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Fluorite with Marcasite and Pyrite Inclusions
 Ladywash Mine, England
A fine small cabinet specimen of Fluorite from Ladywash mine at Eyam in Derbyshire, England. Intergrown
Hemimorphite on Baryte
 Golconda Mine, England
A very characteristic botryoidal Hemimorphite from the Golconda mine close to Brassington in Derbyshire,
Andrewsite (a mixture of Hentschelite-Rockbridgeite-Chalcosiderite)
 Wheal Phoenix, England
A rare and highly sought miniature specimen of Andrewsite from Phoenix United mine at Minions close to
Cassiterite on Bismuthinite
 Fowey Consols, England
A richly adorned large miniature of acicular metallic grey Bismuthinite crystals lining numerous cavities in a
 George and Charlotte Mine, England
A fine and beautiful cabinet specimen of classic George and Charlotte mine Childrenite.  Bright lustrous
Fluorite with Calcite
 Weardale, England
Translucent white Calcite crystals with a silky lustre are perched prettily on gemmy, deep purple twinned
Calcite (Butterfly twins)
 Ametista do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul
Beautiful butterfly twinned crystals of Calcite are delightfully scattered over a sparkling creamy druse of
 Nentsberry Haggs Mine, England
A fine and aesthetic stellate formation of bladed Barytocalcite crystals measuring to 4.7 cm from Nentsberry
Calcite with included Pyrite-Marcasite
 New Glencrieff Mine, Scotland
Intergrown scalenohedral crystals of Calcite measuring to 6 cm from the New Glencrieff mine at Wanlockhead,
 Wheal Phoenix, England
Light to deep olive-green acicular crystals of Olivenite richly invest an elongated triangular area on the
Beryl var. Morganite with Tourmaline
 Stewart Mine, USA
A single gemmy, very pale pink Morganite Beryl crystal measuring to 2.1 cm nestles in a bed of white bladed
Estherville Mesosiderite Meteorite (Stony-Iron)
 Estherville, USA
A rare small miniature Stony-Iron Meteorite from the observed fall on 10th May 1879, near to the town of
Spodumene Var Kunzite
 Vanderburg Mine, USA
A delightful gemmy pink crystal of Kunzite, the pink variety of Spodumene, from the Vanderberg mine in San
Quartz var. Sceptred Amethyst
 Piedra Parada, Mexico
This beautiful large miniature is dominated by a lustrous Amethyst Quartz Sceptre measuring to 4.1 cm tall,
Wulfenite with Vanadinite and Descloizite
 Erupcion Mine, Mexico
A very characteristic large miniature of Wulfenite from the famous Erupción mine in the Los Lamentos Mountains
Topaz on Quartz
 Dusso, Pakistan
A superbly formed, gemmy Topaz crystal from Dassu in the Braldu Valley of Gilgit, Northern Areas,
Beryl Var Emerald
 Swat District, Pakistan
A fine example of Emerald from the Swat Valley in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. The Emerald, a
Opal Var Hyalite With Fluorapatite Var Staffelite
 Valec, Czech Republic
A very characteristic fine small cabinet specimen of colourless and vitreous Opal of the variety
Malachite With Chrysocolla
 Kamoto Principal Mine, DR Congo (Zaire)
A fine specimen of Malachite on Chrysocolla from the copper rich mining area of Kolwezi in the Democratic
 Ratin Gabbas, Nigeria
A super gemmy single crystal of Topaz from the Ratin Gabbas area of Nigeria.  The Topaz crystal measures
 Cambokeels Mine, England
Three well developed interpenetrant Fluorite crystals from Cambokeels mine near Westgate in Weardale. 
