Tucson 2010 Show Report 2

3 February 2010

Hello everyone, we're back with our second show report!

To see a video of our minerals on display at the Innsuites, please CLICK HERE
If you would like further information regarding any of the specimens, please let us know the approximate minute and seconds that it appears in the video, and we can send you further photos and information.

Audrey, Ian and Robin
Audrey Lloyd, Ian Bruce and Robin in one of our booths in Room 174, Hotel Tucson City Centre

Well, the rain has gone and has been replaced with more welcome blue skies and sunshine - so Tucson is more like Tucson!
More people have arrived since the official opening of the Hotel Tucson City Centre (Innsuites) show on Saturday and there's a real buzz about the place. Between running our booths we have been out and about to see what minerals are on show...

The Chinese dealers at the Quality Inn didn't have much new material, in fact many are still waiting for their shipments to clear customs! However, Hong Zhao had some lovely elongate clear Calcite crystals which weirdly look very much like Quartz crystals until closer inspection! Xueyan Jin had a great sizeable specimen of orangy/red Wulfenite from Xinjiang, China (c. 25cm wide) which looked very similar to the classic Wulfenite from Red Cloud Mine, Arizona.

Quartzlike Calcite
Hong Zhao had some lovely elongate clear Calcite crystals - yes it is a Calcite!

Wulfenite, China
Orangy/red Wulfenite (crystals to c.2cm) from Xinjiang, China - very similar to Red Cloud material.

Also at the Quality Inn was Axinite-PM who had a good range of Russian and Kazak material including some nice botryoidal Rhodochrosite from Djayrem Mine, Kazakhstan.

Kazak Rhodochrosite
Botryoidal Rhodochrosite from Djayrem Mine, Kazakhstan

Back at the Inn Suites we spotted in J. Hyrsl's booth an interesting example of Johachidolite and Hackmanite from Mogok, Burma with great purple colour (would love to see this under UV!) - as well as his usual range of good Peruvian material. Robin snapped up a Peruvian Rhodochrosite for her collection.

Johachidolite and Hackmanite from Mogok, Burma - courtesy of J. Hyrsl

Okuroso Fluorite

Linda at Middle Earth Minerals had this colourful Okuroso Fluorite with pink/purple cores on display, what stunning colour combo!

We saw this a huge gem of a Spodumene var Kunzite from Mawi, Nuristan, Afghanistan - 32cm tall, well defined termination, superb clarity and with fantastic neon-lavender colour along its c-axis.

Huge 32cm tall Kunzite - Afghanistan

Superb colour to the Kunzite along its c-axis - it is genuinely this purple!

Jolyon and Alfredo
Jolyon of Mindat giving 'instructions' to Alfredo Petrov

Alfredo Petrov had this impressive Ludlamite from Bolivia with crystals to 1cm

Joe Dorris of Pinnacle 5 Minerals had his usual impressive selection of Amazonite and Smoky Quartz from Smoky Hawk Mine, Colorado, and other impressive specimens including some fine Goethite examples from Smoky Hawk Mine.

Superb Goethite - Goethite Zone, Smoky Hawk Mine, Florissant, Teller County, Colorado - collected by Joe Dorris of Pinnacle 5 Minerals in 2008 - now cleaned and prepped these are now available through Joe.

The Collector’s Edge always have something new in their room, this Tucson it is brand new Topaz from Maynard’s Claim, Thomas Range, Juab Co., Utah, USA. These specimens were mined last year between 1 Oct and mid Dec 2009. The crystals are found in sand-filled cavities in Rhyolite. The Topaz have the great ‘imperial’ sherry colour, ranging from rich colour and transparent; to translucent and included with the sandy material. The Topaz is associated with balls of sparkling Hematite after Andradite Garnet, cubes of Bixbyite, minor purple Fluorite and one Red Beryl was found – the first time Red Beryl has been found at this claim. I am looking forward to seeing what else The Collector’s will have new at the Westward Look show – aesthetic Tourmaline from Paprock, Afghanistan; Moroccan Silver-bearing minerals; and new Emeralds from Zambia, newly prepared since Munich last year.

Topaz from Utah

New Topaz from Maynard’s Claim, Utah, USA.



Jordi Fabre is another dealer always with something new on display – Jordi has several new Adamites from Babu Area, China with very bright attractive green colour and bright lustre, nicely set off by the iron oxide rich earthy matrix.

Green Adamite from China
New green Adamites from Babu Area, Hezhou, Guangxi, China.

We came across this amazing Valentinite with Pyrite from San Jose Mine, Oruro, Bolivia. The crystal is a massive 24mm in width, with silky luster, really superb.

