35th Mineral show in Aue, Saxony, Germany

7 May 2010

After a long drive from England, we arrived in the afternoon of May the 2nd in Aue, located in the heart of the Erzgebirge, Germany. The day before the show is setup day for  those dealers who have to travel the longest distances to come to the show.
After our booth was set up we joined the organizers, Peter and Katrin Schlegel, and celebrated their 35th show anniversary.

Ian enjoys a drink in a conversation with Jürgen Tron.

At the beginning of the show, many visitors queued in front of the building waiting for the opening so they could start to look at all the masterpieces on display. The three halls quickly were filled and we also hurried in search of novelties.

One of three halls at the show.

Ian at our booth chatting with Professor Massaneck from the Bergakademie in Freiberg and curator of the Pohl collection at Schloss Freudenstein.

Next to the usual suspects such as Wolfgang Wendel, Marcus Grossmann and Jürgen Tron we encountered also new dealers and collectors. The whole show is held in the big cultural building in the city centre of Aue and 75 exhibitors offer their minerals across three halls. The last hall is the collectors hall, where mostly local collectors offer their self collected range of minerals. In the main hall we looked at the nice range of Saxony and world wide specimens at the booth of Bernd Schuhmacher and Peter Langsdorf from Berlin and Potsdam.

Deep purple-pink Erythrite from Morocco.

The range of products for sale is restricted almost exclusively to minerals and there was a surprising quality of specimens on offer, both old classics and new finds.
At the booth of Gunther Zimmermann, we found once again a superb selection of Fluorites of Erongo. The combinations with black Tourmaline and the ice blue color of the Aquamarine is impressive. 

One of the best coloured specimens we've seen from this locality.

Further down we found the booth of Nadine and Frank Woldert from Bayreuth. We looked at this marvellous Alpine Quartz. To mine the specimens Frank squeezes himself into narrow crevices. The region where he is mining is in a permafrost zone, so that the window of time for mining is very short. The last find was in August 2009 and delivered new Smoky Quartz,  pink Fluorites and Fadenquartz. The locality is the Gletschhorn in the Göschener Alptal, in the Swiss Canton Uri. Frank has been collecting for 5 years at this place which is nearly 3000 meters in altitude.

This beauty was mined in August 2009. Quartz var. Smoky Quartz (12 x 7 cm) - Gletschhorn, Canton Uri, Swiss.

A very colourful display was presented by Marcus Grossmann who has already planned his next trip to Pakistan.

Elli Tron on her booth.

Christian Weise from Munich had a booth at the show and provided the technical literature for visitors and dealers.

Peter Schlegel the organizer of the Show in Aue chatting away with one of the dealers.

It is needless to say that this show, held in the heart of a former mining region, offers every thing that accelerates the heartbeat of every one who loves minerals. We were very surprised at the strength of the market in Saxony and the quality of the specimens on offer. It was great to visit a show specifically for collectors of minerals and for anyone who has not been it is worth a visit next year!!!
For us at Crystal Classics we will be back next year to meet up again with old and new friends in Aue.
Until then, thank you for visiting us.

Author: Diana Schlegel & Ian Bruce
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