Denver show is nearly here!

3 September 2009

The Denver show is less than two weeks away. As always the team at the Kristalle offices have been busy preparing everything for the show, packing the truck with specimens and the assortment of things that you need for exhibiting!

Kristalle and Crystal Classics will together exhibit at the Colorado Gem and Mineral show at the Holiday Inn - Denver Central. We will be exhibiting our retail specimens in Room 133 - this was our new retail room last year - plus new for 2009 we will be moving our wholesale room to the Ballroom from our old room of 109.

We will also be exhibiting at the Denver Gem and Mineral Society show at the nearby Merchandise Mart in our normal location of AISLE J 30, 32, 34 .

New for the Denver show we will have a huge selection of the 'neon-green' Fluorites from Riemvasmaak in South Africa in both our wholesale and retail rooms. These gorgeously coloured Fluorites were first premiered last Denver by Collector's Edge, and were featured in the recent Mineralogical Record magazine. We were privileged to obtain a huge selection of the Fluorites earlier this year, and have been preparing them ready for the Denver show. As we obtained bulk quantities of specimens, we were able to purchase at a cheaper rate, and are pleased to pass these savings on and offer our Fluorites at better prices than many other specimens seen previously.

Fluorite from Riemvasmaak
Fluorite from Riemvasmaak

As part of our release of the green Fluorites, we will also be posting an update of the specimens on our website during the show, so that those that can't attend the show will have a chance to see and purchase some of the specimens we will have available.

We also have new minerals acquired over the last few months including:
- superb specimens from the collection of Keith Hammond (London)
- the select top end specimens from the Gerhard Grude collection (Germany), one of the major collections in Germany from which we have been acquiring the best specimens over the last few years.
- the finest specimens from the Gerald Albessart Collection (France)
- the collection of Professor Volker Lueders (Germany)
- Native Coppers and Cuprites from the recent find in Russia 
- Superb Aegirines, Arfvedsonite, Zircons, Parisites and other rare REE minerals from Mt Malosa, Malawi


Cuprian Smithsonite, Tsumeb
Cuprian Smithsonite from Tsumeb, ex. Gerhard Grude Collection

To see some of the best of our new purchases including several from the Keith Hammond and Gerhard Grude collections please visit our Hall of Fame:

We look forward to seeing you at the show!


The Crystal Classics and Kristalle Team.

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