Tucson 2018 - The Arizona Mineral & Fossil Show

22 January 2018 - 9 February 2018

Hotel Tucson City Center, Tucson

Tucson 2018 - The Arizona Mineral & Fossil Show

The Arizona Mineral & Fossil show 27th January – 10th February 2018
Hotel Tucson City Centre - 475 N. Granada, Tucson, AZ

In the completely refurbished Hotel Tucson City Center (formerly known as Inn Suites) we will have 4 locations.

1. Lobby / Fitness Room - Fine Mineral Classics & New Finds Room
2. Room 144 - The Rogerley Mine Room
3. Mission Meeting Room - Worldwide Classics Keystone Room
4. Room 402 - 
The Tsumeb Room

Crystal Classics Worldwide Classics Keystone Room – Opening from 22nd January at 12pm – 4th February 2018
HTCC Mission Room
Show hours: 10 am-6 pm daily

We have our Wholesale room – in the room formerly known as Mission meeting room.

A wide range of stock from worldwide localities is available at KEYSTONE prices. 50% discount across the board for all items in this room! There are thousands of bargains to be had in our Fine Mineral Keystone Wholesale room!

Crystal Classics Fine Mineral Classics & New Finds Room 23rd January 12pm – 4th February 2018
HTCC Fitness Room / Lobby
Open daily from 10am – 5pm

We will have display cases filled with our high quality retail minerals. A selection of European and American classics as well as specimens from the famous Tsumeb mine will be available. Additionally we will have  drawer units filled with a selection of fine specimens from Tsumeb and other worldwide localities.

This year has been full to the brim with new finds for us, so we're bringing all of our best finds with us to share with you in Tucson! In this room you will find minerals from the following localities:

Native Copper | Rocklands Mine, Australia
Fluorite | Diana Maria Mine, England
Fluorite | Rogerley Mine, England
Fluorite | Larkin's Quarry, Ireland

Fluorite | Diana Maria Mine, England | 6.0x4.7x3.3cm

So why not pop in and grab yourself something truly unique, we have everything from single twinned specimens to larger sizes.

Crystal Classics The Tsumeb Room 24th January 12pm - 9th February 2018
HTCC Room 402
Open Daily 10am - 5pm

Who doesn't love a classic Tsumeb specimen nestling nicely in their collection?! This year we are here for you with a dedicated room for one of the most famous mines in mineral history - the Tsumeb Mine, Namibia. With specimens of every shape and size there sure to be something for every collector.

Dioptase on Calcite | Tsumeb Mine, Namibia | 7.1x5.3x2.4cm

Crystal Classics The Rogerley Mine Room 25th January – 9th February 2018
TCCH Room 114
Special launch event 25th January 5pm - 7pm | 
Open daily 10am – 5pm

This year we will have a dedicated room for the new find Fluorite from the recently reactivated Rogerley Mine, England. Here we will have a huge selection that covers all pockets of the discovery with everything from small individual crystals to larger specimens. This room will house Fluorites from the following localities:

Rogerley Mine, England
Diana Maria Mine, England
Weardale, England
Larkin's Quarry, Ireland

Fluorite | Rogerley Mine, England | 7.8x7.1x6.2cm

At all of our show locations the Crystal Classics team are happy to see you and help to find the right specimen as a new addition to your collection.

For more information about this event please visit: MZExpos

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