16th Schlema Mineral Show, Saxony, Germany

15 September 2011

On the 2nd of October the annual Schlema Show in Saxony, Germany is held in the Kulturhaus Aktivist in Schlema from 10am to 4pm. It is a great show with a special emphasis on minerals. There are no jewellery, lapidary or non mineral/mining items allowed so over the years this has become a major gathering place for serious mineral collectors who just want to see minerals.

The show is held in the original working man's club which was built to entertain the miners and their families by the WismutAG mining company, when the Uranium and Silver mines of Schlema, and the surrounding towns like Aue and Alberoda, were operated.

Silver - Himmelsfurst Mine, Freiberg, Saxony, Germany

During their working years these huge mines of this famous metalliferous province produced some very important mineral specimens like the fabulous Silvers, Proustites and Pyrargyrites that adorn the collections of most major museums around the world.

Baryte - Poehla, Saxony, Germany

On the second floor of this venue is the Schlema mining museum which is an absolute must if you are visiting the area, you can follow the history of Schlema from the very beginning of the mines to the rehabilitation of the old dumps today. Check out this link for more details:


This is the show for the true collector and there will be a majority of minerals from Saxony on display as well as worldwide specimens.

Stop by and enjoy the history of mining and the family run show in the heart of the Erzgebirge.



10am - 4pm

Kulturhaus "Aktivist"

Bergstrasse 22

08301 Schlema, Saxony, Germany

For further details, please contact:

Katrin Schlegel, A. - Schweitzer Str. 13, 08280 Aue
Tel: +49 (0) 3771 - 53977

Author: Diana Schlegel
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