Soon to be published: 'Mineralogy for Amateurs'

6 July 2010

Many mineral collectors already own the original work by the late John Sinkankas - 'Mineralogy for Amateurs' and it containa what we think is still the most well-written chapters on crystallography.  So much has happened with new localities and discoveries since the original that it was time for an update.  

Mineralogy for Amateurs by John Sinkankas
The original Mineralogy for Amateurs

Now this mineral collector friendly work will be updated by Joel Bartsch of the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Texas and will return as “Mineralogy”.

The planned release date is set for early 2012 - price not determined.

CRYSTAL CLASSICS and KRISTALLE will be among the first to offer copies so stay tuned.

Contact us at for pre-orders.

Author: Robin

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