Tucson Party " The Roaring Twenties"

17 February 2012

Every year one of the highlights for many collectors, dealers and friends who are visiting the Tucson Show is our party. The theme of this year’s party was inspired by the roaring twenties and for this evening we stepped back in time and tried to emulate the actors in the famous musical “Gold Digger of Broadway" which became the highest grossing film of its decade.

Dona, Ian and Liz had staring roles at the party evening.

As most of you will know (despite the fact that most of us weren't even around at that time), this was the era of gangsters like Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, Moe Dalitz, Joseph Ardizzone and Sam Maceo, just to name a few of the periods most famous characters.

The gansters arrived fashionable in their car...

America indeed seemed to be the land of milk and honey. Culture, art and science were flowering during the so called "golden twenties".
Dona decided we should relive the dynamics of this time and celebrate it with another big bash.

The ladies of the house in their stunnig flapper dresses.

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow? No it's Ian Bruce and Diana Schlegel!

But before we start to show you some more of the dazzling outfits of flapper dresses, gangster black ties we would like to give you some of the interesting facts of what was actually going on in the 1920's:

--> The passing of the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote.

--> The Chrysler building was constructed. The tallest building of its time.

--> In 1928 "Lights of New York" was the first all talking feature.

--> "Lady Chatterley's Lover" by D.H. Lawrence was published and declared the most scandalous novel of its time, because of its explicit description of sex.

--> Charles Lindberg was the first pilot to cross the Atlantic, non-stop.

--> The manufacture, import and export of alcohol was prohibited (1920 - 1933) in an attempt to alleviate various social problems which led to the rise of "Speakeasies"

The entry tickets into the speakeasy

I am sure that some of you will know where the term "Speakeasy" (also called bling pig or blind tiger) was first coined. For those of you who don't know, here is a brief explanation. After the state raised the fee for a saloon license from $50 to $500 the number of bars in the towns and cities plummeted considerable, so for many the only way to keep their businesses running was to run them illegally. Regular, rowdy customers were frequently advised to keep their voices down i.e. "Speak easy boys! Speak easy!"

David Lloyd aka "Lloydie" one of the rascals at the party...

While Wayne needed another drink...

...the other gansterst posed infront of "their" car...

Frances Flynn in her amazing original 20's dress took a fancy to the police car.

Not everybody is allowed to enter the speakeasy, so Dona checks carefully who is knocking on the door.

Who's that? Ah Herb Obodda brings a little something to get in...

It's the good stuff and Wayne approves as well!

The Bad News Blues Band ....

The most amazing food was prepared by Albert Hall and his team from the Acaia. Ian was a really lucky boy earlier in the day and was able to attend a cooking lesson with Albert. Albert showed him how to prepare Beef Wellington, which was served on the party evening with mixed vegetables and rice. Albert is is one of the best chefs in the states and has had a passion for food since his early teenager years. He likes to serve traditional dishes from all over the world with a unique twist. Albert Hall also won the Iron Chef twice with his impressive cooking skills! What an honor to have him cooking year in and year out for our party! THANK YOU Albert.

Alber Hall slicing the Beef Wellington, which was cooked to perfection for Ian.

Not only Dave Wiseman enjoyed the exquisit meal served at our party.

For those guest who needed some help to get in the the mood Stephanie had some pearls to had out. (here pictured with Ian)

Lizzie the cigarette girl.

She is getting lucky with her first customer!

Vancelyn and Lois with her pink machine gun

Robbie, Janet (the late Dick Bideaux's sister) and Dona in their dazzling  flapper dresses.

A big thank you to our team of photographers that helped providing the pictures for this party report: Eloisa and Joaquim Callen, Dona, Ludmilla and friend

Bill Lawrence and Jaye Smith (formerly the Rocksmiths)

Dona is welcoming Boots and Barbara Cureton.

These two traveled many miles to be with us Mike Rumsy and alan Hart form the Natural History Museum of London.

Steph and Audrey really enjoyed the party.

Katherine Dunnell and Kim Tate from the Royal Ontario Museum.

Joan and Jesse won't miss a party like that!

Our cutest party guest was Miss Bee (The daughter of Alan and Andrea Hart)

Randy and Susan Parnagian took Dona in the middle for this shot

Jack Halpern, Dona and Carolyn Manchaster.

Ian and Frank Dzubeck

The smallest and the tallest party guest: Eloisa Callen and Diana Schlegel

As the party went on several bottles of liquor appear amongst them was a bottle a moonshine that cause some problems for one or the other party guest...

Is it fear before or after Dan Ravasz, Christoph Keilmann and Jens Rödel  had a shot of the Moonshine.

Günther Hoppe, Armin Schöler and Christian Egler took a fancy to the Moonshine.

Brandy is going fo it and Tana is cheering her on...

Jesse, John Veevaert and D4 are on their way...

Dough Wallace and Leonard Himes.

Yue, Thomas, Ian and Diana partying...

Katya, Tomasz and his friend and Jolyon.

Wayne and Frances Flynn

Scott, Alan, Paul Melville and Trish from Australia enjoyed each others company at the party.

The party was in full swing when we could hear the sirenes of the Tucson Police in the far distance...are we about to get  busted?

The police found us...what would they do?

... of course they would join us rather then cuff us

Jim and Mitch from the Tucson Police Department

All D's are in the house....

Would you buy rocks from these two gangsters???

Thanks to everyone for another great party in Tucson, your Crystal Classics and Kristalle team.

Author: Diana Schlegel
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