Exceptional Specimens


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Native Gold
 Harvard Mine, USA
Classic specimen of leaf Native Gold from the Harvard Mine, sunshine state of California, USA. Excellent
 Boltsburn Mine, England
A super fabulous specimen of Fluorite from one of England's most sort after location namely the Boltsburn
 Kelly Mine, USA
Elbaite Tourmaline
 Minas Gerais, Brazil
This fine specimen is believed to have been in a collection from before the 1930s. The excellent varied green
Tetrahedrite Coated By Chalcopyrite With Galena
 Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany
A large cabinet specimen of Tetrahedrite crystals from the Clausthal-Zellerfeld area in Germany. Crystals of
Elbaite Tourmaline
 Betafo District, Madagascar
Kermesite With Quartz
 Braunsdorf, Germany