Bakewell Rock Exchange 9th/10th October 2010

12 October 2010

So October has come around again and it's time for one of the UK's premier mineral shows at The Lady Manners School, Bakewell in the county of Derbyshire, England.

Main Hall

The Main Hall at Lady Manners School, Bakewell

We brought our usual inventory of British rocks, plus a small selection of worldwide specimens this year. We had many boxes for collectors to trawl through, but we also brought a couple of table top display cases to show off some the best British material.

Crystal Classics and Ian

Ian Bruce and the Crystal Classics stand - this year we brought a couple of table top cabinets.

Verity and Joe

Verity's Books and Joe's Minerals "annex"

This year we didn't see many new British minerals on offer. However, there were the occasional classic specimens around, and some new finds from Ireland.

Neil Hubbard of Midland Minerals had a rather nice classic elongate prismatic crystal cluster of clear Calcite from Bigrigg, Cumbria. He also had a chunky and rich specimen of the rare Oxychloride mineral Mendipite from Merehead Quarry, Somerset with good pink colouration - originally collected by our very own David Lloyd back in the 1980s.

Neil Hubbard

Neil Hubbard on his stand (with Nick Carruth, almost obscured by a lamp, in the background)

Bigrigg Calcite

Neil Hubbard of Midland Minerals had this rather impressive Calcite specimen from Bigrigg, Cumbria.


Pink Mendipite (with Paralaurionite) and label attributing the original collector as David Lloyd, on Neil Hubbard's stand

David and Liz Hacker had a rather nice 7” cross-section of a Blue-John Fluorite stalagtite originally collected circa 1850 from Castleton, Derbyshire. Blue-John is usually found layered in veins (stratiform), so to have a cross-section of a stalagtite like this is really rather special - a real Derbyshire classic!

Liz Hacker

Liz Hacker with her well presented stand

Polished cross-section of Blue-John

Polished section of Blue-John Fluorite on the Hacker's stand.

Stephen Moreton had an interesting range of minerals from Scotland and especially from Ireland including a new find of green coloured Talc from Co. Galway, Ireland. He also had some Native Gold from a rather special locality – the mountain of Croagh Patrick, where according to legend, St Patrick fasted and prayed for 40 days and nights. The Gold runs at 85% Au and 15% Ag and this matches many Bronze Age artifacts that have been discovered in Ireland.

Irish Gold

Gold in Quartz from Croagh Patrick, Ireland - on Stephen Moreton's stand


Talc Galway

Talc from Co. Galway, Ireland - Stephen Moreton's stand

erythrite Co Kerry

Erythrite from Muckross Mine, Co. Kerry, Ireland - Stephen Moreton's stand


Pyromorphite from Shallow Adit, Luganure Mine, Co. Wicklow, Ireland - Stephen Moreton's stand


Phosphohedyphane (kind of like a Calcium rich Pyromorphite) from the famous locality of Wanlockhead, Scotland. Surely wins the competition for the number of "ph"s in a mineral name!

Collector Steve Warren was selling off pieces from his collection including a rather sizeable Herodsfoot Galena and Tetrahedrite with good condition crystals.

Steve Warren

Steve Warren at his stand - some interesting British specimens here...


Tetrahedrite this chunky 5" specimen of Galena crystals and Chalcopyrite coated Tetrahedrite from Herodsfoot Mine, Cornwall.

All in all another typical Bakewell show where most of the British collector community meets up, and takes advantage of what must be one of the best school cafeterias in the land!

Next up the Munich Show. Please look out for a series of reports and offerings.

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