Rare Minerals

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Native Iron
 Bühl, Germany
Despite the abundance of iron in the Earth’s crust, Native Iron is exceedingly rare.  Such deposits are
 Falun Mine, Sweden
The extremely rare mineral Paraguanajuatite is a bismuth selenide and I don’t ever recall handling one
 Rio Marina, Italy
Ilvaite is a calcium-iron silicate and this superb crystal is from its type locality at Rio Marina on the Isle
 Vojtěch Mine, Bohemia
A 7 mm long crystal of Diaphorite, a rare silver-lead-antimony sulphosalt, sits flat in a Quartz crystal-lined
Ludlamite on Pyrite
 Huanuni mine, Bolivia
Most collectors are more than familiar with the iron phosphate Ludlamite, but to have crystals set on a matrix
 Estatoby (Antanetinilapa), Madagascar
The rare tourmaline species Fluor-liddicoatite is the fluorine analogue of Liddicoatite and this magnificent
Talmessite var. Cobaltian
 Aghbar Mine, Morocco
Moroccan minerals are a favourite amongst collectors because of their diversity of species, vibrant colours
 Postmasburg Manganese Field, South Africa
A superbly rich, small cabinet specimen of the rare mica silicate Ephesite from the Postmasburg Manganese
 Rapid Creek, Yukon
Augelite is an aluminium phosphate and this beautifully crystallised large miniature is from the world-famous
Sabinaite with Siderite, Analcime and Aegirine
 Mont Saint-Hilaire, Québec
A small and fine cabinet specimen of Sabinaite with Siderite, Analcime and Aegirine on a matrix of snow-white
 Baixão da Laje mine, Rio Grande do Norte
The rare mineral Tapiolite is a tantalum niobate with the presence of iron and manganese.  Two distinct
Tellurobismuthite with Native Gold
 Red Lake area, Canada
Golden silver metallic Tellurobismuthite forms a rich patchwork over the top face of a dark grey Quartz
Inyoite with Meyerhofferite
 Nacimiento Sijes, Argentina
The two species Inyoite and Meyerhofferite very rarely appear in the collections we buy, making this quite a
 Charcas, San Luis Potosí
This excellent crystallised miniature is a fine example of the extremely rare borate, Nifontovite, from
Microcline on Fluoro-richterite
 Gibson Road East occurrence, Canada
Fluoro-richterite is a rare sodium-calcium amphibole containing magnesium and fluorine and is found at what is
 Mont Saint-Hilaire, Québec
This well crystallised large miniature Lemoynite is from one of the world’s most iconic mineral localities,
 Tangen Feldspar Mine, Norway
The Tangen Feldspar mine is situated on the southern Norwegian coast at Kragerø in Vestfold og Telemark. 
Rammelsbergite with Erythrite and Stephanite
 Medenec (Kupferberg), Bohemia
An interesting combination of Rammelsbergite with Erythrite and Stephanite from Medenec in the Krušné Hory
Parkinsonite in Mendipite
 Torr Works Quarry, England
A small miniature containing the extremely rare mineral Parkinsonite in a matrix of Mendipite from its type
Andrewsite (a mixture of Hentschelite-Rockbridgeite-Chalcosiderite)
 Wheal Phoenix, England
A rare and highly sought miniature specimen of Andrewsite from Phoenix United mine at Minions close to
 Franklin, New Jersey
The famous Franklin-Ogdensburg mining district exploited one of the world’s most species diverse orebodies,
Jadeite (Emerald Jade)
 Uru Fluss, Myanmar (Burma)
Of the two types of Jade, Nephrite and Jadeite, Jadeite is by far the most precious and sought-after species.
Gormanite with Siderite
 Big Fish River, Canada
Do you remember when the Mineralogical Record’s special issue on Yukon Phosphates first came out? 
Native Bismuth with Safflorite
 Mackenheim, Germany
Metallic silver micro-crystals of the cobalt iron arsenide Safflorite richly coat arborescent mounds of Native
Native Iron
 Bühl, Hesse
Although iron is one of the most prolific elements in the Earth’s crust, Native iron is remarkably rare. 
 Champion Mine, California
Woodhouseite is a rare calcium-aluminium phosphate whose type locality is the Champion mine at White Mountain
Estherville Mesosiderite Meteorite (Stony-Iron)
 Estherville, USA
A rare small miniature Stony-Iron Meteorite from the observed fall on 10th May 1879, near to the town of
Volborthite with Brochantite
 Milpillas Mine, Mexico
Excellent platy crystal rosettes of dark olive green Volborthite forms a very rare combination with acicular
 Chuquicamata District, Antofagasta Region
Kröhnkite is a rare copper sulphate, a species which is very seldom seen for sale or in collections. 
 Rio Piracicaba, Brazil
Phenakite is a beryllium nesosilicate sometimes associated with pegmatites and this fine small miniature is
 Nazareno, Brazil
An excellent orthorhombic crystal of Tantalite-(Mn) from the São João del Rei pegmatite province of Nazareno
 Kambove District, Katanga (Shaba)
Equant, mirror-bright, metallic silver crystals of the copper-cobalt sulphide Carrollite are scattered over a
Szaibélyite on Volkovskite
 Panel 848, North Yorkshire
Something quite different from the British Isles, an amazing, large cabinet specimen of the rare borates
Nickelskutterudite with Siderite and Dolomite
 Schlema-Hartenstein District, Germany
Excellent silver lead-grey dodecahedral crystals of the nickel-cobalt arsenide Nickelskutterudite richly cover
Apophyllite with Inesite
 New Broken Hill Consolidated Mine, New South Wales
Inesite is a hydrous calcium manganese silicate which at the Broken Hill mines in New south Wales, Australia,
 Tilly Foster Mine, USA
The Tilly Foster Iron mine at Brewster in Putnam County, New York, USA, worked a large iron ore deposit and
Paralaurionite with Diaboleite and Leadhillite
 Collins vein, Arizona
A fantastic large miniature/small cabinet specimen of almost solid crystalline Paralaurionite and Diaboleite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
Serious Tsumeb collectors and those interested in type localities, this is an important and amazing specimen!
 Zupkov, Slovakia
A rare specimen of Tetradymite from the type locality at Župkov in the Banská Bystrica Region of Slovakia.
 Nentsberry Haggs Mine, England
Witherite, a relatively rare barium carbonate, crystallises in the orthorhombic system and forms
 Boulby Mine, England
Boracite, magnesium borate, occurs sporadically in the Permian potash beds in Boulby mine at Loftus near the
 Leadhills, Scotland
Substantial platy crystals of the rare lead sulphate carbonate Leadhillite are beautifully displayed across
Hematite ps. after Magnetite var. Martite
 Payún volcano, Mendoza Province
A stunning and classic pseudomorph of Hematite after Magnetite from the Payún volcano in Mendoza Province,
 Săcărâmb, Hunedoara
I can only say whoever cracked open this specimen must have had a wonderful surprise! The back of this thin
 Mexquitic, San Luis Potosí
Fluor-Buergerite, formerly known as Buergerite, is a rare member of the Tourmaline Group and this first class
 Baixão da Laje mine, Rio Grande do Norte
An extremely rare example of crystallised Tapiolite from the Baixão da Laje mine in Grande do Norte, Brazil.
Olivenite with Gartrellite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
An eye-catching and fabulous small miniature Olivenite with Gartrellite from the Tsumeb mine in the Otjikoto
 Tsumeb Mine, Oshikoto Region (Otjikoto Region)
Schaurteite, a calcium-germanium sulphate, is a very rare species from its type locality at Tsumeb and