Munich Mineral Show - 2nd show report ENGLISH VERSION)

1 November 2009

Here we are with a second show report from Munich. The usual suspects started to come out of the woodwork as the show moved into the weekend...

Alan Hart and Dave Lloyd at our booth
Alan Hart, curator of the Mineralogical Department at The Natural History Museum, London with Dave Lloyd at our booth.

Wolfgang and Karin Wendel with Ian
Ian with Wolfgang and Karin Wendel - love the shirts!

It has to be said there is some interesting fresh material at this show, as well as some good European material around. Carsten Slotta showed us a great specimen from Clara Mine, Black Forest, Germany consisting of a Fluorite lined vug invested with pretty 1cm blooms of radiating deep blue Scorodite crystals.

Scorodite - Clara Mine
Scorodite 'blooms' from Clara Mine, Black Forest, Germany

A new find of gem clear Tourmalines from Ambatovita, Madagascar on Polychrom's stand - deep green with pink caps - extracted from small pegmatite pockets within the last two months.

Tourmaline - Madagascar
Gemmy Tourmalines from recent finds in Madagascar - courtesy of Laurent Thomas, Polychrom.

Also on Polychrom's stall were some other pegmatite minerals from Madagascar  including sharply crystallised and large Columbite crystals and examples of the rare pink coloured gem mineral Pezzottaite.

Madagascan Beryls and Pezzottaite - courtesy of Laurent Thomas. Polychrom.

Amongst the myriad of Chinese dealers there was little new although Zheng Jianrong had a nice selection of deep amber coloured blocky and transparent Calcites from Daye Mine.

Amber calcite - Daye
Amber Calcite - Daye Mine, China

'Crankshaft' Calcite
 25cm 'crankshaft' Calcite from China on the same stand

There was a few Chinese dealers that had some new Baryte from Shang Dong Province in China. (Interestingly Jolyon of Mindat has reported these as labelled from Guangxi Province - so we will probably need to wait for the correct location to be revealed). This was on the stand of Tan Li Mineral Firm. From our understanding this is from a new mine, but no details were forthcoming.

Chinese Barytes
New Baryte from China

You do have to love the minerals artfully enhanced by man such as these Agates showing botryoidal form at its best! These are carved from one solid block of Agate. It is marvellous the amount of time and effort that goes into 'creating' the specimens.

Agates Balls
Agate balls

 Jordi Fabre always has new and interesting material, and had these new Golds from Spain - the specimens on display had lovely form.

Gold from Spain
New Gold from Sierra de la Chimenea, Badajoz, Spain

Jordi also had Tourmalines - Elbaite variety Paraiba - which has fantastic neon blue-green colour - in sharp crystals. It is normally found in more massive form, but these crystals were terminated, some doubly.

Paraiba from Brazil
Paraiba Tourmaline

Agates still seem to be on the top ten popularity list (it is definitely in this season for jewellry) and there were several Agate dealers around. Achates Marokkos had a new find of Agates from Bou-Lili which is a small location in the Aouli area where Agates are found. This is quite a recent find. They also had relatively new Agates from Kerrouchene.

Agates from Morocco
New Agates from Bou-Lili, Aouli, Morocco

Don't forget to get your copy of the Agate II book - we have only a few copies left in stock!

We only have time for a short update today, but we will have our final show report ready for mid next week, including photos of the displays and many other interesting specimens we have seen at the show.

Author: Ed and Robin
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