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Almandine Garnet
 Kamiaba, Katanga (Shaba)
An unusual location of Almandine Garnet crystals displaying classic Garnet crystal form measuring to
 California State Gem Mine (Dallas Gem Min), California
A superb crystal specimen of abundant well-formed lustrous prismatic Neptunite crystals measuring to 1.5cm,
Spessartine with Schorl on Feldspar.
 Skardu District, Gilgit-Baltistan
A very well formed crystal of dark rich red lustrous Spessartine Garnet with flashes of lighter red, measuring
Apophyllite with Calcite
 Pune, India
Classic Indian Apophyllite double terminated crystal measuring to 7.5cm sits across intergrown crystals of
Spodumene var Kunzite
 Dara-i-Pech Pegmatite Field, Afghanistan
Classic pink gemmy-translucent crystal of Kunzite from Dara-i-Pech, Afghanistan. A well developed thickly
 Konar Valley, Afghanistan
A gem yellow crystal of Spodumene displaying well-formed prism faces and naturally etched terminations,
Adularia with Epidote
 Shigar Valley, Pakistan
A substantial specimen of pale green Chlorite covered twinned K-Feldspar Adularia crystals measuring to 7.8cm,
Spodumene with Albite
 Kunar Valley, Afghanistan
A superb choice display of terminated Spodumene crystals with white platy Albite from Kunar Province,
Titanite with Feldspar
 Capelinha, Brazil
Abundant crystals of gemmy-translucent yellow-green to yellow-brown twinned Titanite measuring to 2.5cm
Beryl var Aquamarine
 Marambaia, Minas Gerais
A well-developed terminated crystal of Aquamarine measuring to 6.8cm across the pinacoid termination. The
 Aurangabad District, Maharashtra
An excellent crystal wheel of pastel creamy beige lustrous Stellerite measuring to 5cm with further crystals
  Nashik Quarry, Maharashtra
Excellent sharp lustrous double and single terminated crystals of Fluorapophyllite measuring to 4cm+ on a
 Aurangabad District, Maharashtra
A very fine display of lustrous intergrown creamy to tinted pink crystals of Stellerite measuring overall to
Elbaite Tourmaline
 Pala Chief Mine, USA
Excellent rich gemmy pink crystal of Elbaite Tourmaline with a flat pinacoid termination and typically
A neat gemmy-translucent double terminated crystal of Tourmaline displaying subtle colour shades from
Rhodonite with Galena
 North Mine, Australia
Classic pink-red crystals of Rhodonite measuring to 1cm display great translucency and lustre from a bright
Lepidolite with Quartz
 Minas Gerais, Brazil
Beautiful pink platy crystals of diamond-shaped Lepidolite in a stacked habit measuring to
Elbaite Tourmaline (4 crystals)
 Barra do Salinas, Brazil
A set of four beautifully coloured and gemmy Elbaite Tourmaline crystals from Barra do Salinas, in the
Elbaite Tourmaline
 Malkhan Pegmatite Field, Russia
A beautiful Elbaite Tourmaline crystal in varying shades of rich cranberry-red and with a superb glassy lustre
Calcite with Dioptase
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
A highly lustrous mound of closely interpenetrating snow-white Calcite crystals averaging between 2 to 2.5 cm
Galena with Quartz
 Stribro, Czech Republic
Modified cubic crystals of lustrous silvery-grey Galena are perched on top of an equally lustrous plate of
Elbaite Tourmaline on Quartz
 Sapo Mine, Minas Gerais
A beautiful stubby Elbaite Tourmaline crystal measuring 2.5 x 1.9 x 1.2 cm, is partly embedded in a large
Rhodonite with Galena
 North Mine, New South Wales
An exceptional group of large, well developed deep cherry-red Rhodonite crystals with a little attached Galena
Galena with Quartz
 Gyongyosoroszi, Hungary
A thin saucer-like plate of grey-milky Quartz covered with well-developed Quartz crystals averaging 4 mm tall.
