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Beryl var. Emerald
 Panjshir Province, Afghanistan
Well formed and terminated gemmy-translucent crystals of Emerald on a mica-schist from Afghanistan.  Five
 Jeffrey Mine, Canada
A beautiful archetypal specimen of Vesuvianite from the famous Jeffrey mine at Asbestos in Canada. Very
Beryl var. Emerald
 Malyshevo, Russia
A great specimen of Russian Emerald, a variety of Beryl, in crystals measuring to 2.3 cm from Malyshevo in the
Dioptase with Cerussite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
Dioptase is always a collector’s favourite and is one of the iconic minerals from the Tsumeb mine in
Grossular Garnet
 Cofre de Perote, Veracruz
Crystals of translucent-gemmy apple-green to almost colourless Grossular Garnet, measuring to 4 mm+, richly
 Moon's Hill Quarry, Somerset
A dark grey andesite lava containing small amounts of purple oxidised likely Bornite with extensive surface
Augite (Pyroxene) with Calcite
 Arendal, Aust-Agder
This specimen of black Augite with salmon-pink Calcite is from the historic collection of Archduke Stephan of
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
Although categorised at Tsumeb as “common”, finds of the quality and crystal size displayed in this specimen
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
Of all Tsumeb’s spectacular minerals, the copper silicate Dioptase is widely considered its signature
Dioptase on Calcite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
Four charming, equant Dioptase crystals averaging 4 to 6 mm diameter form a deep emerald green linked chain
Kaolinite ps. after Orthoclase
 Goonbarrow China Clay Pit, England
The superb Kaolinite pseudomorphs after Orthoclase feldspar found in many of Cornwall’s china clay pits (CCPs)
Quartz var. Chalcedony
 Cornwall, England
This rather delightfully structured Chalcedony reminds me of the Devils Tower in Wyoming, made internationally
Epidote with Actinolite
 Knappenwand, Austria
Gemmy, bottle to deep sage-green translucent Epidote from the Knappenwandmulde series of epidote-amphibolites
Magnetite with Rutile, Hematite, Adularia and Quartz
 Binn Valley, Switzerland
Magnificent, individual sharp octahedral Magnetite crystals are richly scattered across the surface of a
Quartz with Chlorite
 Central St. Gotthard Massif, Switzerland
A cluster of superb and impressive ice-clear Quartz crystals rest on a thin yet strong plate of mixed
Magnetite in Asbestos
 Totenkopf (Lower Riffl glacier), Salzburg
An amazing and superb, cuboctahedral Magnetite measuring 2.3 cm across sits partly embedded in a matrix of
Andradite Garnet with Quartz and Hedenbergite
 Serifos Island, Aegean Islands
A classic combination of Andradite Garnet with Quartz and Hedenbergite from Serifos Island, one of the Aegean
Hematite with Orthoclase var. Adularia
 St. Gotthard Massif, Ticino (Tessin)
A delightful small thumbnail Iron Rose Hematite from the St. Gotthard Massif in Switzerland, with an attached
Tourmaline with Albite var. Cleavelandite
 Elizabeth R. Mine, California
A rare location piece from the Elizabeth R. mine on Chief Mountain at Pala, California.  Judging by its
Beryl var. Aquamarine
 Corrego Sao Francisco, Brazil
Mounted vertically on its acrylic base, the wonderful colour, morphology, and surface texture of this
Tourmaline with Lepidolite
 Himalaya Mine, California
This most stunning miniature Tourmaline (probably Elbaite) is bicoloured, grading from pale sage-green to
Neptunite with Joaquinite-(Ce)
 California State Gem Mine, California
This exposed vein section of snow-white Natrolite is richly covered with scattered, long, elegant black
Neptunite with Joaquinite-(Ce) and Benitoite
 California State Gem Mine, California
The combination of Neptunite and Benitoite is a classic from the California State Gem mine on Santa Rita Peak,
