Preparations for Tucson

15 January 2014



Here at Crystal Classics in Somerset, England, the preparations for our displays at Tucson this year are well under way.

Tuscon is always an exciting time and this year we have put together what we feel is our best ever selection of top quality mineral specimens both for our Wholesale rooms at the Hotel Tucson City Centre and for our Retail Locations at the prestigious Westward Look venue, where we will be sharing a room with Kristalle and at the main Tuscon Gem and Mineral Show (TGMS) again in conjunction with the Kristalle team. Details of dates times and our location at each of these events can be viewed towards the bottom of this Page and in a little more detail at:

Here in England a great deal of effort has been invested by our team for several weeks prior to Christmas in preparing our largest shipment to Tucson to date. Ten crates of great specimens all had to be carefully wrapped and put in flats and placed in the crates and all sealed for shipment.

Ian Bruce Crates Tucson 2014
Ian putting the finishing touches to some of the electrics destined for the show.

Crates, Tucson 2014
The crates - Nearly full!

Crates Tucson 2014
Finishing touches - Martin wrapping the last of the crates with film to help keep them dry.

CratesTtucson 2014
.............ready for loading.

The Somerset Team.
 Left to Right - Martin, Ali, Ian, Diana, "Wolfie" and Steve.



This year in Tucson we will have the same location for our Wholesale room as last year but with a superior array of great mineral specimen rivalling anything offered here in any previous years. Be sure not to miss it . You will be greeted as always with our friendly helpful staff always willing to show you around and point any specimens that might be of particular interest to you. please do not hesitate to chat with our team what we have. 


Hotel Tucson City Centre (Formerly The InnSuites Hotel)  
  1st Feb to 15th Feb 2014 - 10am-6pm
This is one of the three locations of the Arizona Mineral & Fossil Show, and there are more than 200 dealers that exhibit in just the Hotel Tucson City Centre!

Hotel Tucson City Centre
(Formerly The Inn Suites Hotel)  
  1st Feb to 15th Feb 2014 - 10am-6pm


As well as our wholesale room we will be sharing with Kristalle room 235 at the Westward Look Show where you will be able to see some of our finest mineral specimens.

The Westward Look Show is a small high quality show with only the finest minerals for sale. Less than 30 dealers are asked to exhibit at this exclusive 5 star resort in the Catalina Mountain foothills. Only the very best minerals are on display here - not for the faint hearted!

7th to 10th Feb 2014
Room 235.

We share this room this year with Kristalle from Laguna Beach. We will have a fantastic display of minerals from worldwide localities. As well as great specimens from the famous Tsumeb mine in Namibia, we will have European classics from the recently acquired Lamy, Francesco Stoppani and Michael Harris collections.

There are two events held during the show - Collector's Day on Saturday from 10am - 4pm where a special guest is invited to display their private mineral collection, and the Sunday Evening Program where people present on their real life experiences in the pursuit of minerals. 

Westward Look

This show is run by the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society, and for most is the final and main show of Tuscon. This is the show that started them all, held annually since 1954. It is held on the second full weekend of February (starting with a Thursday) each year in the Tucson Convention Centre, now with an estimated 250 dealers.

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Tucson Gem and Mineral show

TGMS 2014
View of the show

We have one of the biggest booths on the main floor which we share with Kristalle. In 2014 we will have a complete new layout and some spectacular new specimens. At this show there are fantastic displays from museums from around the world, from prominent private collectors and dealers; as well as competitive displays from both beginners and experienced collectors; and free lectures and seminars - loads to see and do.

For more details see:

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