Sulphides, Sulphosalts and Arsenides


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Tennantite on Chalcopyrite
 Wheal Jewel, England
A sparkling metallic grey intergrown druse of crystalline Tennantite which mostly covers the display face of
 South Crofty Mine, England
A quite aesthetic and interesting small cabinet specimen of spherical nodular domes of brassy to golden-silver
Connellite with Chalcophyllite
 Wheal Gorland, England
The halide Connellite is a hydrous copper chloro-sulphate and is a rare mineral within Cornwall’s richly
Chalcopyrite var. Blister Copper
 Tincroft Mine, England
Spherical crystals of Chalcopyrite up to 1 cm in diameter form a mound of the variety Blister Copper from
Tetrahedrite with Chalcopyrite and Galena
 Herodsfoot Mine, England
Herodsfoot at Lanreath and close to Liskeard is one of Cornwall’s most famous mines because of the discovery
Fluorite with Galena
 Denton Mine, USA
Denton mine in the Illinois-Kentucky Fluorspar District of Hardin County, Illinois, may only have seven
Calcite with Sphalerite
 Elmwood Mine, USA
A 4.9 cm wide, colourless, glassy, twinned scalenohedron crystal of Calcite is perched on a stacked group of
Fluorite with minor Galena
 Heavy Metal Pocket, Co. Durham
The Fluorite uncounted in the Heavy Metal Pocket of Diana Maria mine in Weardale was closely associated with
Rhodonite with Galena
 North Mine, Australia
The unusual combination of large glassy Rhodonite crystals embedded in Galena is unique to the mines at Broken
Chalcopyrite with Siderite
 Kaiwu Mine, Guizhou Province
A beautiful lustrous bright specimen of excellent intergrown crystals of metallic brassy-yellow Chalcopyrite
Stibnite with Baryte
 Baia Sprie, Romania
Baia Sprie mine, also known as Felsöbánya mine, in Romania is famous for hosting over ninety mineral species,
 Huanzala Mine, Peru
A great specimen of particularly well-formed Pyrite crystals from the Huanzala mine in the Huánuco Department
 Ichinokawa Mine, Japan
A classic single crystal of Stibnite from the famous Ichinokawa mine on Shikoku Island, Japan.  This is a
 Fenghuang Co., Hunan Province
A classic specimen of excellent well-formed lustrous deep red to maroon-red crystals of Cinnabar developed
 Mogul Mine, Ireland
This superb miniature of cuboctahedral Galena crystals is from the famous discovery at Mogul mine in the
Fluorite with Galena and Quartz
 Layer Cake Pocket, England
The Layer Cake Pocket, although of limited extent and relatively few specimens, produced magnificent
 Geevor Mine, England
A classic Geevor mine, Levant section specimen of nail head Chalcocite measuring to a height of 1.7 cm and
Bismuthinite with Chalcopyrite
 Fowey Consols, England
An exceptional cabinet specimen of Bismuthinite with Chalcopyrite from the famous Fowey Consols, one of the
Galena with Sphalerite and Calcite
 Nikolaevskiy Mine, Russia
A magnificent cluster of excellent Galena spinel-twins from the Nikolaevskiy mine at Dal'negorsk in the
Quartz with Calcite and Galena
 Madan Ore Field, Bulgaria
The vast lead-zinc-silver deposits which form the Madan ore field in the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria produce
Galena with Chalcopyrite on Quartz
 Tarnowskie Góry, Poland
This rather splendid pair of silvery-grey Galena crystals are from Tarnowskie Góry in Poland, a very old
 Geevor Mine, England
A rich cluster of gunmetal grey Chalcocite crystals wraps itself across the top and down one side of an iron
Mimetite var. Campylite
 Dry Gill Mine, England
You may will be familiar with the Mineralogical Record’s famous supplement in early 2010, ‘The Lindsay
 Blackdene Mine, County Durham
A fine small cabinet specimen of bright, silver metallic intergrown Galena crystals with cuboctahedral habit
Schneiderhöhnite with Quartz and Tennantite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
