Denver Show Report Part 1

11 September 2011

Hello and welcome to the Denver Mineral and Fossil Show 2011 in Colorado.


Tents outside of the Holiday Inn.


Our set up is finished and most dealers have their doors open and ready for business, ready for us to have a look around to see what's new in Denver 2011.


Our top sales woman Lois is in charge of room 133 in the Holiday Inn.

The weather this year is fantastic with clear blue skies and sunshine which makes it even prettier and creates a relaxed atmosphere for us dealers and our customers.

As usual we welcome customers in our room 133 at the Holiday Inn - Denver Central which has a selection of our finest worldwide Minerals spread out over 3 big show cases with newly aquired collections which Ian or Wayne have picked up on their recent travels around the world. Also in the ball room in the Holiday Inn we have set up our wholes sale stock which is filled with new stock from around the world. 

Wayne and Ian

Wayne and Ian in front of one of our show cases discussing one of our specimens...


Two of the members of the dream team in charge of our wholesale room in the Holiday Inn - Audrey Lloyd and Liz Hacker.

The doors where opened on the dot at 10am on Sunday the 11th September and certainly everybody was talking about the 10th anniversary of the attacks from 9/11 and the new terror threats that were announced all over the news, fortunately nothing happend and everybody could think about minerals again. We used the morning and had a look around early on to find interesting news for you. The first booth we visited was the one from Fenn’s Gems & Minerals from Mesilla Park, New Mexico who presented this amazing pale green turquoise Smithsonite from the Coahuila area in Mexico pictured below. The specimen was personally mined around 15 years ago by Benny who has run the business with his wife for over 46 years and has exhibited since the Denver Show started.

Smithsonite form the Sierra Majada Mine in Coahuila area, Mexico.


Elsewhere in the hotel The Collector’s Edge presented for the first time the recently acquired South African collection from Uli Bahmann. The collection was purchased 3months ago and exceeds 23.000 specimens from African locations including Congo, Brandberg, Erongo and other South African localities, excluding Tsumeb, which was purchased a few years ago by our company. On display they had a selection of specimens including Aegerine, Quartz, and some nice Olmiite.


A bright orange red Olmiite ball from the N'Chwaning Mines, Kuruman, Kalahari manganese fields, Northern Cape Province, South Africa.


Steve from the Edge reckons that the cleaning and preparation process of all the new specimens will take more than a year, so that over a period of time we will see the other specimens such as Rhodocrosites from the Kalahari Manganese Fields.


Steve from Collector's Edge in front of the cabinet filled with specimens from the Uli Bahmann collection of South African Minerals.


On the second floor in Holiday Inn we found interesting new Quartz specimens and also some Polybasite crystals. Both finds were made at the La Mejicana Mine, La Rioja in Argentina and were presented in the room of Patagonia Minerals.

New find of big withe Quartz (artichoke) crystals from the La Mejicana Mine, La Rioja, Argentina.

Also from the La Mejicana Mine, La Rioja, Argentina came these exeptional Polybasite crystals with up to 1cm across.

While Ian and I had a look around in the room Mike a good friend of all of us purchased a new specimen of Hematite for his collection.

Mike and his new Hematite.


Another room that drew  our attention was filled with a superb display of fine Chinese Minerals, surely the best we’ve ever seen displayed by a chinese dealer on a US Mineral Show. Stone Age Gifts had the following specimens of super quality on display.


A fabolous Garnet from the Tinchen Iron Mine, Linxi, Inner Mongolia, China.

A superb group of Ilvaite crystals on Quartz form the Tinchen Iron Mine, Linxi, Inner Mongolia, China

Also from the Tinchen Iron Mine was this lustorous purple Fluorite on Quartz.

Another new find was made at the Daoping Mine, Guilin, Guangi autonomous region in China of stalactite Pyromorphites. The specimen we saw was striking in colour and gives a hint of the potential of this mine.

Deep green stalactitic Pyromorphite crystals on matrix, ca. 15 cm high and 23cm long. This new find comes from the Daoping Mine, Guilin, Guangxi atonomous region in China.

This is the best example of a Plumbogummite on Pyromorphite we have seen so far from China.


Another fabulous specimen was this Calcite with colour zoning from Wenshan, Yunnan Provice, China.

One of the best specimens that Stone Age Gifts had on display was a Silver specimen combined with Sphalerite. The bright Silver wires were coplimented with the dark intergrown Sphalerite crystals.

This incredible Silver with Sphalerite was one of our favorites,  (10 x 8 cm) in size.  Found at the Hongda Silver Mine, Taiyuan, Shangxi Province in China.


We hope you enjoyed the first part of our Denver show report 2011 and we will see you back at our site in a few days when we have more news from the Holiday Inn and the Coliseum show that opens soon.

Enjoy! "From the team of Kristalle and Crystal Classics"

Author: Diana Schlegel & Ian Bruce
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