Quartz and Agate

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Bournonite on Quartz
 Cavnic Mine, Romania
A really excellent specimen of very well crystallised Bournonite (lead-copper antimoniate) from Cavnic mine in
Linarite on Quartz
 Red Gill Mine, England
Red Gill mine is well known for its fascinating suite of minerals, but is most famous for its excellent
Calcite with Boulangerite inclusions, Quartz and Tetrahedrite
 Herja Mine, Romania
A spectacular, 9.5 x 8 cm dome of interlocked cockscomb Calcite crystals, each averaging around 1.5 cm across,
Fluorite with Quartz
 Blackdene Mine, England
Although Blackdene mine, close to Ireshopeburn in Weardale, County Durham, England, is known for its purple
Ludlamite with Quartz and Siderite
 Wheal Jane, England
A specimen that can be summarised with just one word; Wow!  The rare phosphate Ludlamite was named in
Galena with Quartz
 Rotherhope Fell Mine, England
A specimen of solid steel-grey Galena forming tightly intergrown cubic crystals from Rotherhope Fell mine,
Fluorite with Quartz
 Weardale, England
A beautiful and showy cabinet specimen of delicate lilac-pink cubic Fluorite, heavily encrusted with bright,
Hessite with Quartz
 Anna Mine, Alba Co.
A superb small miniature of equant lead-grey Hessite crystals form a piled-up cluster on top of a matrix of
Hematite and Quartz
 Florence Mine, England
A classic association of black lustrous bladed specular Hematite with slightly smoky Quartz crystals on
Pyrite with Quartz
 Greystone Quarry, UK
Greystone quarry is situated a little to the south of Launceston in central north Cornwall and works an area
Pyrite with Quartz
 Greystone Quarry, UK
A good and representative well crystallised Pyrite with Quartz from Greystone quarry at Lezant, near to
Siderite on Quartz
 Tincroft Mine, England
Glassy, burnt deep amber-yellow crystals of the iron carbonate Siderite richly coat a small plate of
Siderite with Quartz
 Carn Brea Mine, England
A very pleasing miniature of rich caramel-brown Siderite forming rosettes of paper-thin curved bladed crystals
Rhodochrosite with Quartz
 North Mine, New South Wales
A hemispherical shell-like micro-crystallised Rhodochrosite with clear and colourless glassy Quartz crystals
Cassiterite with Quartz
 Torrington, New South Wales
This specimen of beautifully crystallised Cassiterite intergrown with colourless Quartz crystals is amazing
Quartz var. Amethyst on Rhodochrosite
 North Mine, Australia
From North Mine at Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia, a real eye-catcher of botryoidal candy-pink
Stibnite with Quartz
 Příbram, Czech Republic
A rich small cabinet specimen of metallic, steely blue-black Stibnite as acicular crystals and long narrow
Cerussite with Sphalerite and Quartz on Galena
 Stribro (Mies), Czech Republic
A mixed Quartz and Galena matrix is encrusted on its top surface with matt lead-grey, rather crude, Galena
Galena with Calcite on Quartz
 Orzeł Biały Mine, Upper Silesia
This small miniature is formed from a cluster of bright metallic, highly lustrous Galena crystals as
Galena with Quartz
 Stribro (Mies), Czech Republic
Dark grey to black cubic crystals of Galena to 1.4 cm on edge richly cover a flat plate of light grey, glassy
Chalcedony epimorph after Baryte
 Hüttenberger Erzberg, Carinthia
An interesting light pale blue mass of Chalcedony riddled with epimorph cavities of sharp bladed Baryte from
Quartz var. Amethyst
 Banska Stiavnica (Schemnitz), Slovakia
A gorgeous light purple sceptered double terminated Amethyst with some very clear fenster formations with a
Pyrite and Calcite on Quartz
 Herdorf, Germany
Two composite cubes of brassy-golden Pyrite sit atop a small plate of etched Calcite crystals over a matrix of
Quartz (7 pieces)
 Suttrop, Germany
A delightful set of seven double terminated, hexagonal, opaque creamy-white Quartz crystals from Suttrop,
