Denver Show Report Part 3 Main Show

19 September 2011

The Main Show opened to the public on Friday morning and we say welcome back to all our readers for the final Show Report of Denver 2011.

The Crystal Classics and Kristalle room as normal was crowded with people straight from the beginning of the show.


Robbie McCarty has helped Wayne and Dona at shows for many decades and is one of our dear friends.

Some of the people came just for the of them was Professor Bob Cook.

I used the early morning to have a look around the special exhibition cases before it became too crowded. I had to make a choice between all the special exhibition show cases so my apologies to all the exhibitors who’s cabinets I haven’t pictured, the choice was difficult but there are too many great show cases to feature them all!

Show case number 1 showed a part of the superb private collection of Bryan and Kathryn Lees and was decorated with “Colorado treasures”.

Sweet Home Mine Rhodocrosites, Amazonite with Smoky Quartz, and outstanding Gold specimens were some of the treasures displayed.

Show case no. 1 " Colorado treasures" from Bryan and Kathryn Lees.

Natures creation next to a cut gemstone of Rhodocrosites from the Sweet Home Mine, Park Co., Colorado, USA.

Princeton University had wooden crystal models with the matching mineral example next to it.

Minerals of Arizona from the “Les & Paula Presmyk collection” were displayed in show case number 23.

One of our good customers for many years had a display with Gold specimens and Nuggets from all over the world.

Carolyn Manchester who has been collecting for over 59 years presented Minerals from Russia, which is one of 50 sub collections she has put together.

A close up of the Quartz with Hedenbergite and Ilvaite.

A really good example of Copper with Cuprite.

The next case won the the "C.E. Shorthy Withers Trophy and was the case of Al and Sue Liebetrau.

One of many nice pieces in the Al and Sue Liebetrau case was this Fluorite from Dal' negorsk, Primorskiy Kray, Siberia, Russia.

After having a good look at all the other show cases I started to walk through the halls and see what other dealers had put on display on their booths.

Evan Jones’s cabinet filled with Azurites from Milpillas, Mexico caught my eye straight away. The deep blue colour of his displayed specimens is phenomenal.

One of the many Azurites from Milpillas Mine, Cuitaca, Mun. de Cananea, Sonora, Mexico

I was really taken by the display cabinets in the room of Williams Minerals which was filled with small Gold specimens from California, some Tsumeb pieces and European classics.

The show case of Williams Minerals.

Mineral Masterpieces had the focus on high quality small cabinet specimens like this Grossular from the Jeffery Quarry Asbestos, Quebec, Canada pictured below.

Garnet var. Grossular from Jeffery Quarry Asbestos, Quebec, Canada

My next visit was the room of Rick Kennedy who showed me a new find of Caledonite he made in May this year at the Reward Mine, Inyo County in California. He came across a pillar where other collectors had recently collected and after stabilising the area Rick eventually hit the jackpot finding an area of oxidised lead and copper minerals such as Linarite, Leadhillite and Murdockite with some lovely Caledonite crystals. Rick collected everything he could find that day, put it in his truck and drove it to a secure place. He returned to the locality several other times but beside this one off find he never recovered other specimens.

Rick Kennedy with the first Caledonite specimen he found.

After so many Minerals I wanted to see what was going on in the fossil section of the show and found this huge 83 million year old Elasmosaurus, which is a long- necked plesiosaur from Vancouver Island, Canada.


One of the members of the “Black Hills Institute of Geological Research” helped me to find the correct name and showed me also this Didymoceras pictured below from Fall River County, South Dakota, USA which is really unusal with its spiral shape.


More or less across the aisle was the booth from Scrimshaw from Arvada, Colorado. Next to 2000 -3000 year old fossilised Walrus teeth who got their colouring from the soil they were buried in he had also Walrus heads that are 10 – 15 years old. Thos heads were hunted by the natives which are only allowed to sell the ivory when they used the animals meat for their own purposes and carved scenes of their daily live or other art like pictures into the teeth.

Fossilised Walrus teeth with pictures from native artists.

Walrus heads as art.

After this short sight seeing in the fossil world I headed back to our booth where I I will show you some of our mineral treasures.

An impressive Spodumene var. Kunzite with Tourmaline from Afgahnistan.

A well chosen display combination of colours...

Morganite, Aquamarine and Mimetite were amongst the museum quality specimens we had on display.

A well crystalised small cabinet specimen of Los Lamentos Wulfenite was one of my favourites.

We are famous for our well decorated minerals displays as you can see with this one.

Just before the Denver Show was around we had the chance to buy probably one of the best minature collections that a private customer of ours had put togehter over a number of years. We were extremely happy to get back one particular specimen that was the front cover of the January/February issue of the "Rocks & Minerals" Magazine 2004.

Gold - Eagle's Nest Mine, Placer County, California, USA

This specimen must be one of the best miniature Golds that the Eagle's Nest Mine ever produced. It is extremely well crystalised and much brighter than other specimens. The specimen was found between 12 and 15 years ago at the 300ft level and was one of the outstanding pieces in this recent acquired collection.

The Denver Show 2011 was a very successful show for us and as usual we owe a very big THANK YOU to our staff and friends that help us every year. See you in a few weeks at the Munich Show 2011 where the special exhibition this year features the best minerals ever found in the mines of Europe. This exhibition was put together over the last year by Ian Bruce and Christoph Keilmann and promisses to be outstanding.

Good bye from the Crystal Classics and Kristalle Team.

Author: Diana Schlegel & Ian Bruce
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