Rare Minerals

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Pargasite in Marble
 Sungate Mine, Vietnam
Pargasite is a rare sodium-calcium-magnesium-aluminium silicate and in this show-stopping large cabinet
Native Iridium-osmium
 Urals Region, Russia
A rare old red wax-sealed glass miniature bottle filled with metallic silver-grey grains of Native
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
Tsumcorite is a rare lead arsenate and is named for the Tsumeb Corporation who operated this world famous
Quartz (Japan Law Twin)
 Kurasawa mine (Otome mine), Yamanashi
Surely this small cabinet specimen ticks all the boxes with being an excellent example of a Japan Law twin
 Broken Hill Proprietary Mine, New South Wales
The lead tungstate, Stolzite, forms a solid solution series with wulfenite, a lead molybdate and is one of the
Henmilite on Olshanskyite
 Fuka Mine, Japan
Equant azure to deep inky-blue crystals of the calcium-copper borate Henmilite are scattered over the surface
Calcite var. Cuprian (aka Cuprocalcite)
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
Cuprian Calcite, also known as Cuprocalcite, is a copper-rich variety of Calcite with a lesser well-known
Azurite with Arsentsumebite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
I hesitate to use the word showstopper, but in the case of this miniature Azurite with Arsentsumebite, I feel
 Monteponi Mine, Sardinia
The lead-zinc Monteponi mine in the municipality of Iglesias is in the south west of the island of Sardinia,
Amber with included Insect
 Baltic Sea, Europe
Water-worn Amber pebbles containing included insects are always fascinating even if, like me, you know very
Quartz var. Eisenkiesel and Amethyst
 Heißer Stein Mine, Germany
Amethyst from Heißer Stein mine in the Wölsendorf Fluorite Mining District of Germany is very uncommon and the
Liroconite with Clinoclase
 Wheal Gorland, England
Liroconite, a hydrated copper aluminium arsenate hydroxide, carries a kudos within Cornish collections that no
Chalcoalumite, Ajoite and Brochantite on Native Copper and Cuprite
 New East Wheal Russell, England
A complexly mineralised miniature displaying Chalcoalumite (hydrous Al-Cu sulphate), Ajoite (hydrated
Schneiderhöhnite with Quartz and Tennantite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
This small miniature of the very rare iron arsenate Schneiderhöhnite in a matrix of mixed Tennantite and
Fahleite (Mineral GS1)
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
The unnamed ‘Mineral GS1’ has long been an enigmatic species from the Tsumeb mine in Namibia, looking more
Wendwilsonite and Roselite on Cobaltoan Calcite
 Aghbar Mine, Morocco
Wendwilsonite, a rare calcium-magnesium-cobalt arsenate occurs as excellent broad bladed crystals to about 5
Native Silver with Sternbergite
 Eliáš Mine, Czech Republic
This miniature, rich in Native Silver and the silver-iron sulphide Sternbergite, is a rare combination of
Dyscrasite on Native Arsenic
 Uranium Mine No. 21, Central Bohemia Region
This is a quite remarkable miniature of wonderfully crystallised Dyscrasite on sooty dark grey Native Arsenic
Native Silver pseudomorph after Dyscrasite
  Pribram, Czech Republic
A magnificent ex-matrix large miniature of Native Silver pseudomorphing crystals of Dyscrasite from the
Primary Malachite
 Mashamba West Mine, Katanga Copper Crescent
The Mashamba West mine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is famous for its superb specimens of
Andorite with Zinkenite and Pyrite
 Itos Mine, Oruro Department
This remarkable large cabinet specimen of Andorite with Zinkenite and Pyrite is from Itos mine in the Oruro
 Excelsior Mine, Peru
A superbly crystallised thumbnail of the rare lead-arsenic sulphosalt Gratonite from its type locality at the
Hematite ps. after Magnetite var. Martite
 Payún Matrú volcano, Argentina
This is quite an amazing miniature specimen composed of aligned rows and columns of superbly crystallised
Meteorite (L/LL4 Chondrite)
 Bjurbole meteorite, Southern Finland Region
The Bjurböle Meteorite was observed to fall at 21:30 hours on 12th March 1899, exactly 122 years ago today
Whewellite with Smythite inclusions
 -435m level, Thuringia
If you have been looking for a good specimen of the rare, hydrated calcium oxalate Whewellite, then this, I
 Niederschlema, Germany
This thumbnail specimen of the silver antimony sulphosalt Stephanite, is a great example of this rare mineral
Proustite with Stephanite, Argentopyrite and Arsenopyrite
 Niederschlema, Germany
The mine at Niederschlema in Saxony, Germany lay south-west of Chemnitz and a little north of Germany’s border
 Cligga Mine, England
A weathered plate of mottled Cligga Head granite, its top surface richly coated with deep green-teal-blue
 A4119 road cutting, Rhondda-Cynon-Taff (Glamorgan)
Occasionally minerals specimens are found in unexpected new locations following engineering work which has
 Torr Works Quarry, England
This small cabinet specimen is a fine example of the rare lead oxyhalide, Mendipite, named for the Mendip
Albite var. Pericline
 Pfitsch Pass, Austria
Pericline is a variety of Albite feldspar which occurs as elongated milky-white crystals, extended on their
 Blackbird Mine Complex, USA
A rare and strikingly beautiful purple, indigo and violet Vivianite from the famous Blackbird Mine Complex in
Native Iron
 Bühl, Germany
Because iron is such a common element in the Earth’s crust, it would be easy to think Native Iron would be
 Herja Mine, Romania
Although Semseyite is a lead-antimony sulphide, it is classified as a sulphosalt due to it containing both a
 Schneeberg, Saxony
Pucherite is an extremely rare bismuth vanadate and this richly crystallised specimen is from its type
Dioptase with Wulfenite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
Although the lead molybdate Wulfenite is common throughout the Tsumeb orebody, its occurrence with Dioptase in
 Henderson No.2 Mine, Canada
An excellent specimen of iridescent pale brassy Cubanite from Henderson No. 2 mine at Chibougamau in Québec,
 Schneeberg, Saxony
The rare bismuth silicate Eulytine forms orange-brown, often sub-botryoidal crystals with a glossy resinous
Aikinite with Native Gold and Galena
 Berezovskii, Russia
Aikinite is an extremely rare lead-copper-bismuth sulphide often associated with precious metals and this
 Cripple Creek, USA
The mere mention of Cripple Creek instantly conjures images of gold, the Wild West, gun-fights and old mining
 Eisleben, Saxony-Anhalt
Maucherite is an extremely rare nickel arsenide and this magnificent, crystallised miniature is from its type
 Tatabánya, Hungary
Mellite is one of the rare organic minerals which occur in nature, containing benzine salts and the elements
Microcline var. Hyalophane
 Zagradski Potok Mine, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hyalophane is the glassy transparent variety of Microcline Feldspar and this beautiful example is from the
 Pucher Shaft, Germany
For the dedicated systematic collector or anyone with an interest in rare and exotic species, Pucherite is a
Köttigite with Gypsum
 Mapimí, Durango
Köttigite is a rare, hydrated zinc arsenate and occurs on this fine miniature as long tabular prismatic
Amber with Insect
 Baltic Sea, Europe
Amber is a fossil tree resin and sometimes contains fossilised flora and fauna which became caught and
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
Schneiderhöhnite is one of Tsumeb’s extremely rare iron arsenates and forms small black lustrous crystals. It
 Talnakh Cu-Ni Deposit, Eastern-Siberian Region
Sperrylite is a platinum arsenide and this good-sized miniature is from the Talnakh Cu-Ni Deposit in the