The 2010 East Coast Show in Springfield

17 August 2010

The Springfield show is run by Marty Zinn and his wife Rose and over the years it has grown into the best mineral show on the eastern coast of America. It is very well attended by the general public and most serious East coast mineral collectors attend it. There is a fine selection of mineral dealers that exhibit at this show and it is great to see a lot of the East coast dealers attending that do not exhibit at Tucson or Denver.

Wayne and Rose Zinn with her fabulous hat!

The Eastern States Exposition Center is in the western part of Springfield and is an easy show to get to as Boston airport is only a 2 hour drive away, hence many European collectors attend. 

Here is an overview of the hall, with the cases for the special exhibition in front. 

There were some fine specimens to be found at the show this year although there was nothing much new out of the ground as often seems to be the case these days. There were some great old classics around and I will give some details of these later.
The only really significant material to surface that was exciting was a small lot of specimens from a find in 2001 from the El Mochito Mine in Honduras that were offered by Michigan dealer Walt Kellogg. The best specimen pictured below was of lustrous Sphalerite crystals unusually intergrown with Quartz and Andradite Garnet crystals.

Sphalerite with Quartz and Andradite Garnet - El Mochito Mine, Honduras

This mine is in a polymetallic skarn deposit which according to Walt Kellogg has been mined since the 1920’s and was once noted for its production of fine Silver wires.  Specimen size approximately 28cm x 15cm x 9cm

There was a fine selection of local minerals from the East Coast deposits with the usual Amethyst specimens from Maine and a selection of Tourmalines from Mount Mica.

A huge Amethyst speciemen from Sweden, Deer Hill, Maine, USA.

For me the Springfield show is very much about finding old classics and this year was no exception, the most exciting news was that long time collector of English minerals Ted Johnson was selling his collection and we had first look at it at the show. The Johnson collection is fairly comprehensive and contained hundreds of English minerals. (These will follow in one of our updates later in the year, please sign up to our mailing list to receive notification of when this happens) {}
I do not have any photos of the specimens we selected yet but there are very many fine and rare English specimens including a superb Cornish Herodsfoot Calcite and a Phenakite with Russell label from Cornwall.

The other highlight from the show was the special display of the Bill Larson collection. Bill had bravely brought a selection of specimens from his collection to fill the many cases provided. Below are a few specimens that caught our eye as we walked around.

Will Larson in front of the Tsumeb case of this year's featured special exhibition of his father's collection.

A selection of Kongsberg Silvers from Bill Larson's collection.

One of Bill's Bisbee Azurites.

The famous "Christmas Tree" from the Grit Mine, near Spanish Dry Diggings, El Dorado County, California, USA

In summary every year that I go to this show I enjoy the experience, if you have not yet been I recommend it wholeheartedly, the eastern hospitality is 2nd to none and thank you to Marty and Rose Zinn and their hard working team for all their hard work.

Bye for now  from the "Dream Team" at this event - Ian Bruce, Wayne and Dona Leicht.

We will see you at the Denver show in a few weeks time with specimens from the new collections we have been working on in the USA and Europe.

Author: Diana Schlegel & Ian Bruce
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