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Cronstedtite with Cacoxenite on Quartz
 Wheal Jane, England
This small thumbnail from Wheal Jane, close to Truro in Cornwall, comprises of a single greyish, terminated
 Loanhead Quarry, Scotland
This acidic lemon yellow Prehnite is from the much loved Loanhead quarry at Beith, to the south west of
Quartz with Hematite
 Frizington, England
An excellent example of equant, well developed and glassy, double-terminated Quartz crystals included with
Elbaite Tourmaline with Albite var. Cleavelandite
 Kunar Province (Nuristan), Afghanistan
This large miniature of Elbaite with Albite is just as good for its excellently crystalised Cleavelandite, the
 Lovozero Massif, Russia
From the Lovozero Massif near the centre of the Kola Peninsula, Northern Region, Russia, several euhedral,
Tourmaline with Albite var. Cleavelandite and Quartz
 Golconda Pegmatite, Brazil
With a super-affordable price tag of $450 this lovely green and black Tourmaline is a steal. It’s a super
Grossular Garnet
 Schwarze Wand, Carinthia
Densely intergrown and richly coloured, dark cranberry-red crystals of Grossular Garnet from the Schwarze Wand
 Malacacheta, Minas Gerais
The gem-bearing area of Malacacheta is in the north eastern region of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais and
Grossular Garnet
 Sierra de Cruces, Coahuila
This small cabinet specimen packs a lot of punch for its size, richly encrusted and containing many rich
 Medel Valley, Switzerland
An aesthetic and interestingly bifurcating bladed crystal of lustrous gemmy to translucent clove Axinite,
Calcite with Stilbite
 Rudny, Kostanay Region
Calcite with Stilbite from the iron mines around the city of Rudny in Kostanay Province, Kazakhstan. 
Malachite on Chrysocolla
 L'Etoile du Congo Mine, Katanga Copper Crescent
A showy and well-priced cabinet specimen of Malachite on Chrysocolla from L'Etoile du Congo mine (Star of
Stellerite with Fluorapophyllite
 Sarbai Deposit, Kazakhstan
Zeolites are prone to producing delightful specimens and this Stellerite certainly meets this criteria! 
Elbaite (Tourmaline) with Lepidolite
 Pala Chief Mine, USA
This co-joined pair of pink and green Elbaite Tourmaline crystals is from the world-famous Pala Chief mine in
Elpidite in Albite
 Lovozero Massif, Russia
Acicular bundles of cream-tan Elpidite crystals are distributed within an approximately 3.5 x 3.0 cm vug
 Lovozero Massif, Russia
Superbly developed orthorhombic Lorenzenite crystals to 1.4 cm are exposed across a generally white and light
Willemite var. Troostite with Zincite and Franklinite
 Sterling Mine, New Jersey
Excellent Willemite crystals of the variety Troostite compose the bulk of this large miniature from one of
 Old Glencrieff Mine, Dumfries & Galloway
One to two millimetre spheres of delicate blue, green and cream Hemimorphite line surfaces and shallow vugs in
 Gilgit, Gilgit-Baltistan
This charming, small miniature of beautifully crystallised Epidote is from the area around Gilgit in
 Seiland Island, Norway
Seiland Island is almost at the very northern extremity of Norway and is host to over twenty mineral species.
