Rare Minerals

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 Churprinz Friedrich August Erbstolln Mine (Churprinz Mine; Kurprinz Mine), Saxony
Lustrous flattened orthorhombic crystals of the rare sulphosalt Stephanite form flying saucer-shaped hexagonal
Pyrargyrite and Stephanite with Argentopyrite
 Freiberg, Germany
This museum grade miniature displays magnificent crystals of Pyrargyrite, a silver-antimony sulphosalt, from
 Victoria mine, North Rhine-Westphalia
Siegenite is a rare cobalt nickel sulphide and beautifully crystallised specimens such as this are remarkably
 Sauschwart Mine, Saxony
Eulytine is a rare bismuth silicate which, in this specimen, forms 1 to 2 mm, highly lustrous gemmy crystals
Djurleite on Quartz
 Dzhezkazgan Mining District, Kazakhstan
Djurleite, a relatively rare copper sulphide, forms magnificent black straited crystals on a matrix of bright
Topaz on Orthoclase
 Murzinka Mine, Urals Region
A rare and stunning specimen of pale blue Topaz crystals on a terminated Orthoclase crystal from the Murzinka
Leiteite with Ludlockite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
A gorgeous large thumbnail of the rare zinc arsenate Leiteite which forms glassy striated lustrous sheets over
Schultenite with Zincolivenite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
A glassy and lustrous, 7 x 4 mm crystal of the very rare lead arsenate Schultenite sits prominently at one end
 Trebsko, Czech Republic
Micro-crystals of the rare silver-arsenic sulphosalt Xanthoconite form tiny clusters of orange-red to
Franckeite with Zinkenite and Stannite
 Itos Mine, Oruro Department
An outstanding specimen of superbly crystallised Franckeite with Zinkenite very richly encrusting a largely
Millerite with Calcite
 St Andreasberg, Germany
A rare and relatively rich old-time specimen of Millerite on Calcite from the St. Andreasberg mining district
Chondrite Meteorite (Fell 30th January 1868)
  Pultusk meteorite, Mazowieckie
A thumbnail sized, rounded, irregular Chondrite Meteorite, designated the Pultusk meteorite for where in fell
Acanthite with Nickeline
 Měděnec, Bohemia
A rare specimen of Acanthite and Nickeline from the polymetallic orebody at Měděnec in the Krušné Hory
 Wheal Rose, Cornwall
An extremely rare location specimen of well crystallised Cerussite on massive Galena from Wheal Rose at
 Wheal Gorland, England
A fine small miniature of turquoise-green Chalcophyllite crystals lining two vugs in a grey and tan,
 Pikedaw-Grizedales Veins, North Yorkshire
A very rare specimen of Azurite from the Pikedaw-Grizedales Veins near Craven in North Yorkshire,
 Oberschlema, Saxony
Whewellite is an unusual mineral due to its carbon organic content and is a hydrated calcium oxalate. 
 Niederschlema, Germany
Argentopyrite is a relatively rare mineral, being a silver-iron sulphide.  This specimen, from
Hematite ps. after Magnetite var. Martite
 Payún volcano, Mendoza Province
A stunning and classic pseudomorph of Hematite after Magnetite from Payún volcano in Mendoza Province,
Rockbridgeite-Hentschelite var. Andrewsite
 Phoenix United Mine, Cornwall
The classic Cornish mineral Andrewsite is actually a mixture of Rockbridgeite and Hentschelite with minor
 Torr Works Quarry, England
A good representative specimen of the rare lead oxychloride Mendipite from Torr Works quarry at Cranmore,
Iron Meteorite (Gibeon, polished)
 Gibeon, Hardap Region
A magnificent partly sawn and polished block from the Gibeon meteorite, weighing in at 2.96 kg; making this a
 N'Chwaning Mines, South Africa
An impressive crystallised specimen of the extremely rare mineral Charlesite from the N'Chwaning mines at
Wendwilsonite and Roselite on Cobaltoan Calcite
 Aghbar Mine, Morocco
Wendwilsonite, a rare calcium-magnesium-cobalt arsenate occurs as excellent broad bladed crystals to about 5
 Bouismas Mine (Bouismass mine), Drâa-Tafilalet Region
This miniature of the silver antimonide Dyscrasite, forms a coral-like array of branching thick stems of a
Cattierite with Siegenite
 Shinkolobwe Mine, Katanga Copper Crescent
A rare specimen of Cattierite, a cobalt sulphide, from its type locality at Shinkolobwe mine, in the Katanga
 Tsumeb Mine, Oshikoto Region (Otjikoto Region)
Schaurteite, a calcium-germanium sulphate, is a very rare species from its type locality at Tsumeb and
Paralaurionite with Diaboleite and Leadhillite
 Collins vein, Arizona
A fantastic large miniature/small cabinet specimen of almost solid crystalline Paralaurionite and Diaboleite
Lillianite with Cosalite and Chalcopyrite
 Baita mining district, Bihor County
A very fine specimen containing two rare lead-bismuth sulphosalts, Lillianite and Cosalite with brassy
 Uranium Mine No. 21 (Shaft No. 21), Bohemia (Böhmen; Boehmen)
Dyscrasite is a rare silver antimonide and this is a truly magnificent example of the species.  From
Hessite with Quartz
 Anna Mine, Alba Co.
