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Calcite on Dolomite
 Trepca Complex, Kosovo
A well-formed ball of white Calcite measuring to 3.5 cm sits aesthetically on intergrown rhombic crystals of
 Momeik, Burma (Myanmar)
A fascinating and unusual cluster of gemmy pink lustrous Tourmaline crystals surrounding cores of black
Fluorapatite on Albite
 Sapo Mine, Brazil
A matrix of silky, near white Albite in sheaf-like crystal aggregates to 8 mm provides a fine matrix for the
 Falkenstein, Tyrol
Old time specimen of varied green coloured concentrically banded Malachite from the classic Brixlegg area
 Holz Alp, Tyrol
A particularly large covering of silky luster blue-green plumes of Tyrolite is seen formed over the
Sphalerite on Arsenopyrite
 Trepca Complex, Kosovo
Excellent intergrown group of lustrous crystals of black Sphalerite measuring overall to 3cm, on a metallic
 Ametista do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul
Beautiful butterfly twinned crystals of Calcite are delightfully scattered over a sparkling creamy druse of
Scheelite on Muscovite with Calcite
 Pingwu Beryl Mine, Sichuan Province
Well formed crystals of Scheelite from the Pingwu Beryl Mine, Sichuan Province, China. Lustrous
Pyrite with Tetrahedrite
 Quiruvilca Mine, La Libertad Department
A fine specimen of bright metallic yellow intergrown Pyrite crystals measuring to 2.8cm from Quiruvilca Mine,
 Károlytáró, Heves Co.
An attractive display of steeply pyramidal crystals of Calcite from Károlytáró, Gyöngyösoroszi,
K Feldspar var Adularia
 Maderanertal, Switzerland
A neat gemmy to translucent twinned crystal group of Adularia from the Maderanertal area in Switzerland. Well
 Brixlegg - Schwaz, Austria
Metallic grey-black crystal of Tetrahedrite measuring to 2.1cm with part formed crystals around it, on a white
Fluorapatite on Tetrahedrite with Galena and Pyrite
 Julcani District, Huancavelica Department
A rare combination specimen of Fluorapatite on sulphides from the Julcani District in Peru.  White