Spessartine Garnet with Quartz and Feldspar
 Shigar Valley, Pakistan
A superb cabinet specimen of deep burgundy-red Spessartine Garnets scattered over milky Albite Feldspar and
Rhodonite with Galena
 North Mine, New South Wales
A coarsely granular matrix of bright grey-silver Galena is riddled with lustrous glassy crystals of cherry-red
 Zinc Corporation Mine, Australia
A stunning and classic crystallised Rhodonite from the Zinc Corporation mine at Broken Hill, New South Wales,
Spessartine Garnet with Galena
 North Mine, New South Wales
Spessartine Garnet in Galena is one of the major classics from North Mine at Broken Hill in New South Wales,
Andradite var Demantoid Garnet
A classic specimen of gemmy-translucent green to yellow-green Demantoid Garnet pleasingly scattered and
Quartz with Hematite
 Cavradi Gorge, Grischun
A clear and almost colourless terminated Quartz crystal which at one side is embedded with a platy
Quartz Var. Smoky Quartz
 Grimsel Area, Switzerland
A terrific double-terminated prismatic crystal of delicately tinted pale sherry Smoky Quartz from the Grimsel
Andradite Garnet
 Dognecea, Romania
Richly intergrown crystals of yellow-brown Andradite crystals measuring to 2.2cm. From Dognecea, Romania.
Dioptase with Calcian Pyromorphite on Plancheite
 Mindouli District, Pool Department
From Mindouli in the Republic of Congo (also known as Congo-Brazzaville to clearly distinguish from the
Scheelite with Beryl on Muscovite
 Pingwu, Sichuan Province
A spectacular cabinet sized specimen of lustrous and glassy colourless beryl and toffee-orange Scheelite
 Skardu, Baltistan
A most attractive group of deep apple green Epidote crystals radiating out from a solid base of Epidote,
Elbaite (Tourmaline group)
 Jos Plateau, Nigeria
A beautiful and striking off-matrix specimen of Elbaite Tourmaline from the cassiterite mining district of the
Sphalerite on Quartz
 Dal'negorsk, Russia
A long narrow rib of vein Quartz is overgrown with acicular Quartz crystals to about 5 mm, over which large,
Beryl Var. Aquamarine
 Ural Mountains, Siberia
A simple, single hexagonal prismatic crystal of Beryl, variety Aquamarine, from the Ural Mountains in Russia;
Tourmaline with Albite Var. Cleavelandite
 Paprok, Nuristan Province
A choice mauve-plum, perfectly terminated Tourmaline crystal embedded in creamy-white sheaves of Cleavelandite
Elbaite Tourmaline
 Paprok, Nuristan Province
A pleasingly stubby and partly gemmy Elbaite Tourmaline crystal with a nice chunky feel!  An off-matrix
 Mount Malosa, Malawi
A fabulous divergent spray of thick black-green Aegirine crystals to over 8 cm from the alkali pegmatites of
Elbaite (Tourmaline) Var. Indicolite
 Sauda Mine, Gilgit-Baltistan
An outstanding 6 cm tall crystal of Elbaite Tourmaline of the blue variety Indicolite, from Sauda mine in the
Quartz Var. Amethyst
 Goboboseb Mountains, Namibia
A beautiful cluster of Quartz crystals from the quarries in the Goboboseb Mountains at Brandberg in 
Tourmaline var. Rubellite
 Otjua Mine, Namibia
A striking dark plum and cherry-pink pair of off-matrix Tourmaline crystals from the Otjua Mine on Otjua Farm
Elbaite Tourmaline on Albite
 Stak Nala, Pakistan
A highly aesthetic pair of Elbaite Tourmaline crystals on snow-white Albite feldspar attached to a part
Tourmaline with Albite and Quartz
 Raikot, Gilgit-Baltistan
Four prismatic, lime-apple-green to darker sour-apple-green Elbaite Tourmaline crystals to 2 cm tall and up to
Beryl Var. Emerald
 Krupskoye Deposit, Russia
Translucent to semi-transparent crystals of bluish-green Beryl, variety Emerald, richly pervade a sharply
 Pingwu, Sichuan Province
A beautiful tabular, blue tinted colourless Beryl crystal measuring 3.5 x 2.7 x 1.2 cm on a matrix of Albite