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 Broken Hill, Australia
Lustrous crystals of Bustamite with Calcite and Galena from the Broken Hill Ore-body, NSW. The Bustamite forms
 Uchucchacua Mine, Peru
A super example from the famous location in Peru with a single rhombic crystal 2cm across beautifully perched
 N'Chwaning Mines, South Africa
The N'Chwaning Mine in Southern Africa produced some of the worlds finest mineral specimens in the 1980’s with
Cobaltoan Dolomite
 Kakanda Deposit, DR Congo (Zaire)
Rhombic deep pink dolomite crystals to over 1cm coating the whole matrix.  The cobaltoan dolomite from
Fluorite with Fluorapatite and Cassiterite on Quartz
 Greifenstein Rocks, Germany
Wow I love this little specimen!! This is a single well-formed quartz crystal 6cm in length very prettily
Calcite with Quartz and Dolomite
 Příbram District, Czech Republic
Příbram produced a myriad of wonderful calcite habits and varieties over its centuries of operation and this
Tourmaline var. Rubellite
 Malkhan Pegmatite Field, Russia
A doubly terminated rubellite crystal from the famous Malkhan Gem Field in Russia.  The crystal is well
 Egremont, England
The Egremont Orefield is well known for its production of fine calcite specimens over the last few hundred
Rhodochrosite with Quartz
 Madan Ore Field, Bulgaria
Super pretty cabinet display specimen from Bulgaria.  The deep pink rhodochrosite richly invests the
Quartz on Amethyst
Over the years I have seen hundreds of these, but this is the first good one we have ever had from this
Quartz on Rhodochrosite
 Roata Mine, Maramureș Co.
A cool rock! The main feature of this specimen is the 4cm well formed quartz crystal that protrudes
 Phoenix Mine, Michigan
A fabulous single analcime crystal set on top of the matrix from the classic Phoenix Mine in the Keweenaw
Cobaltoan Calcite
 Bou Azzer District, Drâa-Tafilalet Region
Pink rocks are us!  This is a super little pink, pink, pink display specimen 6cm across with bright
Cobaltoan Smithsonite
 Tsumeb, Namibia
Beautiful small miniature smithsonite from Tsumeb with deep pink rounded crystals of cobaltoan smithsonite
Cobaltoan Smithsonite
 Tsumeb, Namibia
Wow a real little cracker! Large cobaltoan smithsonite crystals to over 1cm forming the whole specimen. 
Cobaltoan Dolomite
 Tsumeb Mine, Oshikoto Region (Otjikoto Region)
I am not sure exactly what that the dolomite is pseudomorphing but it has formed a hollow cast of a well
Cobaltoan Smithsonite
 Tsumeb Mine, Oshikoto Region (Otjikoto Region)
This is a super little toenail sized group of cobaltoan smithsonite crystals that have intergrown to form this
 Banská Štiavnica (Schemnitz), Banská Bystrica Region
Typical of the Banská Štiavnica deposit in Slovakia this is a well coloured small cabinet specimen with light
 Jakobsglück Mine, Lower Saxony
A rare silver halide mined in the early 1800’s from a small mine in St. Andreasberg, Germany.  The old
Cerussite with Quartz on Galena
 Stribro, Czech Republic
One of the most classics European mineral finds in the 19th Century was the find of cerussite crystals growing
 Lubietova (Libethen), Slovakia
A libethenite from the type locality in Slovakia dating from the mid 1800’s.  This rich little specimen
Smoky Sceptre Quartz
 Dolni Bory, Czech Republic
A great specimen for the location, it is hard to get a decent cabinet quartz sceptre from here and this is
Pyrite on Quartz
 Příbram District, Czech Republic
This is a very pretty old specimen from the silver mining district of Příbram in the Czech Republic.  The
Fluorite and Baryte
 Vosges, Grand Est
An interesting location fluorite tough to get from Vosges in France.  Pale mauve fluorite crystals to 4mm
Calcite and Pyrite
 Vrančice, Central Bohemian Region
A well-formed cluster of ferruginous calcite scalenohedrons prettily scatters over with golden pyrite
Nagyágite with Rhodochrosite on Quartz
 Săcărâmb, Hunedoara Co.
This is a rare combination specimen with black lustrous nagyagite crystals poking through a rhodochrosite
 Virneberg Mine, Germany
The ancient handwritten labels with this specimen detail the blue crystals to be phosphate copper ore are
Pyromorphite on Baryte
 Heilige Dreifaltigkeit Mine, Germany
The Zschopau Mine in Erzgebirge in Germany was a prolific producer of pyromorphite of may forms.  This
Hematite with Rutile
 Cavradi gorge, Grischun (Grisons; Graubünden)
A complex intergrown group of platy hematite crystals from the famous Cavradi Gorge in the Swiss Alps. 
Meteorite (Chondrite)
  Pultusk meteorite, Mazowieckie
A historic meteorite from the Pułtusk Fall in Poland which was recorded on 30th January 1868.  A lovely
 Trepca Complex, Kosovo
A cool vivianite crystal with a kink halfway along the A axis of the crystal resulting in a really interesting
 Huelgoat, France
The ancient handwritten label with this specimen dates from the early 1800’s when this old lead/silver mine
Tetrahedrite with Calcite
 Cavnic, Romania
Dark grey black striated crystals to over a centimetre contrast nicely with the white calcite crystal
Gypsum on Calcite
 Gyöngyösoroszi, Heves Co.
The Gyöngyösoroszi Mine in Hungary produced some lovely specimens in the few years it was worked including
 Les Farges Mine, France
A large cabinet display specimen of pyromorphite from the famous Les Farges Mine in France.  This
 Hilton Mine, England
A pale yellow fluorite crystal to almost 4cm across.  There is a very narrow dark band on the outer
 Wheal Gorland, England
Ah connellite!!  Every Cornish collectors’ favourite! This rich little specimen has abundant connellite
Native Bismuth
 Wheal Sparnon, England
The Wheal Sparon mine in now built over by Redruth town.  The mine was ancient and is well known for the
 Warden Point, Kent
A small perfect display specimen from the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, England.  The baryte here occurs in
 Stotfield Burn Mine, England
The Stotfield Burn Mine was a prolific producer of fluorite in its day but very few good specimens
 Dalmellington Mine, England
It is virtually impossible to get a small Dalmellington Mine baryte and this 5cm single crystal is a great
Mendipite with Plattnerite
 Torr Works Quarry, England
A very rich mendipite mass from the famous Merehead Quarry in Somerset, England.  It is tough to find a
 Wheal Gorland, England
 Cornwall, England
A very rich miniature sized specimen of this rare iron arsenate probably coming from Wheal Gorland in Gwennap,
Malachite on Baryte
 Ecton Mine, England
Collected in 1982 by John Jones in the Salts Level of Ecton Mine, this is a very rich example of an Ecton Mine
Cuprite var Chalcotrichite
 Wheal Phoenix, England
A rich little example of chalcotrichite probably from Wheal Phoenix.  It is interesting to see the
Fluorite with Calcite
 Wheal Mary Ann, England
A classic example of fluorite with calcite dating from the late 1800’s working of the Wheal Mary Ann . 
Fluorite with Baryte
 Hilton Mine, England
This rare combination of fluorite twins a cockscomb baryte from the Hilton Mine is a sweet little display