16th Schlema Mineral Show, Saxony, Germany

5 October 2011

Hello and welcome to the show report of the 16th Mineral show in Schlema, Saxony in Germany. This annual one day 'minerals only' show attracts hundreds of visitors to the show location in the heart of the famous silver mining region.

This year was no exception as many interested collectors found their way to the show venue, the Kulturhaus "Aktivist"  in Schlema, Saxony, the weather was exceptional with temperatures to 30 degrees centigrade.

Everything is connected with the mining history in this area, even the signs to the venue which includes a mining history museum on the second floor.


The family run show is held by Katrin and Peter Schlegel, who have a life long passion for minerals. This year over 50 exhibitors presented their minerals in the Kulturhaus "Aktivist" and attracted hundreds of visitors. Some of the exhibitors feared that the superb, "summer" weather with temperatures up to 30 degrees would keep visitors away but luckily many collectors found their way to the Mineral show to enjoy the variety of local and world wide minerals on display.


Shortly after the show opened the halls were crowded with visitors.

Some of the exhibitors at the Schlema show became close friends to the show hosts.

Good friends Katrin Schlegel and Ingrid Ottens.

As usual Ian and I had a look around the show to see if we could find some new things on the displays...

The strength in the displays of this show are definitely in local minerals so that a display with a selection of world wide material is a rare sight. But of course some dealers also have colourful material presented, like Markus Grossman with his selection of gem minerals.

Gem minerals at the show in Schlema.

The exhibitors at the show are a mix of local dealers as well as some guests from the Czech Republic, Bohemia or Bulgaria. Daniel Thiemel for example has exhibited since the beginning of the show in Schlema (16 years ago) and has always a nice selection of minerals. This year he had a nice offering of Silver minerals from Bohemia.

A nice piece of Dyscrasite from PÅ™íbram, Central Bohemia Region, Bohemia, Czech Republic.


Of course there had to be also Silvers from Schlema and the surrounding areas on offer with several dealers, but I will only picture this one here below.

Native Silver curls from the mine schaft 66 in Schlema.

Another booth that had some nice material on display was the one from Helmut Appel from Ebelsbach. Helmut showed me this nice Prasem crystals (Quartz) from Serifos, Greece.

Prasem crystal (approx. 8cm high) from Serifos, Greece.

Galena and Pyrite from Bulgaria could be found on the booth of Mr. Pankow.

For those who were looking to find literature there is the Lapis booth...


Katrin and Peter Schlegel are not only the hosts of the minerals show in Schlema and Aue, they also always set up their own booth with a selection of Saxony minerals, world wide minerals. Also Peter Schlegel offers the service to identify minerals that visitors have found or inherited from a relative.

The booth of Katrin and Peter Schlegel at the Schlema mineral show.

Ian Bruce and Berthold Ottens talking about Berts selection of chinese minerals...

The show itself ended at 4pm and all dealers packed up and most of them went for a early dinner at the restaurant decorated as a mine in the lower level of the Kulturhaus "Aktivist" to enjoy a traditional saxony meal.

The restaurant "Zum Fuellort" looks like a mine and is decorated with old mining equipment from the Wismut AG.

As usual Katrin and Peter Schlegel hosted a successful show for exhibitors and visitors. This local show attracts true collectors who live a love for minerals and enjoy smaller shows where modern mineral ',merchandise' is not available. We hope you enjoyed our short report that keeps you updated with news and what we are up to. We are looking forward when we see you at the upcoming Munich Show.

See you soon!

Author: Diana Schlegel and Ian Bruce
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