Sussex Mineral Show Haywards Heath 2010

16 November 2010

Saturday 13th November was the 27th annual Sussex Mineral and Lapidary Society (SMLS) show, held at Clair Hall in Haywards Heath, West Sussex. The show is up there with Bakewell as one of the best mineral shows in the UK.

The UK's most active and highly regarded dealers attend the show, as well as SMLS club members, renowned British collectors and the general public.

As well as minerals for sale there are talks, presentations and a competition. This year's competition theme was "Iron Minerals"

Cabinet one was from Peter Taylor.

case 1
Peter Taylor's case - mostly North of England Iron minerals - nicely presented.

Cabinet two was from Steve Warren.

case 2
Steve Warren's case

Florence blue fluorite
Steve Warren's case housed this rather nice Blue Fluorite on Hematite (with cubes c. 1cm on edge) from Egremont.

case map
Steve's case consisted of Iron minerals from The British Isles and I particularily liked the way that the case was annotated, and the fact that it had a locality map.

Cabinet three belonged to Paul Nicholson, whilst cabinet four belonged to Nick Peters. Cabinet five was from Richard Bell and is photographed below:

case 5
Richard Bell's case with two classic Siderite epimorph specimens from Virtuous Lady Mine, Devon - centre top shelf - a part "Box Epimorph" and a "Lady's Slipper"

Cabinet six was from Trevor Devon

case 6
Trevor Devon's case (WINNER!)

iron minerals
Trevor's case incorporated specimens from worldwide localities, and probably won because of the way that the selection of minerals were presented in defined chemical classifications.
Trevor being awarded the winner's trophy by Mike Rumsey of the Natural History Museum

The SMLS had a photo album on their stand displaying a selection of club photos from years gone past. An amusing selection of photos including.....

A trim looking David Lloyd (eating some kind of cake - is this where it started?)

...and a fresh faced Jolyon Ralph (of Mindat)!

Alongside the the competiton cases on the stage was a presentation from Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery. Jan Freedman, the curator of the museum's mineral collections, brought along a selection from the Sir John St. Aubyn Collection (17 May 1758 - 10 August 1839) - a prominent British mineral collector during the 18th and early 19th centuries.

A selection of specimens from Sir John St. Aubyn's Collection - courtesy of Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery

Plymouth Museum also brought along a selection of specimens from the Richard Barstow collection:

Barstow Plym
A selection of specimens from Richard Barstow's Collection - courtesy of Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery

Bismuthinite crystals intersecting a purple Fluorite crystal from South Crofty Mine, Cornwall - courtesy of Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery

Also on the stage was Mark Wrigley presenting a cabinet of specimens from Zagi Mountain, Pakistan. As well as the renowned rare earth element (REE) bearing minerals such as Bastnasite, Genhelvite, Xenotime, Mark displayed some strange included Quartzs and Fluorites from the same locality.

Mark Wrigley and his Zagi Mountain, Pakistan showcase.

A selection of off-matrix Bastnasites from Zagi Mountain in Mark's cabinet

Zagi Fluorite
A weird blue/grey included Fluorite from Zagi Mountain, Pakistan - courtesy of Mark Wrigley

The main hall at Clair Hall housed most of the dealers, including ourselves.

A busy Crystal Classics stand - this year we brought some drawers!

Verity books
...and this year we brought a broad range of mineralogical books

Other dealers had some interesting specimens on show including...

Maine Tourm
A well terminated Newry Tourmaline c. 12cm tall - courtesy of Brian Lloyd

Ross W
Ross Whittaker had some new Baryte specimens from Wet Grooves Mine, Wensleydale, UK - as well as a recently found pretty Fluorite specimen (centre) from West Pastures Mine, Weardale, Co. Durham, UK.

Euclase  from Miami Mine, Zimbabwe (c. 3cm) - Dave Whipp personal collection

Lawsons Zeoloites
Recent Zeolite minerals from Isle of Skye, Scotland - courtesy of the Lawsons of Moorland Minerals

Cobaltocalcite - cumbria
...and some not so recent specimens of vibrant pink Cobaltocalcite from Tynebottom Mine, Garrigill, Cumbria - courtesy of the Lawsons of Moorland Minerals.

That's all from this very welcoming show. Time to set the sights for Tucson 2011...
Thanks for visiting!

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