URGENT NEWS - Sterling Hill Museum Gold Theft

28 July 2011

On July 27th a theft occurred at the Sterling Hill Mining Museum, in New Jersey, USA.  A person or persons broke the front of the safe in the exhibit hall and took ALL of the gold specimens which were on display in the safe.  This was a well planned heist and took place within a 15-20 minute time frame between escorted tours of the mine and museum.  The value of the specimens could well exceed several hundred thousand dollars.

Please be aware and watch Mindat.org for more information and photos.  We believe that this is about the high cost of gold and expectations are that the specimens will be melted and/or sold for gold value.

A $25,000 reward is being offered for the return of the specimens.  Please contact anyone at the Sterling Hill Mining Museum if you are offered and/or see specimens out of the normal context of a mineral show or gathering of mineral people.

Sterling Hill Mining Museum, Ogdensburg, NJ, USA

Tel: 973-209-7212 • info@sterlinghillminingmuseum.org

Sterling Hill Mining Museum


Author: Dona

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