Oxides and Hydroxides


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 Emilie Mine (Bülten-Adenstedt Mine), Germany
Groutite is a rare manganese hydroxide that is known to form excellent crystallised specimens at the Emilie
 Herdorf, Germany
This small cabinet specimen is an excellent example of Lepidocrocite from the polymetallic mine at Herdorf in
Quartz with Hematite
 Egremont, Cumbria
A fine example of double terminated Quartz crystals richly covering a bed of Specular Hematite from the iron
 Harriet Lode, UK
This rich large miniature specimen of bright, sparkling Cassiterite crystals of the variety known as Diamond
 Old Beam Mine, England
Looking at this small cabinet specimen of Cassiterite on a partly kaolinized granite matrix, it is apparent it
Cassiterite (3 specimens)
 Geevor Mine, England
Three rich, run-of-mine Cassiterite ore specimens from Geevor mine at Pendeen, Cornwall, England.  The
 Camborne, England
This well crystallised Cassiterite comes with no specific mine name but is from the Camborne mining district
Titanite with Rutile, Actinolite and K Feldspar var. Adularia
 Teufelsmühle, Salzburg
The mindat page shows an excellent photo by Günter Grundmann of the Teufelsmühle and to put it mildly, it
Cassiterite with Sphalerite and Quartz
 Viloco Mine, Bolivia
This intriguing miniature Cassiterite with Sphalerite and Quartz is from the Viloco mine, a mine set in the
Hübnerite with Quartz
 Mundo Nuevo, Peru
The manganese-tungsten oxide Hübnerite forms high quality crystals in the tungsten deposits close to the town
 Huanuni mine, Bolivia
Highly lustrous, metallic jet-black crystals of Cassiterite measuring to 1.5 cm form a miniature domed mass
 Santa Eulalia District, Chihuahua
It is interesting to note that of the 185 valid minerals listed in mindat from the Santa Eulalia District, in
 Rio Marina, Italy
One of the most well-known mineral species from the island of Elba is Hematite. This beautifully crystallised
Cuprite with Malachite
 Andrassy II Mine, Hungary
The Andrássy II mine in north eastern Hungary has produced a rich suite of over sixty mineral species, Cuprite
Liroconite with Clinoclase
 Wheal Gorland, England
A completely mixed small miniature of blue and green Liroconite, dark inky blue green Clinoclase and veinlets
Hematite var. Specularite
 Florence Mine, England
Specularite is the black, crystallised variety of Hematite and this is a great miniature specimen, ideal for
Cuprite with Native Copper
 Wheal Gorland, England
This fine small cabinet specimen of Cuprite and Native Copper crystals is from the world-famous Wheal Gorland
Cassiterite var. Wood Tin
 Bojewan Placers, England
The variety of Cassiterite known as Wood Tin occurs at several localities throughout Cornwall, but the
Cuprite var. Chalcotrichite
 South Caradon Mine, England
An old 19th-century miniature specimen of the Cuprite variety Chalcotrichite from the South Caradon mine which
Sphalerite with Quartz and Dolomite
 Alston Moor, England
Excellent individual, complex, lustrous black Sphalerite crystals to 1.5 cm are scattered over an elongated
Quartz with Hematite
 Frizington, England
A super example of equant, well developed and glassy, double-terminated Quartz crystals containing included
Quartz with Hematite var. Eisenkiesel
 Frizington, Cumbria
The mineralogy of the west Cumbrian iron mines tends to be simple, yet the specimens produced represent some
 Franklin, New Jersey
The famous Franklin-Ogdensburg mining district exploited one of the world’s most species diverse orebodies,
Quartz var. Eisenkiesel on Hematite
 Florence Mine, England
A delicate, 1 to 2 mm thick plate of Hematite coated with micro-crystals of sparkling jet-black Specularite
Native Lead with Pyrochroite
 Långban, Värmland
Although Långban mine has 314 recorded mineral species and is type locality to 76, it is for its Native Lead
Quartz on Hematite var. Specularite
 Florence Mine, England
Fine granular massive Hematite forms the matrix of this excellent miniature of Quartz and Specularite from
Cassiterite in Mica
 Wheal Owla (Wheal Owles), UK
A rare miniature of Cassiterite in Mica from Wheal Owla (aka Wheal Owles) at St. Agnes on the north coast of
Hematite on Quartz
 Wheal Cock, England
Wheal Cock was part of the Botallack mine sett and is the type locality for Botallackite.  The surface
Cuprite with Chlorite
 Wheal Gorland, England
A rib of Chloritized gossan Quartz with an extremely vuggy and porous structure is richly invested with
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
Carlton M. Davis was a well-known American collector who attended Yale and lived in Ohio; a collector whom
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
Goethite is a well-known common secondary mineral at Tsumeb, but rarely forms attractive specimens.  This
 Tsumeb Mine, Oshikoto Region (Otjikoto Region)
A matrix of heavily iron-stained gossan, pervaded with acicular Quartz crystals and Cuprite, the latter taking
Rutile in Pyrophyllite
 Champion Mine, California
Champion mine worked an Andalusite deposit, operating from 1922 until closing sometime during the 1930s when
 Graves Mountain, USA
Although many mineral species were found at the quarry on Graves Mountain, it is Rutile for which it is
Quartz var. Smoky Quartz
This magnificent group of Smoky Quartz crystals is known to be from Switzerland although its specific locality
 Le Haycot, France
Le Haycot in the Brézouard Massif of St. Marie-aux-Mines, France is best known for its fine specimens of
 Krásno, Bohemia
The mining district around Krásno near to Horní Slavkov in Bohemia in the Czech Republic produced tin and
 Ilfeld, Germany
This charming thumbnail Manganite is from the iconic European locality of Ilfeld in the German state of
Rutile on Quartz
 Serra das Éguas, Brazil
This fantastic small cabinet specimen is a gorgeous combination of Rutile and Quartz from Serra das Éguas in
 Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais
A fabulous group of mirror-bright, hexagonal plates of Hematite forming stacked clusters to over 2 cm thick,
Sphalerite with Quartz and Chalcopyrite
 Casapalca Mine, Peru
A great deal of crystallographic interest is packed into this quite charming miniature Sphalerite with Quartz
 Minas Gerais, Brazil
Columbite, an iron-niobium oxide, in this rather gorgeous miniature forms a blocky prism with myriads of
 Nazareno, Brazil
An excellent orthorhombic crystal of Tantalite-(Mn) from the São João del Rei pegmatite province of Nazareno
 Casa de Pedra Mine, Brazil
This beautifully crystallised miniature Hematite is from the Casa de Pedra mine in Congonhas do Campo, Minas
Rhodochrosite on Manganite
 N'Chwaning Mines, South Africa
This small miniature is a fine example of the blockier crystallised habit of Rhodochrosite from the N'Chwaning
Cuprite on Native Copper
 St. Day, England
This reasonably large cabinet specimen (12.3 cm long) is from one of the many famous mines in the St. Day
Quartz on Hematite
 Beckermet Mine, England
A 2 cm long double terminated Quartz crystal sits at a slight angle to a small plate of massive Hematite which
Siderite on Quartz
 East Pool Mine, Cornwall
Deep butterscotch toffee coloured drusy Siderite almost entirely coats a group of milky Quartz crystals of up