Valentinite with Pyrite from San Jose Mine, Oruro, Bolivia

Out the front of the InnSuites/Hotel Tucson City Centre (the new name just doesn’t roll of the tongue!) was Valenzuela’s Minerals, who had a tent full of excellent quality Azurites and Malachite after Azurite from Milpillas Mine, Sonora, Mexico. These have been new at the shows in the last few years. Milpillas is a copper Mine, and Valenzuela’s specimens have been mined over the last three years. The Azurites were sharp with glossy lustre, and many of the crystals of both Azurite and Malachite were quite large.

Azurite from Milpillas
Azurite pseudomorphing to Malachite, showing a bright blue colour, specimen approx 8 cm across.
Azurite with Malachite from Milpillas
Glossy Azurite pseudomorphing to Malachite

Malachite after Azurite from Milpillas, Mexico
Malachite after Azurite from Milpillas, Mexico.

Valenzuela’s also had this great Mexican Cuprian Adamite with strong green colour.

Mexican Adamite
Adamite from Mexico

The Adelaide Mining Co. of Tasmania, Australia had new Crocoite and (excitingly) new Mimetites from the Adelaide Mine, Dundas, Tasmania, Australia. We had a lovely chat with Adam Wright about the new specimens. The new Crocoite specimens were found mid-2009 in a series of little pockets in the footwall. The specimens were all floaters as the matrix has since decayed away. The specimens have excellent colour and are the more desirable red than orange colour, translucent which shows the colour better. The crystals are terminated, many of them solidly, others with hoppered growth.

New Crocoite specimens, the one of the right showing the hoppered terminations.

A lovely specimen with excellent terminations.

The Mimetites were found in an area just behind the Crocoites. The crystals found (so far) are fairly small, up to a couple of millimetres . They are mostly translucent yellow-green with some crystals brown to orange, and sometimes bi-coloured. One specimen had several Mimetite crystals with a small Crocoite crystal – a rare combination!

Mimetite with Crocoite, Adelaide Mine
  Mimetite crystals with Crocoite - rare combo from Adelaide Mine, Tasmania. The Mimetite was about 2mm long.

Green Mimetite from Adelaide Mine, Tasmania
Yellow-green Mimetite from Adelaide Mine, Tasmania, about 1mm sized crystals.

One specimen shows Mimetite crystals now coated in Goethite (partly iridescent) – whilst the Mimetites cannot be seen, you can see that the crystals were larger. Along the edges the Mimetites appear to be altering to the rare mineral Philipsbornite. Philipsbornite was first found at the neighbouring Red Lead Mine, and is a rare Lead Arsenate mineral, part of the Crandallite group. It is normally found in microcrystals to 0.1mm. This is the first time Philipsbornite has been found at the Adelaide Mine.

Goethite on Mimetite, Adelaide Mine, Tasmania
Goethite, partly iridescent, showing the shape of the Mimetites that are/were beneath.

The pale yellow along the edge of the Goethite is the Philipsbornite, most likely altering from Mimetite (the brighter yellow at the top is the Goethite/Limonite)

We also discovered the trick of how they ship these incredibly fragile specimens – smaller specimens for posting are glued into a protective container, the glue can then be removed with Acetone once the specimen has reached its destination. For big shipments such as to the Tucson show, the specimens are packed is a large very heavy fishing container which is very difficult to tip, so that it will always remain upright.

Crocoite glued into container
Crocoite glued into its travel container.

We also managed a short trip over to the Pueblo Inn. A new mineral show has started up here (in a smaller set of rooms around a court yard, near to the main building and show at the Pueblo) with a good selection of dealer with some very nice specimens and displays. It sounds like the show is going well for a first time, foot traffic is low, but once people know the show is there it has the potential to be very good – definitely worth a visit if you are here.

Edwards Minerals had this great English Baryte.

Baryte From Frizington, England
Baryte from Frizington, England

He also had this very sweet Benitoite with Neptunite and tiny crystals of  Joaquinite including one nicely perched on the white Natrolite matrix in front of the crystals. The Benitoite had excellent dark blue crystals with good lustre.

Benitoite with Neptunite and Joaquinite
Benitoite with Neptunite and Joaquinite from Dallas Gem Mine, California, USA
Next door in the rooms of GTA Minerals were several great specimens including this botryoidal brightly coloured Rhodochrosite from N’Chwaning Mines, South Africa.

Rhodochrosite from N'Chwaning
Rhodochrosite from N'Chwaning, South Africa

They also had this great Ruby from Ganesh II Himal Deposit, Somdang Rasuwa District, Nepal with vivid pink-red colour, surrounded by brownish Phlogopite.

Ruby from Nepal
Ruby with Phlogopite from Nepal

It is now time for set up at the Westward Look Mineral show, and our next report will be bringing you photos of the high end minerals on display there. Please also check out our Hall of Fame soon, where we will be posting a selection of minerals that we will have on display at the show.

Ps. We had hoped to get videos up of our room at the Innsuites, but due to internet problems we have been unable to post them - sorry!

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