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Calcite with Quartz and Albite
 Twll Maen Grisial, UK
This lovely example of Welsh, Alpine-style mineralisation comprises of Calcite with Quartz and Albite from
Aurichalcite with Hemimorphite and Baryte
 Golconda Mine, England
A fine miniature of delicate powder turquoise-green Aurichalcite forms a velvet textured druse of
Anatase with Quartz, Albite and Calcite
 Prenteg, Wales
Prenteg is famous for the occurrence of the trimorphous minerals Anatase, Brookite and Rutile, each a
Willemite var. Troostite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
Willemite occurs throughout the ore body at the Tsumeb mine in the Oshikoto Region of Namibia and Troostite is
Calcite with Dioptase inclusions
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
These well-known specimens of Dioptase-included within translucent colourless to creamy rhombohedral Calcite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
A choice thumbnail displaying a single equant crystal of Dioptase on a small bed of millimetre-sized,
 Seiland Island, Norway
Seiland is one of a plethora of small islands around the northern coast of Norway and here Zircon occurs in
Spodumene var. Hiddenite
 Adams Hiddenite And Emerald Mine, USA
Don’t some people just get all the luck?  Surely either an Emerald or Hiddenite mine would be deemed a
 Murzinka Mine, Urals Region
An off-matrix terminated Topaz crystal of bright cornflower-blue from the Murzinka mine in the Prigorodny
Spessartine with Schorl on Feldspar.
 Skardu District, Gilgit-Baltistan
A very well formed crystal of dark, rich burgundy red Spessartine Garnet with flashes of lighter claret red,
Beryl var. Emerald
 Krupskoye Deposit, Russia
Translucent to semi-transparent crystals of bluish-green Beryl of the variety Emerald richly pervade a sharply
Beryl var. Aquamarine
 Gilgit District, Pakistan
This magnificently terminated Aquamarine prism is of a beautiful bright sky blue with a superb glassy and
Almandine Garnet
 Monteneve Mine, Italy
A heavy block of dark red and black matrix is richly encrusted with deep burgundy red Almandine Garnets to 1.1
 Untersulzbach Valley, Austria
A terrific cabinet specimen composed of lustrous glassy lime-green Titanite crystals scattered over a strongly
Grossular Garnet var. Hessonite
 Jeffrey Mine, Canada
A great miniature group of intergrown Grossular Garnet crystals of the variety Hessonite, from Jeffrey mine at
 Brazil, South America
A large, lustrous double terminated Aquamarine Beryl crystal of pastel cucumber green measuring 9.5 cm between
 Alto do Giz pegmatite, Rio Grande do Norte
Colourless Euclase crystals, each containing a pale indigo blue phantom within the apex of the termination,
Spodumene var Kunzite
 Dara-i-Pech Pegmatite Field, Afghanistan
A classic pink gemmy-translucent crystal of Kunzite from Dara-i-Pech in Konar Province, Afghanistan. A
 Konar Valley, Afghanistan
A gemmy yellowish lime green crystal of Spodumene displaying well-formed prism faces and naturally etched
Beryl Var. Morganite
 Blue Lady Mine, California
A 4.2 x 2.8 x 2.0 cm prismatic hexagonal crystal of Morganite, the pink variety of Beryl, from the Blue Lady
 Nujiang Valley, China
A well-proportioned colourless gemmy crystal of Topaz measuring to 3.2 cm with excellent, perfectly defined
Beryl Var. Aquamarine
 Ural Mountains, Siberia
A simple, single hexagonal prismatic crystal of Beryl, of the variety Aquamarine, from the Ural Mountains in
Orthoclase var. Adularia
 Tujetsch, Switzerland
An impressive sheave of solid crystallised Adularia, a low-temperature variety of Orthoclase Feldspar, from
Uvarovite Garnet
 Biserskoye Chrome Deposit, Urals Region
A truly historic specimen of Uvarovite Garnet from the Biserskoye Chrome Deposit in the Urals Region of
 Baveno, Italy
