Quartz and Agate

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Pyrargyrite with Quartz
 Hodruša-Hámre (Hodritsch), Banská Bystrica Region
A fine specimen of  s cattered clusters and strings of bright metallic silvery Pyrargyrite crystals to
 Queensland, Australia
A classic specimen of Australian Boulder Opal from diggings in Queensland. Two thick veins of typical colour
Quartz variety Amethyst
 North Mine, Australia
A particularly deeply coloured purple Amethyst from the North Mine, Broken Hill, Australia. Lustrous dark
 Nuristan Province, Afghanistan
A stunning Tourmaline crystal of wonderful colour and with a perfect termination from Nuristan Province in
Quartz Japan law on Hematite
 Banat Mountains, Romania
A rare specimen from Romania of a Japan Law 'V' Quartz twin with an incomplete termination to one arm
Quartz var Smoky
 Grimsel Area, Switzerland
A fine gemmy prismatic crystal of Smoky Quartz with well-formed termination, m easuring to nearly 11cm
Quartz var Smoky Quartz Japan Law Twin
 Kara-Oba W Deposit, Kazakhstan
A rare specimen displaying a well-formed Smoky Quartz Japan Law twin measuring from termination to
Opal after Bivalve.
 Coober Pedy, Australia
A rare specimen of Opal replacing both shells of a Cretaceous bivalve from the classic Coober Pedy Opal
Quartz var Amethyst with Calcite
 Valisoara (Porkura), Romania
A particularly richly coloured purple old European Amethyst crystal specimen displaying the abundantly
Quartz var Amethyst
 Baia Mare, Romania
 A pleasing display of two lustrous Amethyst crystals in a V-like aspect measuring to 3.3cm developed
Quartz with Dolomite and Siderite
 Trepca Complex, Kosovo
An excellent display of slightly fan-radial crystals of gemmy clear to translucent white Quartz measuring
A fine group of lustrous gemmy colourless to white opaque Quartz crystals measuring to 10cm, one crystal
Quartz var Window
A superb specimen of the Quartz variety Window displaying an excellent depiction of the windows and
Smoky Quartz Gwindel
 Goscheneralp, Switzerland
Classic specimen of gemmy Quartz variety Gwindel with a fine depth of Smoky colour. Measuring overall to 9cm
Quartz var Amethyst
 Banska Stiavnica (Schemnitz), Slovakia
A fine  European  specimen displaying Amethyst crystals formed on a previous development of zoned
 Cavnic, Romania
A fine specimen of parallel growth lustrous white-colourless Quartz crystals developed at a 45 degree angle
Quartz var Amethyst/Smoky
 Goboboseb Mountains, Namibia
A gemmy fine triple crystal cluster of Amethyst and Smoky Quartz displaying excellent terminations and great
 Trevascus Mine, England
A fine specimen of wax melt habit Chalcedony with a white-creamy to creamy-brown colour. A classic
Smoky Quartz
 Mont Blanc Massif, France
A classic specimen of Alpine Smoky Quartz crystals from Mont Blanc Massif, France. Gemmy Smoky Quartz crystal
Capped Quartz
 Horni Slavkov (Schlaggenwald), Czech Republic
A rare specimen of double Capped Quartz crystal from Horni Slavkov, Czech Republic, measuring to a combined
 Trevascus Mine, England
A neat specimen of stalactitic Chalcedony from the classic Cornish location, Trevascus Mine. Translucent light
Quartz var Amethyst
 Wheal Jane, England
Gemmy intergrown pyramidal crystals of light purple Amethystine Quartz covers the display face of a
Quartz var  Amethyst
 Piedra Parada, Mexico
A very pleasing array of light gemmy purple Amethyst crystals measuring to 7cm with excellent terminations
Quartz with Hematite
 Beckermet Mine, England
Metallic black platy intergrown crystals of Hematite are formed with a dense intergrown crystal aggregate of
Quartz with Hematite
 Florence Mine, England
Excellent crystal specimen of well-formed colourless-gemmy terminated crystals of Quartz, associated with
Quartz with Hematite
A fine display of two Quartz habits, as a red crystal druse of Eisenkiesel covering much of the Hematite
Quartz var Smoky with Hematite
 Beckermet Mine, England
A very pleasing arrangement of a well-formed gemmy-translucent smoky crystal of Quartz measuring to 3cm with
Quartz var Smoky
 Bobrůvka, Moravia
A particularly well-developed crystal specimen of Smoky Quartz displaying shades from dark smoky to
Smoky Quartz
Two very lustrous black, well-terminated crystals of Smoky Quartz in the parallel position measuring to 9cm
Quartz var Amethyst
A pleasing crystal druse of uncommon botryoidal sparkling lustrous lavender coloured Amethyst from
Quartz with Hematite and Calcite
 Haile Moor Mine, England
A classic west Cumbrian specimen of well-developed Quartz crystals substantially included by red-brown
 Huancavelica Department, Peru
A rib of Quartz matrix is completely covered on opposite faces with excellent Quartz crystals and occasional
 Goboboseb Mountains, Namibia
A large cabinet sized display double-terminated Quartz, variety “Amethyst” measuring 16.1 cm from the
 West Cumberland Iron Ore Field, England
One half of a double terminated lustrous and glassy Quartz crystal which becomes increasingly smoky towards
Quartz “Amethyst Sceptre”
 Goboboseb Mountains, Namibia
A complexly developed Quartz crystal, 10 cm in length, with multi-layered colourless to smoky and rich purple
Quartz var Sceptre
 Baia Sprie, Romania
Three well developed lustrous gemmy colourless Sceptre Quartz crystals stand about the prismatic crystals of
Quartz Japan Law Twin
 Bedretto Valley, Switzerland
A rare for the location twin gem clear bladed Japan Law Quartz crystal sits amongst an aesthetic
Quartz var Citrine
 Masca Băişoara, Cluj Co.
A neat specimen of deeply coloured Citrine Quartz crystals measuring to 2.9cm mostly covering crystals of
Rutile in Quartz
 Lanterdan Quarry, England
A large for the location Quartz crystal measuring to 11.5cm with an excellent termination and with
Quartz Var Amethyst with Chalcedony
 Country -> Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
A pretty specimen of stalactitic white Chalcedony mostly covered by a sparkling druse of Amethystine Quartz
 Minas Gerais, Brazil
A well formed lustrous crystal of Quartz measuring to 8cm has an orang-brown coloured phantom overgrown by
Quartz var Amethyst
 Banská Bystrica Region, Slovakia
A pleasing specimen of gemmy-translucent pastel purple Amethyst crystals displaying an excellent prismatic
Quartz Japan Law
A pleasing specimen of gem clear colourless Japan Law Quartz tabular crystals with one face partly
 Hüttenberger Erzberg, Carinthia
Botryoidal translucent slightly purple-grey coloured Chalcedony on matrix from the Hüttenberger
Smoky Quartz with Chlorite
 Giuv Valley, Switzerland
An excellent Alpine specimen of gemmy light Smoky coloured Quartz crystals forming a pleasing array on a
Quartz var Smoky-Gwindel
An excellent specimen of Smoky Quartz variety Gwindel from Brazil we have no other more detailed
 Emilio Mine, Asturias
A particularly large crystal of gem clear to translucent Quartz crystal measuring to 9cm+ for the
Quartz var Amethyst with Rhodochrosite
 Boldut Mine, Romania
Bright lustrous gemmy light purple pyramidal crystals of Amethyst cover a pink banded botryoidal