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 Das Antas tunnel, Brazil
A beautiful large thumbnail of lustrous glassy equant, chocolaty-deep tan Stilbite crystals to about 1.2 cm
 Samson Mine, Germany
Translucent, colourless to milky-white Harmotome crystals cover the upper surface of a naturally etched plate
Fluorapophyllite-(K) (labelled Apophyllite)
 St. Andreasberg, Germany
An attractive group of well-developed and terminated Fluorapophyllite-(K) crystals (labelled Apophyllite) in a
Cavansite with Stilbite
 Steinbruch Complex, Maharashtra
A most attractive specimen of the calcium vanadium silicate, Cavansite, forming five spherical aggregates of
 Strontian, North West Highlands
A good sized cabinet specimen with its display face richly coated with Harmotome crystals from the mines just
 Edinbane, Highland
A delightful off-matrix group of three attached bow-tie Stilbite sprays from what is considered one of the
 Catharina Neufang Mine, Lower Saxony
A crystal-rich specimen of colourless to white Harmotome measuring to 5 mm many displaying the
 St. Andreasberg, Germany
An uncommon German specimen of Heulandite forming an intergrown cluster from colourless to
  Nashik Quarry, Maharashtra
Excellent sharp lustrous double and single terminated crystals of Fluorapophyllite measuring to 4cm+ on a
 Aurangabad District, Maharashtra
A very fine display of lustrous intergrown creamy to tinted pink crystals of Stellerite measuring overall to
 Magheramorne Quarry, UK
A half nodule of beautiful snow-white Natrolite with a central vug of terminated crystals from Magheramorne