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Fluorite on Quartz
 Pell Mine, England
A classic tetrahexahedral habit Fluorite crystal, probably from the [Pell Mine (St. Agnes Consols)], St.
Fluorapatite with Quartz
 Panasqueira Mine, Portugal
A Muscovite and Quartz matrix richly coated with sparkling, pale smoky sky blue to deep teal interlocking
Fluorite with Calcite
 Weardale, England
Translucent white Calcite crystals with a silky lustre are perched prettily on gemmy, deep purple twinned
 Farnberry Mine, England
A must for the Smithsonite collector, or collector of classic British minerals for that matter.  A large
 Carn Brea Mine, England
An excellent cabinet specimen whose top surface is entirely covered with lustrous, dark blue tinted Bornite
Quartz Var Smoky on Feldspar
 Mourne Mountains, Northern Ireland
A pretty cluster of deep Smoky Quartz crystals to 16 mm, nestled in a coarse Feldspar and Quartz granite
Pyromorphite on Quartz
 Roughton Gill Mine, England
A druse of translucent Quartz crystals, measuring to 5 mm, have a brown iron oxide coating that creates a
 Roughton Gill Area, England
A specimen that has certainly been on its travels in historic collections and dealerships. The specimen is
 Erupcion Mine, Mexico
A fine specimen consisting of many blocky tabular well formed Wulfenite crystals to 1.2cm on
 Baia de Aries, Romania
A rich specimen of this rare Gold Telluride from the old (pre Roman?) mining area once called Offenbánya in
Fluorite With Quartz
 Weardale, England
A tremendous specimen of Fluorite from the classic Fluorite area of Weardale in England. The Fluorite crystals
Adularia Feldspar
 Medel Valley, Switzerland
A cabinet specimen of twinned Adularia from the famous Medel Valley, Switzerland. The Adularia is seen as a
 Dry Gill Mine, England
Rich coverage of yellowish green Mimetite crystals with wet looking lustre and measuring to 5mm in size, on a
Olivenite on Quartz
 Wheal Unity, England
Pale green sparkling Olivenite has formed as a velvety botryoidal layer to over 5mm thick growing upon a
Native Copper
 Cornwall, England
Very fine Native Copper crystals have grown in a pleasing dendritic formation. Labelled as Cornwall on the