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 Croft Quarry, Leicestershire
Croft quarry on the outskirts of Leicester is well known for its fine Analcime crystals.  This specimen
 Magheramorne Quarry, UK
A half nodule of beautiful snow-white Natrolite with a central vug of terminated crystals from Magheramorne
Chabazite var Phacolite
 Rytina souteska (Ritinatal), Bohemia (Böhmen; Boehmen)
A single lustrous white-colourless crystal of Chabazite in the twinning habit called Phacolite from the Czech
Cavansite on Stilbite
 Wagholi Quarries, Maharashtra
An excellent specimen of rich blue Cavansite crystals clustered and scattered measuring to 1.6cm diameter,