Andradite Garnet with Amphibole
 Malenco Valley, Italy
A spectacular and classic specimen of intergrown oil-green Andradite Garnet crystals clustered at one end of a
Muscovite on Albite var. Cleavelandite
 Minas Gerais, Brazil
This small cabinet specimen is a terrific example of what is termed Star Muscovite, a habit of Muscovite mica
Perraultite and Kupletskite
 Volodarsk-Volynskii, Ukraine
Very much a reference specimen, containing two very rare mineral species from the world famous
Cassiterite with Scheelite and Muscovite
 Mt. Xuebaoding, Sichuan Province
If this quite fabulous Cassiterite with Scheelite and Muscovite is anything to judge by, Mount Xuebaoding
Spinel with Diopside
 Gon phlogopite deposit, Sakha Republic
A compact large miniature packed with large black Spinel and green Diopside crystals, cemented by a minor
Almandine Garnet
 Monteneve Mine, Italy
A heavy block of dark red and black matrix is richly encrusted with deep burgundy red Almandine Garnets to 1.1
 Zagradski Potok Mine, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
A characteristic twinned crystal of gemmy colourless to translucent white Hyalophane from the Zagradski Potok
Uvarovite Garnet
 Outokumpu, Eastern Finland Region
This most attractive miniature of Uvarovite, a calcium and chrome bearing species of Garnet, is from the area
Epidote with Quartz
 Tormiq valley, Gilgit-Baltistan
A beautiful example of well crystallised Epidote and Quartz from the Tormiq Valley in the Gilgit-Baltistan
Spinel with Chondrodite and Muscovite in Calcite
 Edenville, New York
An interesting miniature from an interesting and rare locality. Edenville-Town of Warwick is a roughly
Hubeite on Quartz
 Fengjiashan Mine, Hubei Province
This small cabinet specimen has a rich coverage of the calcium-manganese sorosilicate Hubeite over a divergent
 Schneckenstein Cliff, Germany
Light lemon yellow prismatic crystals of Topaz to 1.5 cm richly sit on top of a partly banded, light and dark
Hematite with Andradite Garnet
 Wessels Mine, South Africa
Wowsers! What a truly remarkable and astonishing large cabinet specimen of wonderfully crystallised metallic
Tourmaline with Quartz
 Power's Farm, New York
Without any shadow of doubt, this small cabinet specimen has to be termed a classic; black Tourmaline crystals
 Chiurucu Mine, Peru
This excellent small cabinet/large miniature is composed from blades of rich candy pink Rhodonite forming
Grossular Garnet with Diopside and Clinochlore
 Ala Valley, Piedmont
A rich small cabinet specimen of intergrown, highly gemmy, burnt apricot orange Grossular Garnet crystals
 Altyn-Tyube, Karagandy Province
A fine large miniature Dioptase from its type locality at Altyn-Tyube in Karagandy Province, Kazakhstan, the
Epidote with Quartz
 Green Monster Mountain, USA
A monster Epidote crystal from Green Monster Mountain! This well-known locality on Prince of Wales Island,
Andradite Garnet (repaired)
 Dognecea, Romania
An unusual specimen of Andradite garnet in the habit of two thick ribbons branching from a common origin,
Grossular var. Hessonite
 Žulová (Friedeberg), Olomouc Region
A magnificent intergrown group of lustrous cinnamon-brown Grossular Garnet crystals, of the variety Hessonite,
Andradite Garnet with Hedenbergite and Quartz
 Mega Horio, Aegean Islands Department
A fine example from the classic Andradite Garnet locality at Mega Horio on Serifos Island, Greece. Excellent,
 San Rocco, Lazio
Labelled Melilite, this superbly crystallised specimen is from San Rocco in the Viterbo Province of Lazio,
Quartz with Chlorite
 Hingston Down Quarry, Cornwall
Hingston Down is a large quarry still in operation to the west of Gunnislake, roughly midway between
Kaolinite ps. after Orthoclase
 Goonbarrow China Clay Pit, England
The superb Kaolinite pseudomorphs after Orthoclase Feldspar found in many of Cornwall’s China clay pits (CCPs)
Cassiterite var. Wood Tin with Quartz and Dolomite
 Cornwall, England
A good example of the variety of Cassiterite known as Wood Tin, due to its concentric banded appearance. This
 Wheal Jane, England
A well-formed radial cluster of lustrous black acicular Cronstedtite crystals measuring to 8 mm are nestled in
Chrysocolla with Native Copper
 Goonhilly Downs, Cornwall
A specimen with a lot of history! Admittedly, rather an ugly brute comprising Native Copper pervading and
Smoky Quartz with Cassiterite on Zinnwaldite
 Cínovec/Zinnwald, Saxony & Ústí Region (Bohemia)
From the Cínovec-Zinnwald ore field which extends into both Germany and the Czech Republic, this Smoky Quartz