Ste Marie-aux-Mines Show 2011 - Report 1

23 June 2011

Bienvenue to the 2011 Ste Marie Show!

The show officially opens today (Thursday 23rd), but set up takes a few days i.e. for moving cabinets into place and arranging the minerals - Ste Marie is a small town and there is always quite a bit of parking/trolley mayhem!

The pre-show unloading of pallets

Here's Audrey Lloyd making sure that the booth is ready for customers!

During set up we do get the opportunity to have a look around at some of the "early birds" who may have new and interesting material on show. Although still early days we have seen some interesting European material including lustrous Pyrolusite from Gremmelsbach, Black Forest, Germany, as displayed on Eric Wagner's stand, and some contemporary specimens of Fluorite and Pyromorphite from Averyon, France on Cyril and Marc Caveriviere's stand.

Pyrolusite from Gremmelsbach, Black Forest, Germany - courtesy of Eric Wagner

Collecting details on the Averyon finds - courtesy of Cyril and Marc Caveriviere

Pyromorphite from Averyon, France - courtesy of Cyril and Marc Caveriviere

A recent huge Fluorite cluster fro Averyon, France - courtesy of Cyril and Marc Caveriviere

A classic Fluorite from West Pastures Mine, England on Monsieur Maupas's stand - with crystals to 1.5cm on edge

A fine example of Leadhillite from Leadhills, Scotland with an accompanying old Krantz label

Further afield we came across some excellently crystallised Hematites from Alchuri, Shigar, Northern Areas, Pakistan on Hammad Gem's stand.

Hematite from Alchuri, Pakistan courtesy of Hammad Gems.

Some of the Chinese dealers are presenting some very well chosen specimens including this interesting Orpiment "geode" from .... courtesy of Yunfu Gao.

We have seen some new Ilvaites from China appearing at the shows over the last year or so but here is a very nice and seldom seen doubly-terminating crystal from Nandan Co., Guangxi Zhuang AR, China

Nobbly Aragonite nodules from China

By the end of the day we had set up our cabinets with some of our new acquisitions on show. Here are some overview photos of the cabinets:

Crystal Classics/Kristalle Cabinet Photo 1

Crystal Classics/Kristalle Cabinet Photo 2

Crystal Classics/Kristalle Cabinet Photo 3

Crystal Classics/Kristalle Cabinet Photo 4

Crystal Classics/Kristalle Cabinet Photo 5

Crystal Classics/Kristalle Cabinet Photo 6

Crystal Classics/Kristalle Cabinet Photo 7

Crystal Classics/Kristalle Cabinet Photo 8

Of the many minerals on display here are a couple of close ups of some of the new acquisitions:

Liroconite crystals with light blue sphericules of Ceruleite from Wheal Gorland, Cornwall (an article is pending regarding this rare and unusual association of minerals - please watch this space!)

An impressively large 7cm Phenakite crystal from Anjanabonoina Pegmatite, Madagascar on our stand

By the end of the day the heavens opened with an almighty thunderstorm! Thankfully most exhibitors were set up already and could seek shelter with their minerals!


Ian Bruce, Diana Schlegel and Wayne Leicht

Only a short introductory report but be sure to check out our following report from Ste Marie 2011.

Thanks for looking!

Author: Steve and Ed
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