Eppelheim Show Report

9 April 2010

Ian recently spent several weeks driving around Germany, visiting collectors and museums, and was lucky to be in Eppelheim in time for the Eppelheim Mineral Show. The show was held on the weekend of the 20-21 March, and has been held annually for the last 47 years by the Society of the Friends of Minerals and Geology. The show features 165 exhibitors from all over Europe displaying minerals, jewellery and associated equipment.

Mr. Benz (one of the members of this Society) told us more than 2000 visitors were expected, and shortly after opening the hall was indeed crowded with collectors. The show was a great opportunity for us to meet up with friends, both collectors and dealers, and to also meet new local collectors.

View of mineral show
View of the mineral hall at the Eppelheim show.

The first booth we visited was Wendel Minerals. Dealer Wolfgang Wendel showed us these nice Goethites from Pikes Peak, Colorado USA.

Goethite from Pikes Peak, Colorado, USA

Wolfgang also had this amazing Native Silver on display:

Native Silver
Native Silver from Himmelsfurst Mine, Saxony, Germany

Norbert and Dorthea Stötzel were also exhibiting at the show, and had this large and beautiful Amethyst from Las Vigas, Veracruz, Mexico on display:

Amethyst from Las Vigas, Veracruz, Mexico

Norbert Stoetzel
Norbert Stötzel at his booth

Siegbert Zechas always has beautiful old German classics at his booth, and at this show he was offering the whole range from Argentite to Pyargarite to Silver.

Siegbert Zechas
Siegbert at this booth

Silver after Argentite
Silver after Argentite from Himmelsfurst Mine

Gunter Zimmermann of Frankfurt was presenting brand new Aquamarines from the Erongo Region, Namibia. The specimens were found in January this year (2010) and are superb with bright blue Aquamarines, some in lovely combinations with Fluorite.

Gunter with Aqua from Erongo
Gunter with new Aquamarine from Erongo, Namibia

Aquamarines from Erongo
New Aquamarines and Schorl Tourmaline from Erongo

Aquamarine and Fluorite from the Erongo Region, Namibia
Aquamarine in combo with Fluorite from Erongo, Namibia.

Carsten Slotta from Hausach had two new finds at his booth. The first was Native Copper discovered in autumn 2009 at the Prosper Mine, Bad Rippoldsau, Black Forest, Germany.

New Coppers
New Native Coppers from Prosper Mine, Bad Rippoldsau, Black Forest, Germany

The second new find was lovely new Mimetites from the Haus Baden Mine, Badenweiler, Germany which filled almost half of his booth. We first saw these at the Munich show last year.

Mimetite from Haus Baden Mine, Badenweiler

Dealer Karel Van Gool from Belgium showed us new Fluorites from the Huayllapon Mine, Pasto Bueno, Ancash, Peru which were mined only two months ago.

Fluorite and Quartz from Huayllapon Mine, Peru
New Fluorites with Quartz from Huayllapon Mine, Peru

Also newly mined in January this year where these Quartzes with Hubnerite from the same location, the Huayllapon Mine.

Hubnerite and Quartz from Huayllapon Mine, Peru
New Quartz and Hubnerite from Huayllapon Mine, Peru

Karel Van Gool deals in minerals from Peru and Bolivia, and also had some great material from the Mundo Nuevo Mine, Huamachuco, La Libertad Dept, Peru. This mine, similarly to the Huayllapon Mine, produces great combinations of Fluorite, Quartz and Hubnerite such as this gorgeous specimen:

Hubnerite, Quartz and Fluorite from Mundo Nuevo, Peru
Hubnerite, Quartz and Fluorite from Mundo Nuevo Mine, Peru

“Kristall” which is run by Jürgen and Margit Margraf had a lovely worldwide display. They have been exhibiting at the Eppelheim show for the last five years, and can also be seen at the Ste. Marie aux Mines, France show at the end of June and the Munich, Germany show at the end of October. They showed us this lovely combination from Erongo - Aquamarine with deep purple Fluorites:

Fluorite and Aquamarine, Erongo
Fluorite and Aquamarine from Erongo, Namibia

Also on the booth of “Kristall” this blue Fluorite ball from China.

Fluorite ball
Fluorite ball from China

And lastly dealers Peter and Katrin Schlegel from the Erzgebirge were exhibiting at the Eppelheim show.

Katrin Schlegel's Booth

They were promoting their own upcoming show in Aue, Erzebirge, Saxony on the 2nd of May. The Aue show is in its 35th year, with exhibitors from all over Europe, offering mostly minerals, and is well attended by collectors.

Aue advert

Crystal Classics will be attending the show and will give you a full report from the former mining centre.

Author: Ian Bruce and Diana Schlegel
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