Gem Minerals

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Beryl var Emerald
 Malyshevo, Russia
A pleasing Emerald crystal in Schist from the old gem area in Middle Urals, Russia. The light to a mid-emerald
Beryl var Aquamarine
 Habach Valley, Austria
A particularly rich specimen of gemmy to opaque intergrown crystals of light blue-green Aquamarine measuring
 Nujiang Valley, China
A well proportioned colourless gemmy crystal of Topaz measuring to 3.1cm with excellent crystal faces, from
 Mogok Township, Mandalay Division
A single gem quality colourless crystal of Topaz from Mogok Township, Myanmar. The crystal of Topaz display
Grossular Garnet
 Eden Mills, Vermont
A single rootbeer gemmy crystal of Grossular Garnet measuring to 1.3cm sits neatly atop a crystalline pale
Beryl var Morganite
 Dara-i-Pech Pegmatite Field, Afghanistan
Gemmy classic pink Morganite intergrown crystals on a creamy-white crystalline Albite matrix from Afghanistan.
Chrysoberyl var Alexandrite
 Carnaiba Mining Area, Brazil
Two very fine well-developed radial stellate twinned lustrous green crystals of the gem mineral Alexandrite
 Volodarsk-Volynskii Pegmatite District, Ukraine
Gemmy pastel pink-orange crystal section of naturally etched Topaz from the famous Volodarsk-Volynskii
Fluorapatite with Cassiterite
 Ehrenfriedersdorf, Germany
A number of well-formed gemmy-translucent pastel green crystals of Fluorapatite measuring to 7mm are
 Quilpie, Australia
A stunning specimen of the Opal variety known as “Boulder Opal” from one of the less well-known Australian
 Brumado, Brazil
A crystallised matrix of colourless rhombohedral crystals of Magnesite (to 7 mm on edge) is richly coated with
The Tubussis, Karibib District, Erongo Region, Namibia has become famous in the last decade for a number of
A colourless and clear 0.45 caret uncut rough Diamond crystal measuring approximately 0.5 x 0.4 x 0.2 cm. This
 Paprok, Afghanistan
A stubby, off-matrix, composite crystal of part-gemmy bi-coloured Tourmaline (likely Elbaite) from the gem
 Stak Nala, Pakistan
A beautiful 4.2 x 1.0 x 0.8 cm crystal of Tourmaline (likely Elbaite) is embedded in an aesthetic matrix of
 Taquaral, Brazil
An aesthetic specimen of watermelon Tourmaline crystals on and amongst bluish-white bladed Albite crystals of
 Gilgit District, Pakistan
A single, perfectly terminated, cornflower-blue crystal of Beryl, variety “Aquamarine” from the Gilgit
 Mogok Township, Mandalay Division
This specimen of Spinel is particularly fine because on-matrix specimens are relatively rare to obtain. One
 Shigar Valley, Pakistan
A beautiful gemmy, water-clear crystal of the “Aquamarine” variety of Beryl, measuring 3.1 cm, with a perfect
Highly reflective, lilac-mauve books of Lepidolite mica form a rectangular matrix on top of which is
 Marambaia, Minas Gerais
A somewhat unusual flattened hexagonal Beryl crystal of the variety “Aquamarine” from Marambaia in the
A single, long and narrow, lustrous gemmy crystal of Spodumene of the pink variety “Kunzite” from San Diego
 Linopolis, Brazil
Two groups of highly lustrous yellowish-lime-green Brazilianite crystals on equally lustrous platy white
Elbaite Tourmaline
A lustrous, large for the location, Elbaite Tourmaline measuring to 7.6cm tall displaying abundant parallel
Quartz var Amethyst
 Banská Bystrica Region, Slovakia
A pleasing specimen of gemmy-translucent pastel purple Amethyst crystals displaying an excellent prismatic
Topaz with Microcline/Amazonite
A large for the location crystal of well-developed Topaz, gemmy lustrous pastel green measuring to 6cm. Formed
Beryl var Emerald
 Emerald Deposit, Austria
Crystals of Emerald measuring to 1cm in the classic Schist matrix from Austria. Light to mid emerald coloured
 Cerro de Mercado Mine, Durango
Excellent gemmy-translucent lustrous lemon-yellow terminated crystals of Fluorapatite measuring to 3cm
Topaz with Quartz and Microcline
 Nyet-Bruk, Pakistan
A well formed lustrous gemmy Topaz crystal, tinted a delicate shade of Champagne,  measuring to nearly
Elbaite Tourmaline
 Cruzeiro Mine, Brazil
A gemmy to translucent stout prismatic crystal measuring to 4.4cm of green Elbaite with a hint of pink in the
Beryl var Emerald
Well formed and terminated gemmy-translucent crystals of Emerald on a Mica-schist from Afghanistan. Five
Topaz with Muscovite and Quartz
A pleasing specimen of gem quality blue Topaz with Muscovite and Smoky Quartz from the Murzinka Mine, Russia.
A neat aqua blue gemmy-translucent crystals of Tourmaline, measuring to 5.1cm, displaying striated faces and a
Beryl var Aquamarine with Muscovite
 Dara-i-Pech Pegmatite Field, Afghanistan
A very gemmy rich aqua blue crystal of Beryl stands out from the surrounding thin platey
Beryl var Goshenite with Topaz and Quartz
Excellent combination of Pegmatite minerals of Goshenite with Topaz and Quartz from Myanmar. Well developed
Tourmaline with Lepidolite
A gemmy-translucent pink prismatic crystal of Tourmaline with striated prism faces and some parallel
Elbaite Tourmaline
 Cruzeiro Mine, Brazil
Gemmy well formed terminated prismatic striated crystal of Elbaite varies in colour from
Topaz var Imperial
 Ouro Preto, Brazil
A fine lustrous gemmy single well-terminated crystal of orange prismatic Imperial Topaz from Ouro Preto,
Beryl var Aquamarine
 Erongo Mountains, Namibia
A fine array of Aquamarine crystals portraying excellent well formed crystals from the Erongo Mountain
 Schneckenstein Cliff, Germany
A classic specimen of Schneckenstein Cliff Topaz crystal measuring to 1.6cm with a light wine gemmy colour on
Spodumene var Kunzite with Quartz
A fine display of terminated mostly gemmy and translucent pink bladed crystal of Kunzite measuring to 8cm is
Beryl var Heliodor
 Locality -> Volodarsk Mine, Ukraine
A very gemmy and fine naturally etched yellow Heliodor Beryl from the Volodarsk Mine, Ukraine. The
Corundum var Ruby
 Prilep, Republic of Macedonia
Three intergrown pink translucent-opaque crystals measuring to 3.2cm from a find made a few years ago,
Aragonite Faceted
 Cicov Hill, Bohemia
A rare and very difficult to facet gemmy pastel yellow Aragonite at 17.5ct from the now rare location of
Elbaite Tourmaline Slice
 Lithia Dyke, USA
A cut and polished slice of Elbaite Tourmaline on one side display a mainly gemmy blue-grey central zone
Beryl var Emerald
 Emerald Deposit, Austria
Classic specimen of Austrian Emerald crystal measuring to 1.3cm sits across the banded flow structure of the
 Schneckenstein Cliff, Germany
Classic, well-developed wine yellow gemmy-translucent terminated crystal of Topaz measuring to 2cm tall sits
Andradite var Dementoid
 Tubussis Farm 22, Namibia
Gemmy green to yellow-green crystals of Demantoid measuring to 7mm are abundantly and aesthetically clustered