Sulphides, Sulphosalts and Arsenides


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 Weißer Hirsch Mine (Shaft 3), Saxony
Silvery to metallic grey intergrown twinned crystals of Skutterudite measuring to around 5 mm are formed
 St. Andreasberg, Germany
Crystals and crystal sections of lustrous metallic reddish Pyrargyrite are aggregated atop the hackley
 Neue Hoffnung Gottes Mine, Germany
Excellent lustrous metallic grey well-formed crystal of the rare silver mineral Miargyrite are clustered
  Bräunsdorf, Saxony
Well-formed metallic reddish crystals of Pyrargyrite measuring to 4mm are grouped over a light beige Siderite
 Sangerhausen, Saxony-Anhalt
Metallic pinkish vein of Nickeline displays intergrown druse of terminations with white Calcite from the
 Freiberg, Germany
Silvery to blood-red crystalline Proustite in areas measuring to 1.4 cm with crystal development
Galena with Dolomite
 Freiberg, Germany
Intergrown typically metallic grey cubic crystals of Galena measuring to 1.3 cm, some crystals displaying
 Freiberg, Germany
Metallic silvery-red crystals of Proustite measuring to 5 mm are associated with metallic grey crystals of
 Bräunsdorf, Saxony
A rich maroon lustrous red crystal spray of Kermesite measuring to 1.5 cm associated with metallic grey
 Churprinz Friedrich August Erbstolln Mine (Churprinz Mine; Kurprinz Mine), Saxony
A bright silvery-grey crystal specimen of Galena from the Churprinz Friedrich August Erbstolln Mine,
 Niederschlema, Germany
Sivery metallic intergrown crystals of Nickelskutterudite (Chloanthite) measuring to 6mm mostly covers
Kermesite with Stibnite
 Bräunsdorf, Saxony
Finely acicular divergent bundles of deep blood red Kermesite measuring to 1 cm occupy areas of an
Fluorite with Galena and Chalcopyrite
 Blackdene Mine, County Durham
A delightful small cabinet specimen of pale lilac to creamy-white Fluorite sprinkled with metallic, lustrous
Fluorite with Bismuthinite inclusions
 South Crofty Mine, England
A brecciated, vuggy Quartz matrix richly invested with cubic crystals of purple Fluorite of up to 5 mm on edge
 Fowey Consols, England
A pleasing specimen composed entirely of Chalcopyrite which shows many crystallised faces and is capped with
Bismuthinite with Chalcopyrite
 Fowey Consols, England
Broad ropey swaths of thick dull light graphite-grey Bismuthinite acicular crystals radiate up and throughout
Calcite on Quartz with Galena and Tetrahedrite
 Herodsfoot Mine, England
A cabinet-size triangular-shaped specimen of lustrous opaque milky-white Calcite crystals, double terminated
Galena on Sphalerite
 Eyam, England
A superb and highly unusual group of lustrous octahedral Galena crystals, richly scattered over a plate of
 Barkerville area, British Columbia
Metallic silver-grey striated lath-like crystals of Cosalite are frozen in a white Quartz with Pyrite and
Petzite with Hessite and Altaite
 Red Cloud Mine, Colorado
Three rare intergrown tellurium species veined and interspersed through a Siderite matrix with
 Junction Mine, Australia
A micro-specimen containing a number of silver sulfosalt species including Pyrostilpnite, Polybasite,
Stannite with Arsenopyrite and Andorite
 San Germán mine, Potosí Department
Crystals of metallic Stannite are intermixed with prismatic Arsenopyrite crystals and grey-blue Andorite on a
Galena with Quartz
 Stribro, Czech Republic
An old-time specimen of a single modified metallic grey Galena crystal measuring to 3 cm, on a Quartz crystal
 Bristol Copper Mine, USA
A rare specimen of Chalcocite crystals from the long-closed Bristol Copper Mine, Connecticut, USA. The
