Tucson Mineral Shows 2011 - First report

27 January 2011

Hi everyone!

We would like to announce that we have arrived in Tucson and that we are now set up and ready to go!

There isn't much going on right now as many dealers have only just opened, with some dealers yet to arrive.

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know that we have just acquired a major portion of the University of Arizona Mineral Collection. This includes suites of English, German, Japanese, Mexican minerals as well as many American classics including an impressive Franklin, NJ suite. Some minerals will be available at the show, and some will be offered in web updates throughout this year.

We have set up our retail minerals in rooms 174 and 175 in Hotel City Centre in Tucson (formally the Inn Suites), as well as wholesale room in the Mission Conference Room of the same Hotel.

Set up Tucson Hotel City Centre
Audrey, Robbie and Dona setting up our retail minerals in room 174

KristalleCrystalClassics Wholesale
Ian and Wayne last minute pricing in the wholesale room - Mission Conference Room

Pricing in the sun
Ian, Wayne and David Hacker pricing the ex. Ben de Wit minerals in the Tucson sunshine!

Please don't forget that we are showing the freshly available minerals from the recently acquired Ben de Wit Collection - a wide range of minerals including many rare European, as well as worldwide, locality specimens - both being offered in the retail and wholesale rooms

As mentioned many dealers are yet to set up/finish setting up - but already we have seen some interesting minerals around and about.

Luis Miguel Burillo has his usual range of quality minerals specimens including a good range of sharply crystallized Sulphurs from the classic Agrigento Province of Sicily. He also has some lustrous Phenakite specimens from Mogok, Burma with crystals to well over 1cm.

Sulphur - Agrigento
Fine Sulphur crystals from Agrigento Province, Sicily, Italy courtesy of Luis Miguel Burrilo

Phenakite - Burma
Fine Phenakite from Cacke, Mogok, Burma (Myanmar) courtesy of Luis Miguel Burrilo

Crystal World and Prehistoric Journeys have some amazingly large Garnets from Thackaringa, Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia. The garnets are on huge plates of schistose rock with crystals to 4 to 5" inches across!

Huge Garnets - Broken Hill
A huge plate with well distributed Garnet crystals from Broken Hill, NSW courtesy of Crystal World and Prehistoric Journeys.

What really took got our attention were some amazing Cuprites from Rubtsovskoye Mine, Western Siberia, Russia (some associated with Native Silver and Marshite) that Karp Minerals have on display. Sharp lustrous octahedral crystals of Cuprite - some to a whopping 9cm!

Russian Cuprites
A gorgeous range of Cuprites, some associated with Native Copper and/or Native Silver and Marsthite, courtesy of Karp Minerals - largest Cuprite in photo c. 6cm.

I'm sorry not to report on other new finds/minerals of interest  - it is still very early! Please keep a look out for the next report where we shall inform you of anything of interest that catches our eye!

Bye for now!

Crystal Classics/Kristalle

Author: Ed
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