Munich Mineral Show 2010 - Show Report 1

28 October 2010

Hello mineral fans! - welcome to Munich - (although, to be frank it's still pretty early!)
As of Wednesday morning only a few dealers had started to set up.

partially full hall
Partially set up hall on the Wednesday
We had completed setting up by lunchtime on the Wednesday in the Pavillion area. We have our usual set up of cabinets this year split by localities, with two cabinets dedicated to our recent Tsumeb acquisitions.

Crystal Classics/Kristalle booth with Wayne setting up and Dave Spiller "helping".

wayne ready
...and all finished (nearly!)

tsumeb cabinet
One of the Tsumeb/Africa cabinets

Of the few stalls that were set up there were a handful of new minerals of interest....

Wolfgang Wendel had a good range of minerals including an interesting 10cm crystal of Galena richly covered in Semseyite from Herja Mine, Romania.

A Semseyite coated Galena crystal (with Chalcopyrite around the base) from Herja Mine, Romania, courtesy of Wolfgang Wendel

German silver
...and Wolfgang had this beautiful Native silver specimen from Himmelsfurst Mine, Germany.

Mustafa Ghulam has a good range of Pakistani/Afghani gem minerals including blue capped Tourmalines and intriguing sherry coloured Topaz crystals with Spessartine Garnet inclusions from Katlan.

Blue-cap Tourmaline
Cute blue cap Tourmalines from Pakistan

Topaz spessartine
Topaz with Spessartine inclusions from Katlan, Pakistan courtesy of Mustafa Ghulam

Luis Miguel Fernandez Burillo has (had!) a small selection of specimens of the rare Manganese mineral Alabandite with Rhodochrosite from Uchucchacua Mine, Peru.

Alabandite with Rhodochrosite from Uchucchacua Mine, Peru - courtesy of Luis Miguel Fernandez Burillo

Luis also has a good selection of Apatite specimens from Panasqueira Mine, Portugal - some green crystals but also examples exhibiting different shades of purple.

A nice lavender coloured Apatite on a clear Quartz crystal from Panasqueira Mine, Portugal courtesy of Luis Miguel Fernandez Burillo

Gunter Zimmermann is displaying an interesting new find of Calcite from Okoruso, Namibia - some overgrowing Fluorite crystals (the mineral that the locality is usually known for).

Okoruso Calcite
Some of the "nail-head" Calcite specimens from Okoruso, Namibia.

Hong and Ms. Lin Zhao caused a little stir with a selection of fine Ilvaites apparently from Changzhou, China - akin to the renowned examples from Kola Peninsula, Russia.

Ilvaite -
A lustrous 6cm Ilvaite from Changzhou, China - courtesy of HongLin Museum.

Crystal Classics/Kristalle "open for business" - Dona on standby!

As we've mentioned it's still early days  - so please keep a look out for more reports from Munich over the coming days.

All the best - the Crystal Classics and Kristalle Team!

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