 Maria-Teresa Mine, Oruro Department
Herzenbergite is a rare tin sulphide from the type locality at the Maria-Teresa Mine, Bolivia. The ones we
Galena with Baryte on Fluorite
 Chrich Quarry, England
A classic Derbyshire specimen of clusters of dark grey cubic Galena crystals measuring to 9 mm, with
 San Jose Mine, Bolivia
A relatively large crystal of metallic grey Andorite displaying abundant parallel growth, with further
Neyite and Aikinite
 Alice Arm, British Columbia
Rare metallic grey Neyite a Silver-Copper-Lead-Bismuth Sulphide is associated with metallic grey Aikinite
 Guanajuato, Mexico
Guanajuatite is a rare metallic grey Bismuth Selenide from the type locality at Guanajuato, Mexico. Four
Siderite with Pyrite
 Tazna Mine, Potosí Department
A pleasing specimen of bold chunky lenticular Siderite crystals to 2.7 cm diameter, densely covering a
Pyrite with Tourmaline
 Lengenbach Quarry, Switzerland
An equant, well-developed complex Pyrite crystal 5 mm in diameter nestles in a creamy-white, sucrosic
Stannite with Jamesonite
 San José Mine, Oruro Department
An unusual and rather fascinating specimen of the tin sulphide Stannite is intergrown with thick acicular
Tetrahedrite with Boulangerite, Jamesonite and Pyrite
 Ánimas Mine, Potosí Department
A terrific off-matrix specimen of intergrown steely-grey Tetrahedrite crystals to 2.3 cm on edge from the
Lorandite with Realgar
 Allchar, Kavadarci
A rare and interesting specimen of Lorandite with Realgar from the famous arsenic-antimony-gold-thallium
Kawazulite with Freibergite
 Moctezuma Mine (Bambolla Mine), Sonora
A rare specimen of Kawazulite a Bismuth Selenium/Telluride as silvery metallic areas intermixed with
Tetrahedrite with Galena and Quartz
 Herodsfoot Mine, England
A block of milky-white vein Quartz coated with 2 to 3 mm clear glassy Quartz crystals, cuboctahedral Galena,
 Blackdene Mine, County Durham
A fine bright metallic silvery crystal specimen of intergrown Galena crystals with cube-octahedral habit
Chalcopyrite var Blister Copper
 Camborne-Redruth, England
A pleasing miniature specimen of Chalcopyrite variety Blister Copper from one of the mines in the
 Geevor Mine, England
Metallic gunmetal blue intergrown twinned crystals of Chalcocite measuring overall to 2 cm with green areas of
 Geevor Mine, England
A classic Geevor Mine/Levant section specimen of nailhead Chalcocite measuring to a height of 1.7 cm
 Magnesite Deposit, Austria
A well-formed crystal group of intergrown broad-bladed Marcasite crystals measuring overall to 3 cm, sits atop
Gratonite in Sphalerite
 Segen Gottes Mine, Baden-Württemberg
Metallic silvery-grey areas of Gratonite measuring to 1 cm+ have been overgrown by banded mostly botryoidal
Spalerite with Calcite
 Trepca Complex, Kosovo
A classic polymetallic specimen of lustrous black Sphalerite crystals measuring to 2 cm with late Pyrite and
 Jáchymov (St Joachimsthal), Bohemia (Böhmen; Boehmen)
A well-developed thumbnail crystal specimen of intergrown cubic Acanthite with some octahedral corner
 Reckibach, Wallis (Valais)
Rare red areas of Trechmannite associated with other undefined sulphosalts in a sugary Dolomite from the
Rathite with Seligmannite
 Lengenbach Quarry, Switzerland
A class specimen of Pyrite crystal veined sugary Dolomite with a cavity of metallic
Pyrrhotite with Galena
 Trepca Stan Terg Mine, Kosovo
Very characteristic metallic bronze coloured intergrown crystals of Pyrrhotite, associated with silvery
Polybasite with Quartz
 Mangani, Sumatra
A rare very seldom seen location of any mineral specimen from near Mangani, Sumatra, Indonesia. ( may be from