36st Gem- and Mineral Show Aue, Saxony, Germany

15 April 2011

Welcome to our show report from the 36th Gem and Mineral Show in Aue, Saxony, Germany, the most succesful mineral show in the area.

The town of Aue is situated right in the centre of the Saxony mining district, the mines of Schlema and Schneeberg are in less than 5 miles distance. Aue was the administration centre from the Wismut AG during the times of the DDR. There is a massive tradition of collecting minerals in this region and it is great to see that many of the old miners from the great Silver and Uranium mines still come to exhibit at the Aue show, which is now in its 36th year.

One famous collector chatting about an old piece with Diana.


There were 75 dealers from al over Germany and the Czech Republic and we came all the way along from England. Our car was filled with the finest selection of minerals from Germany as well as some world wide goodies in case some of the collectors were getting tired of all the grey Silvers and superb black Manganites.

A very nice selction on our booth from Maganites from Illfeld, Harz, Germany.


Ian and Diana at the Crystal Classics and Kristalle booth at the Aue show.

We are now at the Aue Show for the second year and it has became one of our favourite shows in Europe. Many serious collectors come every year a long way accross Germany to visit the one day show for fine mineral specimens. The show is held in the Kulturhaus Aue, directly in the town centre, with plenty of parking spaces around so it is very easy to access the show.

The show is spread out over three different rooms and filled with 75 collectors and dealers who are offering both self collected Minerals and worldwide specimens. many of the biggest gealers in Germany are present with some superb specimens. Dealers like Jürgen Tron, Armin Schöler, Peter Langsdorf and Dr. Schumacher or Igrind and Berthold Ottens had great specimens...

Armin Schöler had his debut at the show in Aue this year and offered a nice selection of Tsumeb minerals next to classics from Germany.

Peter Langsdorf and Dr. Schumacher exhibit since many years at the Aue show.

Ian, Christian Rewitzer and Christian Weise had obviously a lot of fun at the show.

As normal there where great minerals to be seen, although in typical german style a lot of them were kept under the table and only shown on request. This is one of the few shows where there is no jewellery to be seen. Katrin and Peter Schlegel want to offer a event for true mineral collectors only and select the dealers carefully for the quality of the material they will offer.

Peter Schlegel has the tradition to greet the early birds at the show himself.

One of the halls crowded with visitors.


In the morning the 3 halls where packed with visitors who didn't want to miss the chance to have a firt look at all the minerals and have the chance to buy them first, or it was the special exhibition case that featured minerals from Transylvania this year. There were some seriously impressive pieces shown and of course we will let you have a peak...

Big crystals where on this Hessite form Botes, Romania.

Also impressive this Freieslebenite.

And also several Gold specimens where on display, and it was really hard to choose which one to picture here.

Also every year at the show in Aue, the Lapis magazine.

On the show itself there where a few new Minerals on display like a new find of Fluorites from Okorusu.

There was a new species having it's show debut....Natropharmacoalumite, a new mineral from the type locality, Maria Josefa Mine, Rodalquir, Almeria in Spain, which we will have in one of our updates soon.

This find was made in 2009 and but the analasys work was just finish a few months ago for this new species.

And of course there was the typically nice selection of regional minerals like Brayte from Pöhla and Silvers from Saxony.

New find! Fluorite from Okorusu.

A nice mixture of German minerals on our booth.

A very nice Baryte with honey yellow crystals from Pöhla, Saxony, Germany.

A big HELLO! to our youngest customer at the Aue show.

All there left to say is a big THANK YOU to Katrin and Peter Schlegel who are creating an event that attracts old miners, serious collectors and also a very young new group of collectors that start to built there collection.

This show is the event for collectors, that are interested to see good quality minerals, talk about locality details and soak up the atmosphere in Aue. We are already looking forward to next years show, with a new theme for the special exhibition, meeting up with good friends and family as well as young collectors.

We hope you enjoy, thank you and bye.

Author: Diana Schlegel & Ian Bruce
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