A pleasing prismatic bicoloured single twinned crystal of Orthoclase measuring to 5.2 cm from Baveno in
 Kimmeria, East Macedonia and Thrace
A terrific small group of Epidote crystals which grade from dark green at their base to a light
Kaolinite pseudomorphing after Orthoclase
 Melbur China Clay Pit, England
Colloquially known as a “Pig’s Egg” by miners and collectors alike, Kaolinite pseudomorphs after Orthoclase
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
Bright emerald green Dioptase crystals up to 0.9 cm long richly coat the top surface of a Calcite matrix whose
Andradite var. Demantoid (Garnet)
 Antetezambato Demantoid-Topazolite Mine, Antsiranana Province
The Antetezambato mine, also known as the Antetezambato Demantoid-Topazolite mine, is located in the far
Inesite with Calcite
 Wessels Mine, South Africa
A most attractive specimen of apricot orange Inesite crystals and crystalline botryoidal developments are
Willemite var. Troostite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
Troostite is a red-brown variety of Willemite which was found throughout most parts of the orebody at
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
The zinc silicate Willemite was first encountered in the early years of mining at Tsumeb being found in the
Dioptase with Duftite on Calcite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
Dioptase crystals of deep emerald green richly coat a bed of small rhombohedral Calcite crystals, some of
Quartz var. Chalcedony
 Trevascus Mine, Cornwall
The Trevascus mine lies towards the south west of Camborne, almost halfway along the railway line to
Elbaite Tourmaline with Quartz
 Coronel Murta, Minas Gerais
Two highly flattened Elbaite Tourmaline crystals are developed in parallel growth and melded along their
Quartz var. Gwindel
 Dodo Mine, Russia
This is one of those specimens for which you cannot really avoid shouting “Wow!”.  It’s a quite amazing
Schorl Tourmaline
 Davib Ost Farm 61, Namibia
This spectacular jet black Schorl Tourmaline measures 20.2 cm long, formed from stacked sub-parallel Schorl
 Volodarsk-Volynskii, Ukraine
Topaz, an aluminium-fluorine silicate, is well known for forming magnificently large and impressive crystals,
Uvarovite Garnet
 Outokumpu Cu-Co-Zn-Ni-Ag-Au ore field, Eastern Finland Region
This miniature is a great example of Uvarovite Garnet from the copper-zinc-cobalt mines in the Outokumpu
 St. Andreasberg, Germany
Apophyllite from the historic silver mining area of St. Andreasberg in Lower Saxony, Germany, is one of those
Chrome Dravite Tourmaline
 Nadonjukin, Manyara Region
A fine part-gemmy rich chrome green pair of Chrome Dravite crystals measuring to 3.3 cm tall, with adjacent
Schorl Tourmaline
 Tubussis Farm 22, Namibia
Schorl, the black iron iron-rich member of the Tourmaline Group, famously forms fabulous crystals at many
Quartz var. Amethyst on Danburite
 Charcas, San Luis Potosí
This small miniature / large thumbnail is a terrific combination of a double terminated stubby crystal of
Scheelite on Zinnwaldite
 Cínovec / Zinnwald, Saxony & Ústí Region
An excellent miniature displaying a dense cluster of sharply formed Scheelite crystals set in a matrix of
 Puiva Mount, Western-Siberia
The polymetallic ore deposit at Puiva Mount in Western-Siberia, Russia, is host to over 50 mineral species and
Dioptase on Quartz
 Mindouli District, Pool Department
Copper mineralisation occurs along a 3 km escarpment close to the village of Mindouli in the Pool Department
 Klein Spitzkopje Granite Stock, Namibia
The Klein Spitzkopje in the Erongo Region of Namibia is a spectacular isolated granite stock (an inselberg),
Smoky Quartz var. Gwindel with Adularia
 Giuv Valley, Switzerland
This fabulous plate of Alpine minerals is from the Giuv Valley in Grischun, Switzerland, an area of high