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 Broken Hill Mine, Australia
A beautiful sparkling specimen of Smithsonite from the Broken Hill mining district in New South Wales,
 Saint-Pierre-de-Mesage, France
Siderites from the area around Vizille in France are some of the most outstanding examples of the species in
 Capelinha, Brazil
Sharply twinned lustrous crystals of gemmy-translucent Titanite measure to 2 cm from Capelinha in Minas
 El Paso Co, USA
This specimen is probably from St Peters Dome in the Cheyenne District of El Paso County, Colorado and
 Carn Brea Mine, England
An excellent cabinet specimen whose top surface is entirely covered with lustrous, dark blue tinted Bornite
Quartz Var Smoky on Feldspar
 Mourne Mountains, Northern Ireland
A pretty cluster of deep Smoky Quartz crystals to 16 mm, nestled in a coarse Feldspar and Quartz granite
 New Glencrieff Mine, Scotland
Well formed translucent off-white scalenohedral crystals of Calcite measuring to 3.7 cm, are scattered and
 Prince Of Wales Island, USA
A fine deep olive-green crystal of Epidote displays in a prominent position on the specimen, from Prince of
 Los Lamentos, Mexico
Fine bright zoned apricot-orange to mildly burnt-orange crystals of Wulfenite, from the Los Lamentos area in
 Elmwood Mine, USA
The Elmwood mine at Carthage in Tennessee, USA, is one of those localities that every mineral collector is
 Erongo Mountains, Namibia
A first-class miniature cluster of superbly developed Topaz crystals from the Erongo Mountains in 
 Mashamba West Mine, DR Congo (Zaire)
Without doubt this specimen has to be described as a showstopper!  I have looked at many Cuprites over
 St Andreasberg, Germany
A fine, large, sharply formed Calcite with near pseudohexagonal habit on Galena from the famous St.
Azurite With Malachite and Cerussite
 Broken Hill, Australia
An impressive combination of three carbonate minerals from the oxidation zone of the Broken Hill orebody in
Pyromorphite on Quartz
 Roughton Gill Mine, England
A druse of translucent Quartz crystals, measuring to 5 mm, have a brown iron oxide coating that creates a
Native Gold
 Jílové Gold mining District, Bohemia
A section of Quartz vein with two distinct yellow patches of micro-crystalline Native Gold from the historical
Fluorapatite on Albite
 Sapo Mine, Brazil
A matrix of silky, near white Albite in sheaf-like crystal aggregates to 8 mm provides a fine matrix for the
Andradite on Hematite
 Wessels Mine, South Africa
A fine sparkling crystal druse of red-brown Andradite completely covers crystals of Hematite measuring to
Rhodochrosite with Calcite and Pyrite
 Trepca Complex, Kosovo
Intergrown rounded rhombic crystal clusters of Rhodochrosite form the major areas on the display face of the
Mimetite var Campylite
 Dry Gill Mine, England
Classic burnt orange to yellow intergrown barrel habit crystals of Mimetite variety Campylite from the Dry
 Bor Mine, Bor District
Metallic grey prismatic crystals of Enargite from the Bor Mine, Serbia. Crystals of Enargite measure to over
 Frisch Glück adit (Adit 134), Saxony
A fine specimen of sharply developed cubic Fluorite crystals measuring to 2cm on edge in a rich intergrown
Native Gold on Quartz
 Fata Baii, Romania
Bright metallic intergrown wire and leaf Native Gold in areas to 1.2cm on crystals of Quartz with Galena and
Calcite on Dolomite
 Trepca Complex, Kosovo
A well-formed ball of white Calcite measuring to 3.2cm sits aesthetically on intergrown rhombic crystals of
Fluorite on Baryte
 Taourirt, Oriental Region
Particularly sharply formed purple crystals of Fluorite measuring to 1.6cm on edge, also show some stepped
 Tsumeb Mine, Oshikoto Region (Otjikoto Region)
Lustrous crystals of Smithsonite measuring to 2.3cm adorn the specimen from the Tsumeb Mine, Namibia.
 Proprietary Mine, Australia
Rich orange crystals of Stolzite are seen aggregated and scattered over a black-brown Goethite gossan from the
 Tsumeb Mine, Oshikoto Region (Otjikoto Region)
An excellent botryoidal translucent yellow-sandy fawn coloured Smithsonite from the Tsumeb Mine, Namibia. The
Elbaite Tourmaline
 Paprok, Afghanistan
A very pleasing aesthetic display of parallel slightly diverging prismatic terminated crystals of Elbaite
 Magnesite deposit, Styria
A neat lustrous open array of translucent white Strontianite crystals displaying abundant parallel growth in
 El Hammam Mine, Meknès-Tafilalet Region
A large cabinet specimen of gemmy-translucent intergrown crystals of Fluorite from the El Hammam Mine,
 Wheal Alfred, England
A neat thumbnail specimen of intergrown lustrous Pyromorphite crystals from the classic location of Wheal
Pyromorphite on Quartz
 Bwlch Glas Mine, Wales
A substantial specimen of Pyromorphite from the Quartz pipe in the shallow adit at Bwlch Glas Mine near
 Heights Mine, England
Excellent double crystal stack of green Height's Mine Fluorite displaying the daylight fluorescents to
Baryte on Chalcopyrite
 Mount Wellington Mine, England
Distinctive crystals of Baryte on Chalcopyrite from the Mount Wellington Mine, Gwennap, Cornwall. Crystals of
Baryte on Dolomite
 Egremont, Cumbria
Classic blue crystals of double terminated Baryte on Dolomite from the Iron mining area at Egremont, Cumbria.
Cuprite with Cuprian Smithsonite
 Tsumeb Mine, Oshikoto Region (Otjikoto Region)
Intergrown maroon-red crystals of Cuprite form a cluster mostly displaying octahedral habit measuring to
 Daymer Bay, England
A single well-formed tabular crystal sits neatly on a Quart-Killas matrix, the gemmy crystal of Phosgenite
 Heights Mine, England
Excellent well formed mostly interpenetrant twin crystals of Fluorite from Heights Mine, Weardale,
 Cambokeels Mine, England
A very fine and large Fluorite crystal specimen from Cambokeels Mine, Weardale, Co Durham. Gemmy-translucent
 Gyongyosoroszi, Hungary
Well developed intergrown parallel crystal groups with sharply formed scalenohedral terminations of
Native Copper with Quartz
 Wheal Gorland, England
A neat crystallized specimen of Native Copper from Wheal Gorland, St. Day, Cornwall. Crystallized Native
 Proprietary Mine, Australia
Velvet luster dark green Botryoidal Malachite from the Proprietary Mine (Block 14), Broken Hill,
 Valec, Czech Republic
A fine specimen of this strange bubbly form of Opal from the classic location at Valeč, Doupov,
Raspite with Stolzite
 Proprietary Mine, Australia
Well formed crystals of the rare mineral Raspite are scattered over the specimen from the Proprietary
 Zupkov, Slovakia
A rare specimen of Tetradymite from the type location at Župkov, Slovakia. Trigonal crystals of metallic
 Pohla, Germany
Classically formed chisel habit crystals of Baryte measuring to 5.2cm with great lustrous faces, gemmy to
 Monte Somma, Campania
Very lustrous yellow to dark brown crystals of Vesuvianite measuring to 1.5cm abundantly intergrown in a