Munich Mineral Show 2011 Show Report 2

30 October 2011

Welcome to the 2nd Munich show report, it has been a busy and exciting day with many long-time friends and collectors at our booth. We have decided to bring forward our report on the European Classics Exhibition as well as some other things around the show.

Wayne Leicht, Diana Schlegel, Ian Bruce,and Lois Nelson.

It was busy not only at our booth but all four Halls were packed with record numbers of visitors attending. The main mineral Hall A6 houses the special exhibit with this year's theme of European Classics with accolades all round for the hard work done to bring such a collection of fine minerals together. 

It is certainly the best display of European minerals ever shown in one place.

The entrance to The European Classic Exhibition

Chris Keilmann & Ian Bruce the Exhibition organisers


Alan Hart of the Natural History Museum London & Ian Bruce with Count Bournon the Bournonite.

Bournonite from Herodsfoot Mine, Cornwall, England.

This is the best known Kongsberg Silver specimen, for the first time out of it's country, shown here in it's carry case

Professor Dallinger unpacking his specimens for display

Dave Lloyd, Alan Hart and Fred Steinar from the Kongsberg Mining Museum discuss who has the best specimen.

The two best known Kongsberg Silver specimens together with two famous curators. On the right Fred Steiner from the Kongsberg Museum with Gian Carlo Parodi from the Museum national d'Histoire naturelle de Paris

Gilles Emringer brought his incredible collection of French minerals including many fantastic Fluorites and displayed many things never seen outside of France before.

Renate Schumacher the curator from the Mineral Museum at the University of Bonn cataloguing as the specimens are brought in for display.


The famous Halite from the Vienna Museum is put in place.

All of the minerals displayed in the exhibition were of the highest quality that European locations have to offer.

Fluorite cabinet on its way to being completed.

The Peter Lyckberg collection case almost finished with fabulous orange twin Calcites from the Malmberget Mine.

Elizabeth Hacker a professional mineral display artist.

The Natural History Museum of London Display Cabinet top shelf.

NHM London 2nd shelf, displaying specimens from several British locations

Third shelf displaying specimens of Chalcocite from Cornwall, with a Witherite from Northumberland and a Cassiterite after Orthoclase.

Bottom shelf with 3 specimens from Scottish locations - Lanarkite Geode, Leadhills, a fine Leadhillite and a specimen of Greenockite.


A very large Pyromorphite from Les Farges Mine, France

A Chessy Azurite/Malachite, from France on loan from the Sorbonne in Paris.

Rhodochrosite from the Wolf Mine, Siegerland, Germany on loan from Erika Pohl-Stroeher.

A very rich outstanding Kongsberg Silver, Norway on loan from Gene Meieran.

A wow Baryte from Pallaflat Mine, England.

A large, rich amber coloured Fluorite crystal from the Hilton Mine, England.

An Fabulous Native Sulfur from the Cozzodisi Mine still to be unpacked.

A historic specimen dating from the late 1800's that was found in the Virtuous Lady Mine in Devon, England. This was on loan from the Royal Scottish Museum. These specimens were found in a single occurrence and less than 20 good specimens are known. The Siderite forms an epimorphous cast after a Fluorite crystal and the underlying Quartz and Chalcopyrite crystals display proudly in the hollow cast.


An stunning large specimen of Pyrargyrite from Germany, on loan from Erika Pohl-Stroeher

Calcite twins from Bigrigg, England from the Natural History Museum, London

Cubo-octahedral crystal of Cobaltite, from Hakansboda, Sweden, on loan from the Swedish Museum of Natural History.

Fluorite on Quartz, from South Caradon Mine, England from the Natural History Museum of London.

A real rare Cronstedtite from Kisbanyan, Hungary from the Natural History Museum, London

Large platy crystals of Hematite with Rutile from Graubunden, Switzerland. On loan from Reinhard Dallinger

A big specimen of Chalcopyrite (Blister Copper) from Cook's Kitchen Mine, Pool, Cornwall, England. On loan from Erika Pohl-Stroeher.

Anatase crystals to over 1.2cm from the Hardangervidda, Norway

A fine rarity "Andrewsite" from the Phoenix Mine, Cornwall, England, on loan from the Natural History Museum, London

A gobsmacking Erythrite, from Schneeberg, Germany. On loan from Erika Pohl-Stroeher.

Probably one of the best specimens of Strengite, from Svappavaara, Norway. On loan from Paul Stahl

Calcite Twin from Egremont, England, on loan from the Natural History Museum, London - this specimen is nearly 20cm across!

A fine large crystal specimen of Cassiterite from La Villeder, France from the Natural History Museum, London

Cobaltite crystal, from Sweden

Fluorite from Boltsburn Mine, Weardale, England, Natural History Museum on London.

Hydrocerussite from Merehead Quarry, England. On loan from Ian Jones.

A ginormous Baryte specime from Carriere des Redoutieres. On loan from the Paris Museum.

Mimetite from Johanngeorgenstadt, Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany.

Native Copper from Botallack Mine, Cornwall waiting to be displayed, Natural History Museum of London.

Fluorite from Boltsburn Mine, Weardale, England, Natural History Museum of London.


A very rich specimen of Cuprian Smithsonite from Chessy, France, Natural History Museum of London.

The Kongsberg Native Siver Ring. On loan from the Paris Museum.

And a super specimens of Wulfenite from St Helena Mine, Mezica, Slovenia. On loan from the NHM of Wien

Herring bone habit Native Silver from Poehla, Erzgebirge, Germany

Apatite from Panasqueira, Portugal.

Fluorite on Quartz from Plaggenstock, Switzerland.

A stunning Proustite from Schacht 207, Niederschlema, Germany.

A very rich specimen of Caledonite  from Scotland.

A fine specimen of Bastnasite from the Classic French location of Trimouns.

A fine prismatic crystral of Syncasite from Trimouns, France.

A rare example of Cassiterite from Schlaggenwald, Czech Republic.

Corundum var Sapphire from Lewis, Scotland


A new find made about 2 years ago of a specimen displaying Elbaite and Morganite. Probably the best ever found from San Piero Campo, Elba.

Another stuning Elbaite specimen from the same location.

Gemmy crystals of Fluorite from Halsbruecke, Saxony, Germany.

A large specimen of Hedenbergite from Nordmark, Sweden.

A superb specimen showing a large crystal of the rare mineral Danalite from Yxjoberg, Sweden

A beautiful specimen of Pyromorphite from Bad Ems, Germany

A fine giant single crystal of Jordanite from Lengenbach, Switzerland.

A cute specimens of Mimetite from Johanngeorgenstadt, Germany.

Probably the largest known crystal of Native Sulfur from Perticara, Italy.

A lovely specimen of Phosgenite from the famous Monteponi Mine, Sardinia.

A very rich small crystal specimen of the rare mineral Samsonite from St. Andreasberg, Germany.

And lastly Wayne and Dona Leicht's fine collection of European specimens on display.

That's all folks hope you have enjoyed our rundown of the show.

Author: Steve Rust
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