Tucson 2010 Show Report 4

9 February 2010


The Westward Look show has now finished and packed down, and we are now packing down the Innsuites rooms ready for set up at the main show (the TGMS show at the Convention Centre) - on the home stretch!

We thought we would post one more mini-show report before the main show report, about a few more new things we have seen. We have also posted a new update of specimens that we have purchased at the show - the new Milpillas Azurite and Malachite after Azurite, plus some of the goodies from below....

I spent a bit of time with Scott from Great Basin Minerals and he had several new finds on show in his room at the Innsuites. His new Wulfenites from Nevada are amongst the most significant new finds of the show.

Wulfenite from Mobile Mine, Nevada
New Wulfenites from Mobile Mine, Nevada.

The Wulfenites are from the Mobile Mine, Goodsprings SubDistrict, Clark Co., Nevada, USA. These were discovered 3 to 4 years ago, and these specimens are the result of the last two year's intensive mining. The specimens are mined on private property, and the mining process involved at least 100 trips up and down a 1200 foot vertical climb. When you think about the amount of effort it takes to recover these specimens, it is really quite amazing. This is the first release of the Wulfenites as all specimens from the mining have been held back until now. The Wulfenites have a rich yellow-orange colour with platy to tabular crystals, many exhibit some dissolution along the edges, others exhibit good solid straight face edges. We selected several specimens for our web update, we chose ones with thicker crystals in aesthetic arrangements so that they would not be too fragile to ship.

New Wulfenites

To view the update, please click here.

Scott also showed me some gemmy Axinite crystals that he has discovered in an undisclosed location in California, with crystals up to 2 inches in size. The Axinites have a lovely purple tinge to their brown colour, and are very lustrous.

Another 'new find' were several specimens of a brand new species very recently approved by IMA. Eurekadumpite! This is a Copper Tellurate mineral found as bright blue microcrystals. The specimens come from the Centennial Eureka Mine, Juab Co., Utah, USA, and were found on the mine dumps, hence the name. The mineral was discovered several years ago, but it has taken until now for the species to be approved.  We purchased several specimens, also posted in our update.

And lastly at Great Basin Minerals were some fantastic specimens of bright blue Linarite and bright turquoise Caledonite and Cerussite specimens from Bliss Pocket, Reward Mine, California, USA. These specimens were found in late 2007, and we reported on some great specimens that Scott had in 2008 Tucson. All of these specimens came from the same pocket, but were in the personal collection of the person who mined them, and they are now on the market. Fabulous colour!

Linarite and Caledonite
Linarite and Caledonite

So on to the main show! Gems and Gem Minerals......

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