William McCarty

17 July 2009

One of the saddest announcements of my life is the one I am about to tell you about.  Our very, very good friend of over 35 years, William ("willie") McCarty, has died very suddenly.  I prefer to think that Willie is hanging now with his good buddy, Richard Bideaux.  Willie was the 'quiet' man in our group of rowdies at each show.  He was a collector of fine Arizona minerals, superb fossils, and a photographer of great magnitude and one of the smartest people we've ever known.  Willie's photographs of our African trip together are a joy to review and relive those good memories.  Willie is survived by his wife Roberta who will continue to be with us at the Denver and Tucson shows.  There will be a more formal obituary in an upcoming Mineralogical Record.

At Denver 2008 we toasted Willie and his photography for the beautiful albums he and Robs put together of his photos from the Dream Team Safari trip in April 2008.
Toasting Wille at Denver 2008

Toasting Willie at Denver 2008
Dona, Robbie and Willie

Willie and Robs at Tucson 2006
Willie and Robs at Tucson 2006

Willie at the Tea Party 2007
Willie caught in the 'Afternoon Tea' hat at Tucson 2007

Willie and Robs at Denver 06
Willie and Robs at Denver 2006

Willie and Robs Denver 2006
Never one to like his photo taken, Willie having fun at Denver 2006

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