Tucson show report 1

28 January 2013

Another year is over and it is time again to say hello and welcome to our first show report from Tucson 2013.

But first things first!


You can now find our RETAIL area in the PERSHING MEETING ROOM, right next to door, and leading through to our usual WHOLESALE location in the MISSION MEETING ROOM.
Look out for these display signs outside our rooms guiding you to some of the finest mineral specimens on display in Tucson this year.

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Almost all members of the team of Crystal Classics and Kristalle have arrived in Tucson Arizona and managed (just) to escape the horrific weather in the UK.

This years team includes: Wayne & Dona Leicht, Ian Bruce, Diana Schlegel, Lois Nelson, Dave & Audrey Lloyd, David Whipp, Dave & Liz Hacker, Roberta McCarty, Tana Daugharthy and Robin Hansen.

In the Pershing meeting room you will find our new retail room with 8 show cases full of the finest selection of newly acquired specimens from world wide localities. For details of exactly where to find us, please see the map towards the beginning of this show report.

Ian Bruce, Lois Nelson, Dona Leicht and David Lloyd discussing the finer points of the layout for the two rooms before we all get stuck in and begin the set up.

The show cases are in...

... now it is time for the first wholesale minerals to be put out.

The tables, cabinets and shelves prepared and ready to receive the stock of  minerals in the Wholesale room.

This year also we have a fine selection of new and collectible antique mineral books and magazines. Once all is set up in wholesale we can concentrate on the set up of our retail room, where some of our finest specimens will put on display.

Some of the flats of mineral specimens and books in our large wholesale room.

Diana Schlegel setup Tucson 2013
Diana Schlegel preparing some of the flats in our wholesale section.

Dave Whipp carrying in some of the last supplies for our Wholesale area.

In our exciting new retail room which is very spacious (approx. 40 Sq.m.), we will be presenting exquisite new minerals that we acquired over recent months. included in this we will be featuring specimens from the  Franz Haverkamp collection, a selection of the Gilles Emringer collection, the Fred Meisner collection, the Cliff Vermont collection which includes some fantastic Fluorite specimens. Plus a long awaited release of fine Tsumeb specimens from the Herald Tietz collection and the Nauke Oechslin collection. Another highlight will be the Wolfgang Wendel Lavrion (Laurium, Greece) collection.

wayne Leicht Tucson 2013 setup
Wayne Leicht sets to work with some of the fine specimens from the Fred Meisner collection.

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To give you some idea of the quality, here are one or two of the fine specimens from the Fred Meisner Collection:

A pretty mass of arsenic rich Vanadinite crystals from Mapimi, Durango Mexico measuring around 3" across.

A delicate group of thin Wulfenite plates showing some color zoning and truncated corners to the crystals from the Tombstone Hills, Cochise County, Arizona, USA
A colourful specimen measuring around 3" across.

Our Wholesale section will open on Wednesday the 30th of January 2013 at 10am and our retail room in the adjacent Pershing Meeting Room will have a special opening on Saturday the 2nd February 2013 - also at 10am.

This is the first of our reports from Tucson and we will be keeping you posted about all the exiting new things that we find.

A full moon rises over the Catalina Mountains.

We'll also bring you a closer look at the great selection of specimens from our new range of stock and  special collections. So please stay tuned.

Author: Diana Schlegel and David Whipp
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