Classic Minerals

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Quartz var Amethyst
 Amatitlan, Mexico
A particularly aesthetic specimen of Amethyst crystals from the Amatitlán area in Mexico. The specimen
Andradite on Hematite
 Wessels Mine, South Africa
A fine sparkling crystal druse of red-brown Andradite completely covers crystals of Hematite measuring to
Rhodochrosite on Quartz
 Cavnic, Romania
Baby pink lustrous botryoidal to crystal rosettes of platy Rhodochrosite crystals intergrown over a druse of
 Mowbray Mine, England
A fine intergrown crystal group of classic west Cumbrian Baryte. Well formed lustrous crystals of Baryte
 Pohla, Germany
A very fine specimen of Pohla, Germany area Baryte crystals measuring to 7.3cm, thick tabular double
 St Ives Consols, England
A super specimen of Chalcocite from the St. Ives Consolidated Mines, Cornwall. Metallic dark grey lustrous
 Phoenix United Mine, England
A neat specimen of a Cornish classic variety Andrewsite as green intergrown minutely crystallised
Native Silver
 Tamdrost Mine, Morocco
An excellent Native Silver crystal specimen from the recent find at the Tamdrost Mine, Morocco. Arborescent
 Tunaberg, Sweden
A well-developed crystal of Cobaltite sits atop the specimen from Tunaberg, Sweden. The metallic
Serandite with Polylithionite
 Mont Saint-Hilaire, Canada
A super specimen of fine light salmon pink Serandite with a well formed silvery white rosette of
 Egremont, Cumbria
A classic specimen of 'nail head' prismatic Calcite crystals from the Egremont iron mining area west Cumbria.
 Wheal Phoenix, England
An excellent crystal specimen of well-formed Cuprite crystals on Goethite covering a Quartz veinstone from
Grossular with Diopside and Chlorite
 Mussa Alp, Italy
Intergrown well formed translucent orange-brown crystals of Grossular Garnet measuring to around 4mm,
Smoky Quartz with Epidote and Feldspar
 Strzegom, Poland
A great crystal specimen of well-formed dark smoky Quartz measuring to nearly 5cm tall from
 Clara Mine, Germany
Colourless gemmy Fluorite forming a stepped tower of crystals developed from a large blocky Fluorite crystal,
Quartz Var Eisenkiesel on Hematite
 Cleator Moor, England
Classic sparkling orange-red crystals of Hematite included Quartz are intergrown in on a bowl of cross-fibrous
Calcite Butterfly Twins
 Bigrigg Mine, England
Quite a rare specimen from the Bigrigg Mine, Cumbria. The vast majority crystal specimens of Butterfly twin
Wulfenite on Dolomite Cast
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
Classic pink (Cobaltoan) Dolomite epimorphic cast forming ridges after probable Calcite crystals, with a neat
 Daoping Mine, China
A fine intergrown crystal specimen of Pyromorphite from the find made a few years ago at the Daoping Mine,
 Friedrichssegen Mine, Germany
A super crystal specimen of lustrous Pyromorphite from the Friedrichssegen Mine, Germany. Excellent light
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
A fine rich old-time substantial specimen of Azurite crystals from the Tsumeb Mine, Namibia. Lustrous
 Torr Works Quarry, England
A rare specimen of Paralaurionite from Torr Works Quarry (Merehead Quarry), Somerset. Canary Yellow
Cobaltoan Smithsonite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
A super specimen of richly intergrown crystals of Cobaltoan Smithsonite from the Tsumeb Mine, Namibia.
Manganoan Smithsonite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
A great display of light pink well-formed crystals of Manganoan Smithsonite from the Tsumeb Mine, Namibia.
Dioptase on Plancheite on Calcite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
Beautiful emerald green lustrous crystals of classic Dioptase, on Plancheite from the Tsumeb Mine, Namibia.
Pyromorphite on Baryte
 Les Farges Mine, France
A fine display of Pyromorphite from Les Farges Mine, Ussel, France. Slender prismatic crystals of Pyromorphite
 Mont-Roc Mine, Midi-Pyrénées
Classic blue gemmy-translucent intergrown crystals of Fluorite from the Mont-Roc Mine, France, measuring to
Sphalerite Arsenopyrite with Calcite and Rhodochrosite
 Trepca Complex, Kosovo
A classic specimen from the Trepča orebody complex in Kosovo. Very lustrous black crystals of twinned
 Frisch Glück adit (Adit 134), Saxony
A fine specimen of sharply developed cubic Fluorite crystals measuring to 2cm on edge in a rich intergrown
 Les Farges Mine, France
Classic lustrous thickly intergrown Pyromorphite crystals measuring to 1.3cm, from the Les Farges Mine,
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
A pleasingly neat lustrous crystal specimen of royal blue Azurite with translucent blue areas from the Tsumeb
Calcite on Amethyst
 Karolytaro, Hungary
An excellent display of scalenohedral Calcite crystals on Amethyst crystals from Gyöngyösoroszi,
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
A fine divergent array of bladed Scorodite crystals from the Tsumeb Mine, Namibia. Crystals of Scorodite
Elbaite Tourmaline
 Manoel Mutuca Mine, Minas Gerais
A fine display of gemmy-translucent green Elbaite Tourmaline with a slight bluish cast from the Manoel
Almandine on Muscovite
 Hensons Creek Mine, North Carolina
A fine intergrowth of well-formed Almandine Garnet crystals measuring to 1.4cm sit in an L-shaped formation of
Beryl var Aquamarine
 Fano Mine, California
A well formed gemmy crystal of Aquamarine measures to 2.4cm sits amongst intergrown rounded crystals of
Proustite on Calcite
 Měděnec (Kupferberg), Bohemia (Böhmen; Boehmen)
A neat divergent group of Proustite crystals measuring overall to 2cm sits amongst a druse of lenticular
 Masua, Italy
A pleasing stalactitic section of banded depositional Smithsonite from Masua, Sardinia, Italy. The
Corundum var Ruby
 Mysore District, India
A neatly displayed crystal of hexagonal Corundum variety Ruby from the classic Indian location of Mysore
Native Gold
 Brusson Mine, Aosta Valley
An uncommon specimen of Italian Native Gold from the Brusson Mine. Essentially three main areas of
Fluorite on Quartz
 Llamas Quarry, Asturias
A neat display of gemmy light purple Fluorite crystals scattered and clustered over a white druse of
 De'an fluorite mine, Jiangxi Province
A pleasing display of intergrown cubooctahedral Fluorite crystals measuring to around 2cm with a fine
Malachite Pseudomorph after Azurite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
Excellent specimen of sharply replaced bladed crystals of Azurite by Malachite from the Tsumeb Mine, Namibia.
Fluorite on Baryte
 Taourirt, Oriental Region
Particularly sharply formed purple crystals of Fluorite measuring to 1.6cm on edge, also show some stepped
 Pingtouling Mine, Guangdong Province
Richly intergrown lustrous crystals of Mimetite measuring to 1cm display stepped parallel habit with hexagonal
 Cryo-Genie Mine, California
An excellent double terminated tapering pink and light green crystal of Tourmaline from the Cryo-Genie Mine,
 Paprok, Afghanistan
A substantial pink coloured translucent-gemmy Tourmaline has a light blue zone grading into a colourless
 Congreso-León Mine, Chihuahua
Classic Mimetite from the Congreso-León Mine, San Pedro, Mexico. Botryoidal yellow Mimetite covers the display