Classic Minerals

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Galena Pseudomorph After Pyromorphite
A choice cabinet specimen of Galena partly pseudomorphing blocky-tabular hexagonal Pyromorphite crystals, each
A particularly fine large aesthetic crystal specimen of Marcasite from the Vintířov lignite mining area in the
 Friedrichssegen Mine, Germany
An antique specimen of very classic Pyromorphite from the Friedrichssegen Mine, Bad Ems, Germany. Crystals of
Beryl variety Emerald
 Habach Valley, Austria
Five richly coloured emerald green translucent well developed Emerald crystals measuring to 9mm are pleasingly
 Wolf Mine, Germany
A fine classic specimen of Rhodochrosite from the Wolf Mine, Herdorf, Germany. Excellent crystals of
Galena Pseudomorph after Pyromorphite
A classic specimen of relatively large intergrown Pyromorphite crystals to 2.2cm
Tourmaline with Lepidolite and Albite
 Cruzeiro Mine, Brazil
A classic Tourmaline combination specimen with Lepidolite and Albite from the well known Cruzeiro Mine,
Elbaite Tourmaline
 Paprok, Afghanistan
A neat tri-coloured gem crystal of Elbaite Tourmaline measuring to 5.2cm tall with a crystal in parallel
Smithsonite with Aurichalcite
 Kelly Mine, USA
Classic small cabinet specimen of pearly lustrous translucent blue Smithsonite overlaying light blue-green
Rhodochrosite with Fluorite
 Uchucchacua Mine, Peru
A great specimen displaying excellent lustrous deep red-pink scalenohedral crystals of Rhodochrosite measuring
Native Gold
 Rosia Montana, Romania
A very rich crystal specimen of bright metallic yellow Native Gold forming arborescent areas to 3cm by 2cm on
Chromium enriched Grossular with Diopside.
 Jeffrey Mine, Canada
A super specimen of lustrous gemmy-translucent chrome green crystals of Grossular Garnet measuring to 3mm, are
 Luishia Mine, Katanga (Shaba)
A very pleasing specimen of Malachite in the form reminiscent of Bracket Coral Fungus, from the
Clinoclase with Liroconite
 Wheal Gorland, England
A super specimen of two classic Wheal Gorland minerals. The specimen depicting a large 14mm acorn of
 Hilton Mine, England
A very characteristic specimen of Dow Scar Replacement Flats Hilton Mine, Cumbria a specimen from the
 Hilton Mine, England
A classic very aesthetic Hilton Mine Fluorite from the Dow Scar Replacement Flats, the specimen displaying two
Cuprite with Malachite
 Mashamba West Mine, DR Congo (Zaire)
A fine aesthetic specimen of a bright lustrous maroon-red Cuprite crystal measuring to 1.5cm predominately
 Mt Narba Mine, Sardinia
Bright metallic silver coloured crystals of Ullmannite measuring to 8mm display from the etched enclosing
 Baishiding Mine, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
A rich specimen displaying well-defined lustrous intergrown crystals of blue Scorodite measuring to 6mm
Clinoclase with Malachite and Azurite
 Mammoth Mine, USA
A remarkable specimen of rich dark blue lustrous crystalline balls and crystals of Clinoclase with botryoidal
 Bunker Hill Mine, USA
A fine specimen of Bunker Hill Mine Pyromorphite crystals are abundantly intergrown displaying classic
Diamond in Kimberlite
 Udachnaya-Vostochnaya Pipe, Russia
A natural lustrous colourless diamond measuring to 4mm+ displaying triangular stepped faces in a grey-black
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
A super rich specimen of pearly lustred Leiteite from the Tsumeb Mine, Namibia. The specimen displaying
Vesuvianite with Grossular and Diopside
 Bellecombe, Italy
A delightful specimen of a neat rod-like prismatic lustrous crystal of Vesuvianite measuring to 2.3cm tall
 Botești, Alba Co.
A fine richly adorned miniature specimen of the rare silver telluride Hessite from Botești, Romania, by far
Tourmaline with Albite
 Stak Nala, Pakistan
A neat pleasing parallel stepped group of Tourmaline crystals with well-developed platy crystals of Albite
Mimetite var Campylite
 Dry Gill Mine, England
Class burnt orange crystal specimen of Campylite from the Dry Gill Mine, Caldbeck, Cumbria. Excellent
Andradite on Hematite
 Wessels Mine, South Africa
A fine sparkling crystal druse of red-brown Andradite completely covers crystals of Hematite measuring to
Rhodochrosite on Quartz
 Cavnic, Romania
Baby pink lustrous botryoidal to crystal rosettes of platy Rhodochrosite crystals intergrown over a druse of
 Mowbray Mine, England
A fine intergrown crystal group of classic west Cumbrian Baryte. Well formed lustrous crystals of Baryte
 Pohla, Germany
A very fine specimen of Pohla, Germany area Baryte crystals measuring to 7.3cm, thick tabular double
 St Ives Consols, England
A super specimen of Chalcocite from the St. Ives Consolidated Mines, Cornwall. Metallic dark grey lustrous
 Phoenix United Mine, England
A neat specimen of a Cornish classic variety Andrewsite as green intergrown minutely crystallised
Native Silver
 Tamdrost Mine, Morocco
An excellent Native Silver crystal specimen from the recent find at the Tamdrost Mine, Morocco. Arborescent
 Tunaberg, Sweden
A well-developed crystal of Cobaltite sits atop the specimen from Tunaberg, Sweden. The metallic
Serandite with Polylithionite
 Mont Saint-Hilaire, Canada
A super specimen of fine light salmon pink Serandite with a well formed silvery white rosette of
 Wheal Phoenix, England
An excellent crystal specimen of well-formed Cuprite crystals on Goethite covering a Quartz veinstone from
Grossular with Diopside and Chlorite
 Mussa Alp, Italy
Intergrown well formed translucent orange-brown crystals of Grossular Garnet measuring to around 4mm,
Smoky Quartz with Epidote and Feldspar
 Strzegom, Poland
A great crystal specimen of well-formed dark smoky Quartz measuring to nearly 5cm tall from
 Clara Mine, Germany
Colourless gemmy Fluorite forming a stepped tower of crystals developed from a large blocky Fluorite crystal,
Quartz Var Eisenkiesel on Hematite
 Cleator Moor, England
Classic sparkling orange-red crystals of Hematite included Quartz are intergrown in on a bowl of cross-fibrous
Calcite Butterfly Twins
 Bigrigg Mine, England
Quite a rare specimen from the Bigrigg Mine, Cumbria. The vast majority crystal specimens of Butterfly twin
Wulfenite on Dolomite Cast
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
Classic pink (Cobaltoan) Dolomite epimorphic cast forming ridges after probable Calcite crystals, with a neat
 Daoping Mine, China
A fine intergrown crystal specimen of Pyromorphite from the find made a few years ago at the Daoping Mine,
 Friedrichssegen Mine, Germany
A super crystal specimen of lustrous Pyromorphite from the Friedrichssegen Mine, Germany. Excellent light
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
A fine rich old-time substantial specimen of Azurite crystals from the Tsumeb Mine, Namibia. Lustrous
Cobaltoan Smithsonite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
A super specimen of richly intergrown crystals of Cobaltoan Smithsonite from the Tsumeb Mine, Namibia.
Manganoan Smithsonite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
A great display of light pink well-formed crystals of Manganoan Smithsonite from the Tsumeb Mine, Namibia.