Crystal Classics Open Day 2012

7 December 2012

The second (and now annual) Crystal Classics Open Day was held on Friday Nov 30 and Saturday Dec 1 in 2012. The Open Day gave us an opportunity to premier a wide selection of British minerals, specimens which we have been holding back over the past year in preparation for the Day. We were pleased to feature Cornish minerals from the collection of Lewis Barton, a recently acquired North of England collection, and specimens from other old European collections, particulary from Germany and Italy. 

The Open Day is also a wonderful opportunity to invite mineral collectors and friends from all over the world to visit us, and it was wonderful to have so many people visit and enjoy the minerals.

This year we had two main display areas. Our showroom became the British Room, with cabinets and drawer units filled with Cornish, North of England, Scottish and more. The main office became our Worldwide room, with a large portion of minerals from Africa with many new specimens from Tsumeb including from the Elke Young and Tietz Collections. European, North and South American, Asia and Australian minerals also formed the displays and filled the drawers.

The set up took several weeks of hard work from the team, rearranging specimens, pricing from Euros to GBP after the recent Munich show, creating displays. At times it felt like it would never be ready! But we were all really pleased with the final results, and hope that all our visitors were too.

Crystal Classics team
The Crystal Classics and Kristalle team at the Open Day. From left to right: Robin Hansen, Ali Hyde, Irmgard Schlegel, David Lloyd with Florie, Audrey Lloyd, Ian Bruce, David Hacker, Diana Schlegel, Dave Whipp (kneeling), Elizabeth Hacker, Wayne Leicht, Steve Rust and Wolfie.


Ian Bruce, Diana Schlegel, Wayne Leicht
Ian Bruce, Diana Schlegel and Wayne Leicht who was visiting from the USA.

Dave Whipp, Robin Hansen, Steve Rust
Dave Whipp, Robin Hansen and Steve Rust

David Hacker, Liz Hacker
David and Elizabeth Hacker who helped us out for several days and the displays looked wonderful thanks to Liz.

Alison Hyde, Martin Salter
Alison Hyde and Martin Salter of the Crystal Classics team who were a great help getting everything set up.

We were lucky to Diana's grandmother visiting us and she was also a wonderful help getting ready, and baked delicious Christmas cookies.

And of course David and Audrey Lloyd, Dave works hard in the lab preparing the minerals, and Audrey helps us whenever she can in the office.


Crystal Classics showroom
The Crystal Classics showroom, which became the British Mineral Room

The before picture, sorting through the specimens to decide what went into drawers and what went on display:

Setting up for the Open Day

Here is a tour through the cabinets of the British room - if any of the specimens catch your eye and you would like further information, please click here to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with further information:

Fluorites, Hematite, Galena and green Roughton Gill Pyromorphites

Bright orange and green Pyromorphites from Scotland, Barytes, Fluorites and more..

Closeup of the top two shelves of Barytes from Frizington, orange Scottish Pyromorphites, and greenish Pyromorphites from Dry Gill and Roughton Gill Mine

More Scottish specimens, Fluorites, Witherite, Calcites from Derbyshire, and Sphalerites from different locations.

Cornish Amethyst, Clinoclase and Lirconite, plus Calcites

Barytes, Calcite twins, fabulous north of England Hematites including Specularites and Quartz with Hematite.

More Barytes, Hematites and Calcites, plus Siderite 'Lady Slippers'

Pyromorphites, Mimetites, Coppers, Barytes and Calcites


More wonderful Fluorites including from the Rogerley and Frazer's Hush mines

The bottom two shelves of the Fluorite cabinet

orange Mimetites and blue Linarites, and Aragonites

Moving onto the main office area, our Worldwide Showroom, we had a similar layout to the previous year.

Crystal Classics show room
The Worldwide showroom

A tour through the cabinets - if any of the specimens catch your eye and you would like further information, please click here to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with further information.

A mix of worldwide specimens including Native Golds from California, brand new blue Plancheite from DR Congo, pink Cobaltoan Calcites from Morocco and more.

A closeup of the top two shelves

Fluorites, Opal, Rose Quartzes...

oranges and greens - Wulfenites, sunburst Quartz from Russian, Norwegain Amber Calcite, Native Copper.

fine mineral specimens on display
Galena, Pyrite, Siderite, Native Silvers and Native Silver pseudomorphs after Dyscrasite from Czech Republic

Fluorites, Tourmalines, Adamites, Mimetites and Native Sulphurs

Rhodochrosite and Rose Quartz, Tourmalines, Emerald, Variscite slice, Raspberry Garnets and a large Pollucite crystal from Pakistan on the bottom right

A cabinet of brand new Tsumeb and other African specimens

Tsumeb minerals
Tsumeb specimens including Dioptase, Azurite, Smithsonite, Mimetites and Smithsonites

More wonderful Dioptase, Calcites, Mimetites and Smithsonites

The Open Day began at 10am on the Friday, and a queue of excited collectors were waiting to get in:

The queue for the Open Day

Everyone rushes into the British room to look through the drawers and displays

Looking at the displays, Dave Hacker looks on

Happy collectors look through the drawers

Looking through drawers

Having a laugh together, discussing their choices

Liz Hacker makes sure Florie and Wolfie are doing their part in greeting customers.

This year Ian's office became a chill out room, with lots of comfy seats, and also flats of minerals to look through (we could not fit them all in the drawers!)

We also had a fantastic range of mineral books and magazines, many of these are available on our mineral books and mineral magazine pages. We are proud to be suppliers of the UK Journal of Mines and Minerals, we stock the latest issue plus many back issues. We are also distributors of the fantastic extraLapis English/Mineral Monograph series and MineralUp.

View of the main office, the dogs are making sure Dave Whipp does not eat too many cookies!

Wolfie keeps an eye on proceedings from under the desk

The last customer of the day - Minky the cat

Lloydy and Wolfie take a well deserved rest.


Thank you to everyone that was able to visit us during the Open Day, especially those that had travelled from overseas, it was wonderful to have so many collectors together, and we look forward to doing it all again next year!

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