Munich Mineral Show - Day 1 - 1st show report (ENGLISH VERSION)

30 October 2009

Well, here we are first day of the Munich show all set up and ready to go! It usually takes us two days to set up and arrange the stall but the team gets stuck in as usual and somehow it comes together just in time!

Empty hall

Empty hall as the set up begins



Cabinets in

The cabinets are in



Minerals go in

Minerals go into the cabinets



Dona arranges flowers

Dona arranges flowers



Putting up the shelf

Did it really take four of us to put up the plastic shelves?




We have our usual elongate booth which we share with Kristalle in The International Mineral Pavilion A6.p12 – so if you are planning to make it over to Munich please stop by! This year there are four hall at the show - two in row A and two in row B, so the overall layout is slightly different.

We are showing our usual selection of fine specimens as well as an excellent selection of Golds and newly prepared Emerald specimens from Zambia. These were debuted at Denver this year by The Collectors Edge. Several of these specimens are new, literally the preparation was completed only a few days ago, and this is the first time they have been seen by anyone.



Emeralds and Gold

Our front cabinet with some Gold specimens and Zambian Emeralds - we just love the new cross-shaped Emerald specimen at the front right. Just stunning.



Robin with Lapis magazine

Robin with the new edition of Lapis featuring her photo of a Venezuelan Gold Wire on the front cover, standing in front of our booth.


Out into the show, there's some interesting new material on display including some brand new Mimetite (only two weeks old!) with botryoidal habit and a gorgeous orange colour from Grube Haus Baden, Badenweiler, Black Forest, Germany on Carsten Slotta's stand. We quickly snapped up a great selection - expect an update of these Mimetites from us soon!




New Mimetites from Germany


New find of Mimetite - Badenweiler, Black Forest, Germany



Wolfgang Wendel also had a selection of these Mimetites in his booth.




Mimetite from Germany

New Mimetite from Haus Baden Mine, Badenweiler, Black Forest, Germany, with lovely colour and form.



There was a new selection of Shattuckite and Quartz from Okandawasi, Kadkoland, Namibia on Regis Duquenne’s stand. These are excellent examples of Shattuckite on, and in, Quartz - some with Malachite crystals.







Shattuckite - Okandawasi, Kadkoland, Namibia.



A gorgeous glistening example of Shattuckite and Quartz


There was an interesting lot of sugary Calcite from Dal'negorsk, Russia on Victor Ponomarenko’s stand.



Calcites from Russia


Interesting Calcite forms with sugary prism faces from Dalnegorsk, Russia.






Victor also had a few lovely sharp and deep pink coloured Apatite in matrix examples from Akzhailyau Mountains, Kazakhstan. Interestingly they colour change to a light green colour in white light.





Apatite from Kazakhstan

Deep pink Apatite crystals in dark coloured Muscovite from Kazakhstan




An impressive selection of fine Tanzanite crystals from Jentsch Mineralien as well as this 10cm Sphene crystal, also from Tanzania:






Sphene from Tanzania



Time for some traditional Bavarian duck, knodel and red cabbage....mmmmmmm





More news to follow - watch this space!






Author: Ed and Robin
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