A superb small miniature of equant lead-grey Hessite crystals form a piled-up cluster on top of a matrix of
 Sacarimb (Nagyag), Romania
Sylvanite, a gold-silver telluride, forms rich crystallised and granular ribbons and patches across the
Native Iridium / Osmium (alloy)
 Urals Region, Russia
A glass phial containing two to three hundred loose granules of metallic lead-grey Native Iridium and Osmium
Native Tellurium
 Fata Baii, Romania
A small cabinet specimen, rich in splendid micro-crystals of silvery tin-white Native Tellurium on a light
Chalcoalumite, Ajoite and Brochantite on Native Copper and Cuprite
 New East Wheal Russell, England
A complexly mineralised miniature displaying Chalcoalumite (hydrous Al-Cu sulphate), Ajoite (hydrated
Native Silver pseudomorph after Pyrargyrite
  Pribram, Czech Republic
A rare and unusual Native Silver pseudomorph after Pyrargyrite from the Příbram mining district in Central
 Himmelsfürst Mine, Germany
Argyrodite is an uncommon silver-germanium sulphide (Ag8GeS6) and this excellent specimen is from its type
Iron Meteorite (found 1853)
 Tazewell meteorite, Tennessee
A sliced- sawn section of an Iron Meteorite with overall dimensions of 6.0 x 4.6 x 0.3 cm.  This is part
 Baia de Aries, Romania
Nagyágite is a rare and complex lead-antimony-gold-tellurium sulphide and forms large bright silver
 Anna Mine, Alba Co.
Hessite is a rare di-silver telluride (Ag2Te) and this specimen is from the Anna Mine at Botești in Alba
 Dzhezkazgan Mining District, Kazakhstan
An excellent and very representative specimen of the rare mineral Betekhtinite, a copper-iron-lead sulphide,
 Golden Mile Mines, Western Australia
Two micromount-size flakes of metallic silver Tellurantimony from the Golden Mile mines of Kalgoorlie-Boulder
 Broken Hill Proprietary Mine, New South Wales
The very rare mineral Marshite is one of the must-have Broken Hill classics but is seldom available and then
 Kalgoorlie-Boulder Shire, Western Australia
A rich 1.2 x 0.7 cm patch of metallic buttery-silver Calaverite invests a small sliver of milky Quartz from
 Broken Hill, Australia
Kutnohorite is another classic mineral from the Broken Hill suite and this very fine specimen is an excellent
 Zinc Corporation Mine, Australia
A terrific specimen of the rare manganese sulphide Alabandite from the Zinc Corporation mine at Broken Hill,
Anglesite var. Green Anglesite
 MMM Mine, Australia
One part-gemmy, brilliant equant limey-apple-green Anglesite crystal is perched at the edge / top of a dark
Marshite with Cerussite and Malachite
 Broken Hill, Australia
A sublime Marshite specimen, one of the essential Broken Hill classics, but very rarely obtainable with such a