 Greifenstein Rocks, Germany
A beautiful cabinet specimen of Fluorapatite from the Greifenstein Rocks near the town of Ehrenfriedersdorf in
Libethenite With Pseudomalachite
 Lubietova (Libethen), Slovakia
A fine combination specimen of two copper Phosphates from the classic Slovakian location of Ľubietová,
Libethenite With Pseudomalachite
 Lubietova (Libethen), Slovakia
A fine combination specimen of two copper Phosphates from the classic Slovakian location of Ľubietová,
Pyrargyrite on Quartz
 Hodruša-Hámre (Hodritsch), Banská Bystrica Region
An outstanding specimen of well-developed blocky crystallised Pyrargyrite from Hodruša-Hámre in the Banská
 Tsumeb Mine, Oshikoto Region (Otjikoto Region)
A fine cabinet display specimen of dark grey to black, coral-like Mottramite from the Tsumeb mine in Namibia.
Childrenite-Eosphorite on Orthoclase
 Paprok, Afghanistan
Substantial well-developed crystals of Childrenite-Eosphorite from the famous Paprok Pegmatite area in
Quartz Japan Law Twin
 Miyamoto Village, Japan
A beautifully formed, classic Japan Law twin Quartz from the old Japanese location of Miyamoto village in
Tourmaline on Muscovite
 Minh Tien Mine, Vietnam
An excellent, double terminated Tourmaline crystal exhibiting a rich pale candy to fuchsia pink colour with
 Krupskoye Deposit, Russia
A substantial and magnificent single crystal of Phenakite from the Krupskoye Emerald Deposit in the Middle
 Bor Mine, Bor District
Metallic silver-grey prismatic crystals of Enargite from the Bor mine in the Bor-Majdanpek Mining District of
 Zupkov, Slovakia
A rare specimen of Tetradymite from the type locality at Župkov in the Banská Bystrica Region of Slovakia.
Apatite with Albite and Muscovite
 Dolni Bory, Czech Republic
A well-formed translucent pale greenish-cream to zoned pastel bluish-green Apatite crystal measuring to 1.9 cm
Native Gold
 Brusson, Italy
A fine specimen of Native Gold on white vein Quartz from the alpine gold mining area of Brusson in the Aosta
 Mullwitz Aderl, Austria
Excellent twinned crystals of the calcium titanium nesosilicate Titanite from the Mullwitz Aderl in the
 Monteponi, Italy
A complex large crystal, almost 6 cm long, of glassy Phosgenite with a ferruginous matrix attached.  What
 Heights Mine, England
A fine interpenetrant twin Fluorite crystal aesthetically positioned on top of this miniature from Heights
Calcite (twin)
 Egremont, England
A very gemmy lustrous twinned Calcite crystal from the iron mining region around the town of Egremont in west
Hematite var. Specularite and Quartz
 South Crofty Mine, England
Lots of highly reflective platy crystal groups of silver coloured Hematite are richly scattered and aggregated
Native Gold
 Christmas Pocket - 1991, USA
A beautifully bright metallic golden-yellow Native Gold from a find made at the Crystalline mine in
 Berg Aukas, Namibia
An intriguing formation of Descloizite from Berg Aukas, Namibia, where relatively few specimens were found
 Broken Hill, Australia
Light to battleship grey botryoidal Smithsonite form a drusy pervasive coating over an approximately 14 x 8 cm
Arsenopyrite with Sphalerite, Quartz and Calcite
 Trepca Complex, Kosovo
An attractive arrangement of metallic silvery crystals of Arsenopyrite with some black Sphalerite and milky
Scheelite on Quartz
 Tae Hwa Mine, South Korea
A sharp and lustrous Scheelite crystal, 2.0 cm on edge, attached to a clear Quartz crystal from Tae Hwa mine
 Tsumeb Mine, Oshikoto Region (Otjikoto Region)
Well-formed crystals of any sulphide are considered rare to uncommon from the Tsumeb mine in Namibia. This
 N'Chwaning II Mine, South Africa
A fine gemmy cherry-red group of sub-parallel, steeply angled pyramidal Rhodochrosite crystals from N'Chwaning
 Azcarate Quarry, Spain
Sharp, virtually damage free, twinned Dolomite rhombic crystals in association with a few smaller Dolomite
 Blackdene Mine, England
A single crystal of Fluorite from the classic location of Blackdene mine in Weardale, County Durham. The