Ex. Bill Creighton Collection

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 Roughton Gill Area, England
A particularly fine specimen of mustard-lime-green Pyromorphite from Barstow's Cut, also known as Barstow’s
 Pallaflat Mine, England
Excellent large cabinet specimen of pyramidal faced and terminated crystals of Calcite. From Pallaflat Mine,
Calcite on Chrysocolla/Malachite
 Crowgarth Mine, England
A sculptural specimen of Calcite crystals on Chrysocolla/Malachite from the Crowgarth Mine, Cleator Moor,
Fluorite on Dolomite With Baryte
 Ullcoates Mine, England
Fine blue Fluorite crystal specimen from the Ullacoates Mine, Egremont, Cumbria. Excellent gemmy light
Baryte on Dolomite
 Frizington, England
Classic double chisel terminated tabular crystals of Baryte measuring to 7.1cm, colourless to tinted
 Nentsberry Haggs Mine, England
A neat aesthetic stellate formation of bladed Barytocalcite crystals measuring to 4.5cm, from Nentsberry Haggs
Mimetite Var Campylite
 Dry Gill Mine, England
Fine rich burnt orange barrel habit crystal form as an inter grown ridge measuring to 6cm, with a scattered
 Roughton Gill Area, England
A very fine specimen of Pyromorphite recorded on a label as coming from Barstow's Cut or Trench, on the