Crystal Classics Christmas Party

25 January 2012

This year the Crystal Classics' Christmas Party was held at the Tithe Barn at Haselbury Mill, near Crewkerne, a beautiful building with a medieval feel. We decided to have another theme party, this year 'Fairytales and Pantomimes' which fitted in well with the style of the venue. Mad Hatters, Witches, Dwarfes and Pirates appeared from every nook and cranny.

The King and Queen of Hearts (Ian Bruce and Diana Schlegel) have a lot of fun at their X-Mas Party

It wasn't easy with that hook. Yours truly, Dave Whipp.

Steve and Christine Rust complete with a spell or two.

Dave and Audrey Lloyd

Simon Lawrence with Robin

Dave and Liz Hacker

Martin and Alison

Diana and Ian with three of the girls Jasmine, Gemma and Chloe from the the Crystal Courtyard

Audrey about to tuck in


Richard and Abigail Brommel with Diana Schlegel.

Chloe, Jasmine and Lucy

Eric Zwiebel (Sommelier at the Summer Lodge Hotel),
our very own wine connoisseur,
drinking in the atmosphere!

Joan and Jesse over from the USA with Mike Rumsey of the Natural History Museum, London and Sam
(Her wolf costume was completely handmade)

Dave Spiller and Anne

Could there be more frightening witches? Anne and Liz Hacker.

Sian and Audrey Lloyd discussing the proceedings.

Lucy Still, of the Crystal Courtyard hair and beauty salon.

The girls from East Coker Cafe taking a well earned break - Marylin, Anne, Penny

Lucy's Dad, Pete

Corrin and Rebecca

Tracy and Ed

Pengalli, Polo and Luke

Adie and Darren

Humphrey Hale of Wolf Minerals

Lucy's mum Sue, with Cliff

Steve Seymour Smith dressed for the Panto - mine.
Sorry Steve, had to use it!

Richard Bragg and his wife Rachel

Joan and Robin.

Gunther Hoppe and Amy.

John and Zeny Sharpe

Phil and Sian

Monique and Tim Woodhead

Jasmin and Tania of the Crystal Courtyard

Amanda Wells

Simon Harrison looking for that beverage I think

Jesse and Joan

Mineral Collector David Lucas

Liz trying to scare the youngsters (Austin, Amy and Gunther's son).
It won't work you know, Liz!

Bertie and Pengelli

Ed. Nearly there!!

Gunther, Amy and Austin.

Great legs, Tim!


The Girls from the the Crystal Courtyard

Don't look so surprised Martin!

Pete and Jenny as the...not so ugly sisters ?

Having had a few drinks and aperatifs the smell of hog Roast was particularly eagerly awaited and a queue soon began to form.

The queue for the hog roast

A few satisfied punters filling their dinner plates

Some still waiting to join the queue.
Audrey and Dave Lloyd with Anne and Dave Spiller

A mottly crew: In the background Tim and Monique and (seated, from the left) Steve Seymour-Smith, Robin, Humphrey, Ed and Tracy and Dave Whipp all of us waiting to join in the banquet.

At another table the three lasses from our local highly acclaimed Cafe in East Coker, Marylin, Anne and Penny with Ali and Martin at the back with Steve and Chris Rust and Richard and his wife Rachel..... Looks like they got in there early!

View of the tithe barn

The medieval ceiling

What will next year bring.....?

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