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Cassiterite with Topaz and Hübnerite
 Horni Slavkov (Schlaggenwald), Czech Republic
A beautiful small miniature of Cassiterite with Topaz and Hübnerite from Horní Slavkov in the Karlovy Vary
Malachite with Chrysocolla
 Wheal Phoenix, England
Mammillary druses of Malachite form gently curved mounds over the Quartz crystal covered surface of a Quartz
 Schneckenstein Cliff, Germany
Unusual for this locality, a Carlsbad interpenetrant Orthoclase twin from the classic Schneckenstein Cliff at
 Kimmeria, East Macedonia and Thrace
An elegant cluster of well developed, deep leafy-green Epidote crystals from Kimmeria in Xanthi Prefecture,
Quartz var. Amethyst on Danburite
 Charcas, San Luis Potosí
About six small and stubby, double terminated crystals of pale lavender Amethyst, the purple variety of
 Benitoite Gem Mine, California
A perfectly terminated jet-black Neptunite crystal measuring 1.8 x 0.5 x 0.5 cm, partly embedded in a small
 Puiva (Pouyva) Mount, Russia
A beautiful undamaged floater of a double terminated Axinite-(Fe) crystal which grades from transparent
 Höllgraben, Salzburg
Citrus limey-apple-green crystals of Titanite are scattered across the surface of a complex, fine-granular
Titanite with Adularia and Chlorite
 Gösleswand, Tyrol
A beautiful, ex-matrix, small miniature composed of a 2.8 cm long double terminated Titanite crystal emerging
 Monte Somma, Campania
A remarkably interesting specimen of creamy-tan Forsterite from its type locality of Monte Somma, the present
Uvarovite (Garnet)
 Biserskoye Chrome Deposit, Urals Region
A truly historic specimen of Uvarovite garnet from the Biserskoye Chrome Deposit in the Urals Region of
Spessartine with Scheelite and Muscovite
 San Piero in Campo, Tuscany
A splendid specimen composed of pale\ apricot-orange Spessartine garnet crystals overgrowing a rich  bed
 Wheal Jane, England
Cronstedtite, a complex iron silicate, is one of the classic minerals forever associated with Wheal Jane at
Beryl var. Heliodor
 Stiepelmann Mine, Namibia
A well formed and terminated Beryl crystal, variety Heliodor, from the Klein Spitzkoppe (Spitzkopje) granite
 Klein Spitzkopje Granite Stock, Namibia
An almost completely gemmy, water-clear Topaz crystal from the Klein Spitzkopje granite stock in the Erongo
 N'Chwaning II Mine, South Africa
A small miniature group of burnt rusty-orange Inesite crystals from the N'Chwaning II mine, at Kuruman in the
 Klein Spitzkopje Granite Stock, Namibia
A superb, almost completely water-clear gemmy colourless crystal, beautifully terminated and with a perfect
 Arandis, Namibia
Excellent deep bottle-green crystals of Epidote to 3 cm tall stand on a small plate of Quartz matrix from the
Andradite var. Demantoid (Garnet Group)
 Antetezambato Demantoid-Topazolite Mine, Antsiranana Province
A splendid group of spring leaf-green Andradite garnet crystals, variety Demantoid, in a matrix of
 Lavrion District Mines, Greece
A most attractive botryoidal mound of pale sky to duck egg-blue Smithsonite with a beautiful smooth and silky
Aurichalcite with Hemimorphite and Baryte
 Western Flats, Derbyshire
A fine example of well crystallised turquoise-green Aurichalcite forming rich druses lining and coating a
 Tsumeb Mine, Oshikoto Region (Otjikoto Region)
A beautiful example of the copper silicate mineral Dioptase from Tsumeb, here occurring as individual and
 Tsumeb Mine, Oshikoto Region (Otjikoto Region)
Dioptase, the deep emerald-green copper silicate, is a Tsumeb classic and has become, perhaps, the mine’s most
 Tsumeb Mine, Oshikoto Region (Otjikoto Region)
A choice, large miniature of well crystallised Willemite forming rich light aquamarine druses over the deep
