderite
 Pribram, Czech Republic
A striking cluster of bicoloured Wulfenite crystals from the Příbram mining district in the Czech Republic.
Quartz With Pyrite and Siderite
 Panasqueira Mine, Portugal
A majestic and sparkling pair of colourless transparent to translucent Quartz crystals (the largest 11 cm
 La Farola Mine, Chile
A superbly crystallised Atacamite from La Farola mine, located on the lofty slopes of Cerro Pintado, a
 Yaogangxian Mine, China
One of the many joys of mineralogy is, should you ever think you have witnessed every possible variant of a
Siderite and Baryte with Pyrrhotite and Quartz
 Morro Velho Mine, Brazil
This fabulous large cabinet specimen of beautifully crystallised golden tan Siderite and Baryte with
Hematite with Andradite Garnet
 Wessels Mine, South Africa
Wowsers! What a truly remarkable and astonishing large cabinet specimen of wonderfully crystallised metallic
Native Sulphur
 Gaurdak basin, Lebap
This terrific example of well crystallised Native Sulphur is from a rarely encountered locality in the Gaurdak
Tourmaline with Quartz
 Power's Farm, New York
Without any shadow of doubt, this small cabinet specimen has to be termed a classic; black Tourmaline crystals
 Chiurucu Mine, Peru
This excellent small cabinet/large miniature is composed from blades of rich candy pink Rhodonite forming
Hedenbergite with Sepiolite
 Nikolaevskiy Mine, Russia
Hedenbergite, a calcium-iron silicate, produces some of its best crystalised specimens in the Nikolaevskiy
Clausthalite with Siderite
 Eskaborn Adit, Saxony-Anhalt
If this specimen of Clausthalite with Siderite were featuring in one of our occasional ‘Beauty and The Beast’
 Hilton Mine, England
Fluorite from Hilton mine in Scordale, Cumbria, is a collector’s favourite, due to it classic yellow colour
 Pucher Shaft, Germany
Hundreds of sub-millimetre Pucherite crystals cover the top surface of a heavy grey matrix. This specimen is
 Saint-Georges-les-Bains, France
The only mineral species reported from the ore deposit at Saint-Georges-les-Bains at Tournon-sur-Rhône in
Grossular Garnet with Diopside and Clinochlore
 Ala Valley, Piedmont
A rich small cabinet specimen of intergrown, highly gemmy, burnt apricot orange Grossular Garnet crystals
 Alexander Shaft (Alexander Mine), Bohemia
A rare and characteristic specimen of the silver-copper sulphide Stromeyerite from the Alexander mines at
 Wanni Glacier, Switzerland
A very fine example of the rare calcium iron arsenite Cafarsite from its type locality at the Wanni Glacier in
Quartz var. Citrine
 Masca Băişoara, Cluj Co.
A most attractive small cabinet specimen of deep, golden honey yellow Citrine Quartz crystals measuring to 2.7
Linnaeite with Millerite, Chalcopyrite and Galena
 Jungfer Mine, North Rhine-Westphalia
A fine polymetallic specimen of Linnaeite with Millerite, Chalcopyrite and Galena from the Jungfer mine at
Hematite after Ilmenite in Lizardite
 Dypingdal Serpentine-magnesite deposit, Buskerud
A rare specimen of well-developed Ilmenite crystals measuring to 4 cm, now replaced by Hematite. The Hematite
Sphalerite with Quartz, Galena and Calcite on Pyrrhotite
 Dal'negorsk, Far-Eastern Region
Jeepers creepers! What an amazing and rather stunning specimen of Sphalerite capping a horizontal base of
 Wessels Mine, South Africa
Kutnohorite is perhaps one of the strangest looking of all minerals, more organic than mineral in structure
Azurite with Malachite
 Bou Bekker, Oriental Region
The Bou Bekker mines at Touissit lie at the extreme eastern periphery of Morocco, at most only 2 km from the
Heterogenite with Malachite
 L'Etoile du Congo Mine, Katanga Copper Crescent
This showy cabinet specimen of beautifully crystallised Heterogenite and Malachite is from the L'Etoile du
 Altyn-Tyube, Karagandy Province
A fine large miniature Dioptase from its type locality at Altyn-Tyube in Karagandy Province, Kazakhstan, the
 Casapalca, Lima Department
This showy and quite splendid cabinet specimen of Tetrahedrite is most likely from the actual Casapalca mine
 Shizhuyuan Mine, Hunan
An equant dodecahedral Sphalerite crystal measuring 1.3 cm in diameter sits at the centre of a undulating
Epidote with Quartz
 Green Monster Mountain, USA
A monster Epidote crystal from Green Monster Mountain! This well-known locality on Prince of Wales Island,
 Trebsko, Czech Republic
Micro-crystals of the rare silver-arsenic sulphosalt Xanthoconite form tiny clusters of orange-red to
Agardite with Malachite
 Kamariza Mines, Greece
A rusty coloured limonitic matrix, so typical of the Kamariza mines around and beneath the town of Agios