Hydroxylherderite on Albite
 Barra De Salinas, Brazil
Excellent, opaque pale flesh pink-creamy crystals of the calcium-beryllium phosphate Hydroxylherderite are
Spodumene var. Kunzite
 Stewart Mine, USA
This splendid off-matrix Spodumene crystal is the variety Kunzite named for George Frederick Kunz, gemmologist
Tourmaline with Lepidolite on Quartz
 Pala Chief Mine, USA
The Pala Chief mine in San Diego County is another of California’s famous gem tourmaline mines and despite
Fluorite on Muscovite
 Davib Ost Farm 61, Erongo Region
A pair of leaf to emerald-green cuboctahedron Fluorite crystals sit on, and contrast against, a thick plate of
Beryl var. Aquamarine
 Sumire, Gilgit District
A squat, perfectly developed pale sky-blue Beryl crystal, variety aquamarine, is attractively perched to one
Fluorite with Quartz
 Kara-Oba, Karagandy Province
Perfect octahedral Fluorite crystals to 1.1 cm on edge are almost entirely masked by a sugary coating of
Beryl var. Aquamarine on Albite
 Gilgit District, Pakistan
This completely stunning gemmy sky-blue Aquamarine crystal emerges from a rugged snow-white matrix of Albite
 Volodarsk-Volynskii, Zhytomyr Oblast'
This large ex-matrix, clove-brown Topaz crystal is from the amazing gem pegmatites at Volodarsk-Volynskii in
 Sar-e Sang, Badakhshan Province
Without doubt, this fantastic inky azure-blue group of Lazurite crystals is a museum-grade specimen and is
 Obira mine, Japan
Axinite is an uncommon mineral in Japan and this magnificent large cabinet sized specimen is what I would
Beryl var. Aquamarine
 Gilgit District, Pakistan
A magnificent thick prismatic Beryl crystal, variety Aquamarine, from Gilgit, Northern Areas, Pakistan with a
Topaz on Zinnwaldite
 Volodarsk-Volynskii, Zhytomyr Oblast'
A classic specimen of smoky-blue and pink-champaign Topaz nestling amongst Zinnwaldite on a matrix of milky
Calcite on Quartz with Chlorite
 Puiva Mount, Western-Siberia
Despite being composed from three of the most common minerals, the way in which these have crystallised and
 Trevascus Mine, Cornwall
Chalcedony from Trevascus mine at Carnhell Green, between Camborne and Hayle in Cornwall, is readily
Chalcedony on Quartz
 Cornwall, England
Many specimens of Chalcedony on Quartz from Cornwall date from a period where few details were recorded apart
Hemimorphite on Calcite
 Golconda Mine, England
An interesting large thumbnail of micro-crystals of glassy, fawn Hemimorphite coating a twined Calcite crystal
Greenockite with Prehnite and Pumpellyite
 Andesite Quarry, Germany
An outstanding crystal of Greenockite (cadmium sulphide), extremely large and well formed for the species,
 Knappenwand, Austria
A magnificent clustered group of inky dark bottle-green Epidote crystals from the well-known Epidote locality
 Bielig Valley (Selking Valley), Switzerland
An impressive stack of thick, lozenge-shaped Adularia crystals aesthetically dusted in micro-crystals of light
Cassiterite with Tourmaline
 Goonbarrow China Clay Pit, England
Access to the China Clay Pits (CCP) around the town of St. Austell in Cornwall is no longer possible, so
 Sauschwart Mine, Saxony
Eulytine is a rare bismuth silicate which, in this specimen, forms 1 to 2 mm, highly lustrous gemmy crystals
Beryl var. Heliodor
 Murzinka Mine, Urals Region
A rather gorgeous tabular-like Beryl crystal of the variety Heliodor from the historic and famous Murzinka
Topaz on Orthoclase
 Murzinka Mine, Urals Region
A rare and stunning specimen of pale blue Topaz crystals on a terminated Orthoclase crystal from the Murzinka
Calcite with Ilvaite
 Dal'negorsk, Russia
An impressive colourless and mainly transparent Calcite crystal, double terminated with an overall length of 6
Andradite Garnet
 Korshunovskoye iron deposit, Irkutsk Oblast
A simply stunning and magnificent example of Andradite Garnet, forming interpenetrant rhombic dodecahedrons to