Quartz var. Eisenkiesel
 Wölsendorf Fluorite Mining District, Bavaria
A spectacular flat plate of lustrous glassy Quartz crystals of the variety Eisenkiesel, partly coated and
Chalcopyrite with Sphalerite, Galena, Pyrite and Quartz
 Wheal Uny, England
A most attractive specimen of tarnished Chalcopyrite, Sphalerite, Galena, Pyrite and Quartz from Wheal Uny
Tennantite with Quartz
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
A great specimen of Tennantite with Quartz from Tsumeb covering a narrow ridged matrix of massive
Quartz with Dolomite
 Tsumeb Mine, Oshikoto Region (Otjikoto Region)
An elegant grey opaque single double terminated crystal of Quartz with a partial coating of brownish red
Quartz with Hematite
 Changjiang Uranium ore field, China
A gorgeous and arresting group of “Rock Crystal” Quartz crystals to 5 cm on an aesthetically contrasting
Quartz with Calcite
 Dalnegorsk, Far-Eastern Region
A divergent cluster of outwardly pointing milky-white Quartz crystals to about 2.5 cm long with pale rose-red
Brookite with Quartz
 Kharan District, Balochistan
A stunning, perfectly terminated blade of chocolate-brown Brookite measuring 2.8 x 1.2 x 0.1 cm developed
Hematite on Quartz
 Cumbria, England
An attractive dome of slightly smoky Quartz crystals cover a solid Hematite core and with one side coated in
Baryte with Quartz
 Ale & Cakes Mine, England
Smoky-grey translucent to semi-transparent blades of Baryte to 1 cm form rich tightly packed clusters across
Quartz on Hematite
 Cleator Moor Iron Mine, Cumbria
Double terminated, slightly smoky Quartz crystals to 2.5 cm richly cap a dome of black metallic Hematite
Baryte with Calcite and Quartz
 Wanlockhead, Scotland
An infrequently seen Baryte from the mines at Wanlockhead in Dumfries and Galloway (formerly Dumfriesshire),
 Gunheath China Clay Pit, England
A very good specimen and example of Opal from Gunheath China Clay Pit at Stenalees in the parish of Treverbyn,
Hematite with Quartz
 Florence Mine, England
A lozenge-shaped cavity measuring 6 x 10 cm (maximum dimensions) in a matrix of massive Hematite, is lined
Pyrite and Quartz on Fluorite
 Wheal Mary Ann, England
A great combination specimen from Wheal Mary Ann at Menheniot in Cornwall of Pyrite and Quartz on apple-green
Dolomite on Quartz with Hematite
 Agnes Mine, Cumbria
A beautiful showy specimen of golden-deep tan Dolomite coating two L-shaped faces of a creamy-white Dolomite
Galena with Siderite on Quartz
 Neudorf, Germany
A pleasing miniature of highly lustrous Galena with caramel brown rhombohedral Siderite crystals on a Quartz
 Tsumeb Mine, Oshikoto Region (Otjikoto Region)
A choice thumbnail of highly lustrous yellow-green Mimetite crystals from the Tsumeb Mine in Namibia with
Quartz var. Amethyst
 Banska Stiavnica (Schemnitz), Slovakia
A neat aesthetic Amethyst from the classic European locality Banská Stiavnica (Schemnitz), Slovakia. The
Quartz (Japan-Law Twin)
 Brandberg, Namibia
A beautiful double-terminated heart-shaped Japan-Law twin of Quartz from the Brandberg Area of Namibia. A
 Hot Springs, Arkansas
A beautiful small cabinet specimen of transparent Quartz crystals of the variety Rock Crystal from the world
Quartz variety Amethyst
 Mun. Las Vigas de Ramírez, Veracruz
A classic superb decorative specimen of lustrous Amethyst crystals measuring to a good 4.5 cm pleasingly
Quartz var Amethyst
 Mun. Las Vigas de Ramírez, Veracruz
A classic specimen of Amethyst displaying substantial measuring to 6 cm tall at various orientations, with
Quartz variiety Amerthyst
 Mun. Las Vigas de Ramírez, Veracruz
A beautiful classic specimen of excellent aesthetic crystals of Amethystine Quartz measuring to 4 cm+ with
Smoky Quartz
 Crystal Peak Area, USA
 A lustrous very dark tapering tessen habit Smoky Quartz crystal measuring to 14 cm tall, from Crystal