Spessartine Garnet in Galena
 North Mine, New South Wales
Spessartine Garnet in Galena is one of the most readily recognisable specimens from the world-famous mines at
Opal in matrix
 Queensland, Australia
Opal is probably the mineral synonymous with Australia.  This splendid example is set in a limestone
 North Mine, New South Wales
Two translucent clove-burnt-orange Bustamite crystals forming a V-shaped specimen from North Mine at Broken
 Zinc Corporation Mine, Australia
Bannisterite is a black mica-like mineral and a rare phyllosilicate.  A 5.0 x 3.0+ cm area of platy
 Broken Hill, Australia
Apophyllite occurs at Broken Hill as very fine crystals and this is an excellent example.  Colourless
 M’Seal, Democratic Republic of the Congo
From the classic Mashamba West Mine in the Kolwezi mining district, Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly
 Malmberget, Sweden
A group of fine Hedenbergite crystals from Malmberget in Norrbotten County, Sweden, set in an unusual very
 Volodarsk-Volynskii, Ukraine
This ex-matrix, complexly developed Topaz crystal is from the classic Volodarsk-Volynskii granitic chamber
 Nordmark Odal Field (Nordmarksberg), Sweden
An stunning specimen of highly lustrous Pyroxene crystals which range from perfectly developed equant crystals
Andradite (Garnet Group)
 Dognecea, Romania
A highly unusual specimen of Andradite garnet in the habit of two thick ribbons which branch from a common
Andradite on Chalcopyrite
 Dognecea, Romania
Lovely caramel brown rhombododecahedral lustrous andradites measuring up to 1 cm on matt black tetragonal
Epidote on Orthoclase
 Epprechtstein, Germany
An impressive 4.6 cm long opaque, creamy crystal of Orthoclase feldspar with small Orthoclase crystals
Nasonite in Datolite and Goethite
 Torr Works Quarry, England
Nasonite is one of the Holy Grails from the rare oxychloride suite occasionally found in Torr Works quarry at
Kaolinite pseudomorphing after Orthoclase
 Melbur China Clay Pit, England
Colloquially referred to as a “Pig’s Egg” by miners, Kaolinite pseudomorphs after Orthoclase feldspar were
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
An elongated plate of cream to pale creamy-tan Willemite made-up entirely of crystals of between 2 and 5
Dioptase on Calcite with Duftite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
An exceedingly choice miniature of rhombohedral Calcite crystals preferentially coated with micro Calcite
Dioptase on Dolomite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
A thin Calcite plate (epimorph cast) completely masked by 1 mm and sub-mm slightly bluish-emerald-green
Titanite with Orthoclase variety Adularia
 Tormiq Valley, Pakistan
An interesting and aesthetic cluster of terminated Titanite crystals sat on a small matrix of opaque,
Calcite with Stilbite on Chalcedony
 Jalgaon, India
A stunning and remarkable gemmy Calcite twin crystal from the Jalgaon District in Maharashtra, India. 
Beryl var. Aquamarine
 Gilgit District, Pakistan
A single, off-matrix Beryl crystal, variety Aquamarine, from the Gilgit District in Pakistan.  The
Hubeite with Quartz, Pyrite and Calcite
 Fengjiashan Mine (Daye copper mine), Hubei Province
Hubeite is a rare Ca-Mn-Fe sorosilicate and was only named in 2001 after Hubei Province in China.  This
 Obira mine, Japan
Axinite is not a common mineral in Japan, but the Obira mine by Bungo-Ono City in Kyushu Region certainly
Beryl var. Aquamarine
 Chumar Bakhoor, Pakistan
A transparent, pale sky-blue crystal of Aquamarine, the blue variety of Beryl.  This ex-matrix specimen
 Sapat Gali, Pakistan
A terminated stubby lime-green Forsterite forming a spear-shaped crystal from Sapat Gali by Naran in the