This small miniature of the very rare iron arsenate Schneiderhöhnite in a matrix of mixed Tennantite and
Native Silver with Stephanite and Erythrite
 Medenec (Kupferberg), Bohemia
This quite gorgeous thumbnail of beautifully crystallised Native Silver with Stephanite and Erythrite is from
Native Silver pseudomorphing after Pyrargyrite and Stephanite
  Pribram, Czech Republic
Rare silver minerals frequently occurred in the ore deposits of the Příbram Mining District within the Czech
Native Silver with Sternbergite
 Eliáš Mine, Czech Republic
This miniature, rich in Native Silver and the silver-iron sulphide Sternbergite, is a rare combination of
Native Silver with Acanthite and Pyrostilpnite
 Santiago Alto mine, Potosí Department
It has to be said this is an ugly beast, yet beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  For those collectors
Tetrahedrite with Chalcopyrite, Galena and Quartz
 Herodsfoot Mine, England
A quite magnificent specimen of Tetrahedrite with Chalcopyrite and Galena from Herodsfoot mine at Lanreath,
 Levant Mine, England
A solid bed of massive Chalcocite is entirely covered across its top surface with intergrown bladed Chalcocite
Baryte with Calcite and Marcasite
  Pribram, Czech Republic
This beautiful specimen of Baryte with Calcite and Marcasite is from the famous Příbram mining district in the
Calcite with Pyrite
 Broken Hill, Australia
This large cabinet specimen of stubby nail head Calcite crystals is from the classic Broken Hill mining
Fluorite and Galena
 Heavy Metal Pocket, Co. Durham
This excellent large miniature Fluorite with Galena is from the Heavy Metal Pocket in the Diana Maria mine,
Pyromorphite on Galena
 MMM Mine, Australia
The famous MMM mine at Broken Hill in Australia worked the line of lode orebody and is situated within the
Andorite with Zinkenite and Pyrite
 Itos Mine, Oruro Department
This remarkable large cabinet specimen of Andorite with Zinkenite and Pyrite is from Itos mine in the Oruro
 Mun. de Fresnillo, Zacatecas
Stephanite, a rare silver antimony sulphosalt, can develop as well-formed crystals and this stunning large
Bournonite with Freibergite
 Viboras Mine, Potosí Department
If you have been looking for an example of Bournonite which exemplifies its common name of cogwheel ore, then
 Echo Bay Mine, Canada
This thumbnail specimen of the silver sulphide Acanthite is from the Port Radium District, adjacent to the
 Excelsior Mine, Peru
A superbly crystallised thumbnail of the rare lead-arsenic sulphosalt Gratonite from its type locality at the
 Huanzala Mine, Peru
Wow!  It is all too easy to become complacent with Pyrite, but when a specimen such as this appears, it
 Viboras Mine, Potosí Department
This beautifully crystallised small miniature Bournonite is from the Viboras mine in Machacamarca, Bolivia, a
 Picher Field, USA
This small miniature Galena is aesthetic, fascinating and stunning, three excellent qualities which I feel are
 Wheal Jane, England
This excellent, weighty cabinet specimen of well crystallised cubic Pyrite is from Wheal Jane, a mine whose
Dolomite with Marcasite
 Mowbray Mine, England
An intergrown mass of creamy tan Dolomite crystals hosting elongated blades of chocolate brown to brass-yellow
Chalcopyrite with Sphalerite and Quartz
 Dal'negorsk, Far-Eastern Region
Dare I declare this is a beast of a specimen, but beastly in a magnificent sense you understand! 
Calcite with Quartz and Chalcopyrite
 Dal'negorsk, Far-Eastern Region
This quite exquisite combination of disk-like plates of biscuit coloured Calcite with Quartz and Pyrite is
Calcite with Sphalerite and Quartz
 Trepca Complex, Kosovo
Pagoda-like stacked nail-head Calcite crystals and beautifully developed Sphalerite crystals are piled-up over