Ex. Harris Collection

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Crocoite With Pyromorphite and Vauquelinite
 Berezovskii, Russia
A super combination specimen of Crocoite, Pyromorphite and Vauquelinite from the classic location of
Chalcopyrite and Siderite on Dolomite
 Schlema, Germany
Classic specimen of Chalcopyrite and Siderite crystals on Dolomite, from the Schlema mining area in Saxony,
 Tae Hwa Mine, South Korea
A now uncommon Scheelite crystal specimen from the Tae Hwa Mine, South Korea. Specimens of Scheelite were on
 Polar Urals, Russia
Large lustrous sharply formed crystals of Axinite are seen as a cluster, from the Polar Urals. Crystals of
Bournonite With Sphalerite
 Les Malines District, France
Well developed cogwheel repeat twins of Bournonite measuring to 3.1cm by 0.8cm stand out from a matrix of