Munich Mineral Show 2010 - Show Report 2

30 October 2010

Hello, hello! Here we are again!

Thursday was opening day and as usual some interesting things started to pop out of the woodwork.

To start this second report we present this attractive 6" plate of blue Fluorite and Quartz from Halsbrucke, Saxony, Germany that was on Jorg Steinbinder's stand, from the finds of the 1970s:

Halsbrucke Fluorite
Gorgeous plate of blue Fluorite on Quartz from Halsbrucke, Germany - courtesy of Jorg Steinbinder

Keeping up with the South American themes of the moment Siegbert Zecha had a staggering specimen of glassy Cassiterite from Viloco Mine, Bolivia with translucent to transparent crystals to 2"!

Cassiterite - Bolivia
Large crystals of gemmy Cassiterite from Viloco Mine, Bolivia - courtesy of Siggy Zecha - a classic "heavy-gauge" example

Deccan Minerals Inc. had a good range of Pentagonites from the Zeolite flields of Poona, India - good lustrous clusters of good colour.

Pentagonite - India
A range of Pentagonites - courtesy of Deccan Minerals Inc.

Pentagonite - India
A close up of one of the striking Indian Pentagonites

We were happy to acquire these two impressive specimens of Bastnaesite from Zagi Mountain, Pakistan.

Bastnaesite 1Bastnaesite 2
Bastnaesite from Zagi Mountain, Pakistan - crystals to 2cm

....and this world class Shigaite from the Kalahari Manganese Fields:

Shigaite from Kalahari Manganese Fields, South Africa

We have to say that this show has been pretty busy, and is encouraging considering the  current economic climate. More collectors seem to out and about which is great news for all.

Busy booth
A busy Kristalle/Crystal Classics booth

On Friday evening, on the Mineralien Welt stand, a party was thrown to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of - and Jolyon was justifibly centre of attention! It was also an event to promote the Mindat Conference planned for July 2011 in Lower Silesia, Poland

Jolyon Mineralien Welt
Jolyon of receiving his cake at the Mineralien Welt stand, with Tomasz Praszkier about to crack open the bubbly!

Jolyon cake
Jolyon cutting the cake - congrats to Mindat!

In the next show report we'll bring you some photos of the stunning "Brazilian Beauties" display. Until then bye for now!

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